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The Clinic is level 50 Freestar Collective Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The Clinic location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor, The Clinic is level 50 Freestar Collective Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System in Starfield, you come to The Clinic for:

  • "Relief Run" Misc Mission by Doctor Joseph Manning at Reliant Medical (Neon Core 04) in Neon City
  • "The Key Ingredient" Ryujin Industries Mission
  • "Surgical Strike" Freestar Collective Mission by Alex Shadid

The Clinic - NPCs & Missions

Ship Service Technician NPC

Trade Authority Kiosk Terminal

Lara Darvish NPC talk to her about research.

Collect Sealant for Dr. Darvish (10) Activity

Constellation Guide 04Skill Magazine in first room on small table.

Osian Salvato NPC

Abbie Edding NPC for "Relief Run" Misc Mission by Doctor Joseph Manning, [Persuade] her for more supplies

Gennady Ayton NPC for "Doctor's Orders" Crimson Fleet by Samina Mizrah, [Persuade] him get supplies and return to Samina.

Ben Armistead NPC in Ranger Office

Rebecca Armistead NPC talk to her for Activite

Deliver a plate of liver Pate to the Clinic Activity

Osian Salvato Vendor Aid Vendor, he can heal you.

Deliver the Slate to Dr. Charlie Flynn in Cydonia Activity

Titus Cassidy NPC

The Key Ingredient Ryujin Industries Mission

I've docked at the Clinic. I should board so I can figure out where the rothicite shipment is inside and discover why Infinity LTD sent it here.

Find Secured Wing

Freestar Guard NPC he will block you from entering Secured Wing.

You can [Persuade] him or use knowledge that Ari Miller mentioned the guard is recovering from an Aurora addiction and has a bit of a crush on Dr. Osian.

Enter Secured Wing

Talk to Sean Mcafee NPC and Kendrick Lane NPC about [Medicine].

You retrieved the Rothicite Shipment and discovered Infinity LTD was performing unauthorized human trials at the Clinic. You need to report back to Veena and Masako.

"Surgical Strike" Freestar Collective Mission

You are tracking Maya Cruz, a technical genius and senior member of the First who recently had emergency surgery. Marshal Blake suggested you talk to Ranger Ben Armistead at the Clinic, a sophisticated medical facility in orbit of Deepala.

Ranger Ben Armistead NPC in Ranger Office talk to him, he will lead you to Ari Miller.

Ari Miller NPC ask him for help.

Ari Miller gave me the names of two female patients who could be her. I spoke to them, but neither fits the profile. He also gave me admin access to a terminal where I can trace an issue disrupting the Clinic's computer systems.

Check Freestar Rangers Terminal Terminal in Rager Office, now you know name: Catalina Rivera.

Titus Cassidy NPC ask him for access to VIP Wing.

Enter VIP Wing.

Check Modified Terminal Terminal and read Urgent Message on the table.

Now you know that Maya Cruz been staying at the Clinic under an alias, but was warned that the Freestar Rangers were looking for her and fled to her hideout, an asteroid mine in the Sakharov system.

Go to Eklund Excavation Site LC25 in Sakharov System.

Eklund Excavation Site LC25

Eklund Excavation Site LC25 is asteroid mine in Sakharov System.

Find Maya Cruz inside mine, you do not need to kill her, but you have to fight her before she want to talk, take Encrypted Slate and deliver it to Alex Shadid in Akila City.

The Clinic in Starfield Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System - Starfield

The Clinic in Starfield

Medical Star Station orbiting Deepala in Narion System

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