Siren of the Stars in Starfield

Siren of the Stars is luxury liner orbiting Aranae IV Planet in Aranae System in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Siren of the Stars location description in Starfield Galaxy, Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor, Siren of the Stars is luxury liner orbiting Aranae IV Planet in Aranae System in Starfield.

You come to Siren of the Stars for "Breaking the Bank" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission by Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance.

Siren of the Stars Walkthrough

What you should do on Siren of the Stars:

  • No one can die on Siren of the Stars.
  • Get Galbank Credentials from Larry Dumbrosky for "Breaking the Bank".
  • Get Earth Savior Award from Safe Room Safe for Naeva Mora.
  • Get Request Denied (Evidence) from Captain Rokov Room for "Burden of Proof".
  • Get Galbank Plan (Evidence) from Gabriel Vera for "Burden of Proof".

After docking with Siren of the Stars, the first thing you need to do is talk to Evgeny Rokov, captain of Siren of the Stars and former member of the Crimson Fleet.

Evgeny Rokov NPC promise to help him return to the Crimson Fleet, he will show you Larry Dumbrosky as a main target.

When talking to Evgeny Rokov, you may or may not reveal the additional purpose of your visit - stealing the Earth Savior Award. It will be easier if you tell him that Naeva Mora wants the Award.

Starview Access Pass you will receive it from Evgeny Rokov, the card will allow you to move freely in most of the ship.

Go to the Starview Ballroom and talk to some Society Patrons about Larry Dumbrosky, talk until you get information about Klaudia Swist.

I've discovered that Larry Dumbrosky is having an affair with someone named Klaudia Swist. I should speak to her and see if she's willing to give me more information about Dumbrosky.

Klaudia Swist NPC she sits outside Ballroom, talk to her about Larry Dumbrosky (for Galbank Credentials), [Persuade] her All I need is something incriminating on Dumbrosky, she will point you Gabriel Vera.

Return to Starview Ballroom and talk to Sheila Holbrooke NPC about location of Earth Savior Award she will point you Chief Purser Murata, go find her.

Chief Purser Murata NPC she is sitting near entrance to Safe Room, ask her if you can see Earth Savior Award and return to Sheila Holbrooke.

[Persuade] Sheila Holbrooke I need your Claim ID for the Earth Savior Award, then go to Safe Room, enter, open safe and get Earth Savior Award, that is all you need to do with Award, just give it to Naeva Mora when you return to The Key.

Now go to Captain Rokov Room in Crew Deck and take Request Denied (Evidence) for "Burden of Proof".

Return to Starview Ballroom and talk to Gabriel Vera NPC (for Galbank Credentials), do not attack him, just try to talk, Vera won't want to cooperate with you, but no worries, leave him and find Evgeny Rokov.

Gabriel Vera is refusing to admit having any involvement with Swist and Dumbrosky's embezzlement scheme. I should meet up with Rokov and see if he has any ideas on how to get Vera to talk.

Talk to Evgeny Rokov about Gabriel Vera (for Galbank Credentials).

Rokov suggested that I coax Gabriel Vera into his cabin by sabotaging the starliner's life support sensors. Then I should be able to confront him in private. I should proceed to that section of the ship.

Go to Engineering Deck and find Chief Engineer Sandin

Chief Engineer Sandin NPC bribe him to leave the control room, use the Environmental Control Computer to open the door and turn off the Life Support System with three switches.

Now go find Gabriel Vera in his room. Do not kill him, bribe him and you will get what you want.

Galbank Plan (Evidence) from Gabriel Vera for "Burden of Proof".

Gabriel Vera's Transaction Log from Gabriel Vera for "Breaking the Bank".

I've recovered hard evidence of Larry Dumbrosky's part in the GalBank embezzlement scheme. It's time to approach him and gain the credentials I've been taking great pains to carefully acquire.

Now go to Larry Dumbrosky Room.

Larry Dumbrosky NPC don't attack or kill him, talk to him, present the evidence you found earlier and take the GalBank Credentials from him.

GalBank Credentials from Larry Dumbrosky, this is main goal for "Breaking the Bank" on Siren of the Stars.

Return to Evgeny Rokov and talk to him, promise that you will put in a good word for him with Delgado.

It is all you have to do on Siren of the Stars, next step is go to GalBank Archives in New Atlantis.

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