The Den Space Station in Starfield

The Den is level 55 Space Station over Chthonia Planet in Wolf System in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The Den location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendors, The Den is level 55 Space Station over Chthonia Planet in Wolf System in Starfield,

The main reason you come to The Den is "The Devils You Know" UC Vanguard Faction the next mission from UC Vanguard Faction Story Missions.

There is also Misc Mission "The Boot" by Antonio Bianchi from The Well in New Atlantis, and [Deliver Message] from Duncan Lynch in Akila City.

At the station you will find the beginnings of the next missions to complete.

The Den is good place to sell contraband because you won't be scanned landing here.

The Den - Missions, NPC and Vendors

The Den is small Space Station, there's basically just the main level and a bar on the lower floor.

The Den Main Hall

Ship Services Technician NPC

Trade Authority Kiosk Terminal

Bastien Graff NPC he is standing in the middle, talk to him to get another mission.

Re-Re-Application Misc Mission by Bastien Graff.

Bastien Graff at the Den has asked me to follow up with MAST about a promotion he hasn't received. I need to speak with John Tuala.

This is a simple mission, when you return to New Atlantis talk to John Tuala at MAST. Bastien Graff wanted me to talk to you and return to Bastien.

Holden Bonilla NPC

UC Defense Manual 02Skill Magazine next room in UC Office, on the shelf.

Trade Authority

Marcel Duris Vendor

Talk to Marcel Duris [Deliver Message] This is from Duncan Lynch in Akila City, this is for Activity from Akila City.

"The Boot" Mission

I've agreed to help Antonio Bianchi dispose of a pair of boots by delivering them to the Den, a bar in the far corner of the galaxy. I've arrived at the Den and can now dispose of the boots.

You will find Storage Container in right part of station in corridor.

Conrad NPC for "The Boot" Mission, Conrad will want to buy the shoes from you, but don't agree to it.

Put your shoes in the Storage Container and you can return to Antonio Bianchi in The Well in New Atlantis.

Bar in lower level

Orval Romack Vendor sells Aids

Winning Hearts and Minds Misc Mission by Orval Romack.

Orval Romack has offered to pay me if I'll put up some posters of Vae Victis.

Take the Posters and put them up in The Well in New Atlantis.

Wera Licari NPC

Phil Hill NPC the same Phil Hill you meet in various bars.

"The Devils You Know"

I just spoke to Vae Victis, a former UC admiral and a man who's supposed to be dead. He asked me to track down - and "deal with" - a rogue weapons scientist named Reginald Orlase. He believes Orlase is hiding near the planet of Etherea in the Wolf system, and that I should speak to the local head of the Vanguard - Captain Marquez - to get specifics.

Rayna Marquez NPC near UC Office, she is for "The Devils You Know" UC Vanguard Faction Mission, talk to her.

Captain Marquez has given me the coordinates I need to find "The Warlock", a ship that may be home to Orlase. But she warned me to be careful - a number of ships have been lost in the debris fields where the Warlock's been seen.

Go find "The Warlock".

The Warlock and Reginald Orlase

For "The Devils You Know" UC Vanguard Faction Mission.

Equip your ship with EM Weapons before you meet "The Warlock"

"The Warlock" is hidden in space debris above the second planet in the Wolf System (in the same system).

You have the option to Destroy the Ship or Disable the Engines. Let's try to capture Reginald Orlase alive, so destroy the engines of The Warlock and board the ship.

No matter how hard you try to capture Reginald Orlase alive, you will not succeed because the scientist will commit suicide.

Collect evidence from the ship needed for the mission "The Devils You Know", search the ship carefully as you will find some interesting items there.

Return to Vae Victis in Subsection Seven in New Atlantis.

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