New Atlantis Map Starfield

Starfield Map of New Atlantis City located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

New Atlantis Map Starfield

New Atlantis Map Starfield
New Atlantis Map Starfield

Map of New Atlantis City in Starfield. New Atlantis City is located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System and it is capital of the United Colonies faction.

City of New Atlantis, capital of the United Colonies, and for many, the Settled Systems as a whole. You stand now in the most technologically advanced city the human race has ever conceived and constructed.

There are 4 maps of New Atlantis:

New Atlantis was founded in the year 2156, the same year we first arrived in the Alpha Centauri star system. If you're a resident, then you're already familiar with your fantastic home! And if you're a visitor, you are an honored guest of the United Colonies, and will be treated as such.

Our courteous and professional Security personnel can be found all over the city, and it's their job to ensure your time in New Atlantis is joyful, lawful, and productive.

So as you stroll the streets, or take the NAT train to the city's different districts, know that you are in the embrace of the United Colonies, and couldn't be in better hands.

Here in New Atlantis, a citizen or visitor can find just about any service they may need. From freshly brewed coffee to complete body reconstruction, we have it all!

The following is a list of corporations and businesses that have found a home in New Atlantis. (District location is indicated in parentheses.)

  • TerraBrew Coffee (Spaceport, Commercial)
  • Jemison Mercantile (Spaceport)
  • The Viewport Tavern (Spaceport)
  • Centurion Arsenal (Residential)
  • Reliant Medical - (Residential)
  • Enhance! (Commercial)
  • Chunks (Residential)
  • CJ's (Residential)
  • EIT Clothier (Residential)
  • Outland (Commercial)
  • Jake's (The Well)
  • Apex Electronics (The Well)

Here in New Atlantis, you'll find a wide variety of buildings that provide various functions and services. They include:

  • GalBank (Commercial)
  • SSNN (Commercial)
  • The Trade Authority (The Well)
  • Sanctum Universum Church (MAST)
  • House of Enlightenment (The Well)
  • Freestar Collective Embassy (MAST)
  • House Va'ruun Embassy (MAST)
  • Infinity LTD Corporate Headquarters (Commercial)
  • MedBay (The Well)
  • UC Surplus (The Well)

Check New Atlantis Side Missions for full side mission list for New Atlantis location.

New Atlantis Map

Starfield Map of New Atlantis City located on Jemison Planet in Alpha Centauri System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide. New Atlantis consists of the following districts: Spaceport District, MAST District, Commercial District, Residential District and The Well

You first come to New Atlantis to perform "One Small Step" Main Mission.

"One Small Step" Main Mission

Go towards this marker, you can do other activities, talk to NPCs, visit shops, but rather follow the numbers on the map and don't stray too far from the marked path. Before you start exploring New Atlantis in depth, complete the "One Small Step" Main Mission.



Your spaceship is parked in Spaceport.

Talk to the Ship Services Technician Activity

Ship Services Technician NPC he will greet you on your first visit and will help you in the future.

  • You can have the ship repaired [1000 Credits]
  • You can modify your ship's equipment.
  • You can buy new ships.
  • Get additional information about the City.

Trade Authority KioskVendor Here you can sell surplus items.


UC Security Checkpoint

As you leave the landing pad, you see a group of people talking to officials. Wait for them to finish talking (you can come in a moment) and talk to them.

Ricardo Bosch NPC

Bobby Katz NPC

UC Security NPC

... or other randoms being interrogated by UC Security, talk to them for more lore.

Talk to the Scientist by the tree Activity

Talk to Embassy Diplomat Activity

There is a security booth in the middle, talk to UC Security inside.

UC Security NPC

Talk to the Bartender at Viewport Activity

On the elevation on the left you will find two terminals.

Self Service Bounty ClearanceTerminal The Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk, If you have bounty with anyone in the Settled Systems for a small convenience fee, we can clear that up for you.

Mission BoardTerminal At Mission Board Terminals, you can accept a mission to complete as a reward.

Mission Board

There are numerous types of missions you can receive from the mission boards scattered across the Settled Systems.

  • Bounty Mission - Find and kill a target, either in space or on the ground.
  • Cargo Mission - Deliver cargo to a destination.
  • Passenger Mission - Deliver passengers to a destination.
  • Hunt Mission - Clear an area of hostile creatures.
  • Smuggling Mission - A variant of cargo missions where you must smuggle contraband to a Crimson Fleet contact. This is only available at Crimson Fleet mission boards.
  • Piracy Mission - Steal cargo from a ship. Only available at Crimson Fleet mission boards.
  • Steal Mission - Steal items from a settlement and deliver them to the Key. Only available at Crimson Fleet mission boards.
  • Rescue Mission - Board a hostile ship and rescue a hostage. Only available at Freestar Ranger mission boards.
  • Sabotage Mission - Disrupt a rival business by sabotaging an item. Only available at Ryujin mission boards.
  • Plant Mission - Place incriminating evidence in a rival business. Only available at Ryujin mission boards.
  • Hack Mission - Upload a malicious program to a company terminal. Only available at Ryujin mission boards.
  • Explore Mission - Find a planet in a system that has a specific planetary trait. For more info on finding planetary traits, see the "Surveying" entry.
  • Supply Mission - Provide resources to another settlement via an outpost cargo link. In order to start these missions, you must have the Outpost Engineering skill. To complete a supply mission, you'll need an outpost with a cargo link you can use to send a specified resource to the target settlement. The mission will complete once your outpost delivers enough of the resource to the settlement. For more information about settling up cargo links and how they work, see the "Outpost - Cargo Links" entry.
  • Survey Mission - Explore and survey a planet. Planet survey missions require you to fully survey a target planet. This includes scanning all flora, fauna, resources, and landmarks. For more information on surveying, see the "Surveying" entry.

A bit further towards the open space.

New Atlantis Information Terminal Database about the city and United Colonies.

For "Eyewitness" UC Vanguard Faction: Eliminate the Terrormorph.

Another Terrormorph bites the dust! Now I just need to speak to the officer in charge at the spaceport.

The officer in charge stated that his men have the remaining Terrormorphs trapped on the tarmac - and Hadrian and I are to go find them. He can spare one Marine fireteam if we decide we want them.

Tommy Bitlow NPC talk to him after you finish "A Light in the Darkness"

Spreading the News Misc Mission by Tommy Bitlow.

Tommy Bitlow has asked me to deliver three data slates of his journalism to people around New Atlantis. He hopes that if more people read and enjoy his content, SSNN will start to take him more seriously.


UC Security Office (UCSEC)

Sergeant Yumi NPC talk to him about work.

Keeping the PeaceUnited Colonies Mission by Sergeant Yumi.

Due to staffing issues, Sergeant Yumi has asked me to work as a part-time Security Officer. For my first job, I need to talk to Agent Plato over at MAST.

You will receive subsequent missions from Sergeant Yumi with significant interruptions as the Starfield storyline unfolds.

A Break at DawnUnited Colonies Mission by Sergeant Yumi.

Sergeant Yumi at UC Security has given me another task. I'm to speak to Royce Elgin at the Dawn's Roost about a bar fight that took place earlier between two patrons. Apparently one of them is claiming the other stole their wedding ring.

Search and Seizure United Colonies Mission by Sergeant Yumi, later in story.

Sergeant Yumi suspects a smuggler is bringing in goods through the spaceport. I obtained evidence from Agent Plato which will help me solve the case.

Two Tales, Two Cities United Colonies Mission by Sergeant Yumi, later in story.

Sergeant Yumi has informed me of an attempted vandalization that took place in the Embassy District. I should go there and speak to the officer on site.

Cells in the back

Va'ruun Scripture 01Skill Magazine on the floor next to the bed in one of the cells in the back.

Mir'za NPC talk to her.


Fountain Square

Near the New Atlantis Transit station you will find another 3 New Atlantis Information Terminals, they have the same knowledge base.

3 x New Atlantis Information Terminal Database about the city and United Colonies.

Investigate brown-outs in The Well Activity using Terminal.


The Viewport Tavern

Tavern, talk to all guests and staff.

Nyssa Marcano NPC Tavern Keeper, talk to her about work.

Distilling Confidence Misc Mission by Nyssa Marcano.

Nyssa Marcano has asked me to help acquire some cargo from off-world. It's being held in secure storage at the spaceport. I'll need to figure out a way to retrieve it.

Drinks on the House Misc Mission by Nyssa Marcano, later in story.

Nyssa Marcano is looking for her friend Sasha, who was supposed to be scouting business locations in the Well. She suggested I start by asking for Sasha in Kay's Place.

Liquid Assets Misc Mission by Nyssa Marcano, later in story.

Nyssa Marcano has asked me to talk to Walter Stroud about investing in her business expansion.

The Hunter NPC Talk to him, nothing will come of the conversation, but he is an important character for one of the missions in the future.

Simeon Bankowski Companion You can recruit him for 15000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Sharpshooting (1), Sniper Certification (2), Marksmanship (1).

Gideon Aker Companion You can recruit him for 1600 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Ballistic Weapon Systems (2), Missile Weapon System (2).

Marika Boros Companion You can recruit him for 13500 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Shotgun Certification (1), Ballistics (2), Particle Beam Weapon Systems (1).

Astrodynamics Specialist Crew Member (not Companion) crew member spawn locations are fixed, but different crew member can spawn, you can recruit him for 7250 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Astrodynamics Specialist (1).

Self Service Bounty ClearanceTerminal

Mission BoardTerminal

Logan Cullen NPC for "Special Delivery" Misc Mission by Chris Cullen from Cydonia, give her present from Chris.


Jemison Mercantile - Vendor

Amoli Bava Merchant check shop inventory, Ace Sidearm Rare Pistol you can buy it in the store.

Samson Cebrail NPC talk to him about work.

The Art DealerMisc Mission by Samson Cebrail.

Samson Cebrail has asked me to pick up some artwork from Zoe Kaminski at the Trade Authority.


Elevator to The Well and Waterfall Promenade

The elevator taking you between the levels is located between Jemison Mercantile and TerraBrew Coffee.

Available Levels:

  • Spaceport - ihe lowest base level, the one you start from.
  • Waterfall Promenade - The middle viewing level, basically nothing interesting on it (at least on the first visit). At the end you will find Vending Machine.
  • The Well - leads to the larger location The Well. Don't go there on your first visit and leave it for later.

TerraBrew Coffee - Bar

TerraBrew Employee Merchant - selling food.

Guillame Degarmo NPC talk to him about work.

Gem JealousyMisc Mission by Guillame Degarmo.

Guillaume asked me to get his gem back from George Saint- George. Hopefully this plate is enough for George to make the exchange.


Spaceport District NAT Station

NAT New Atlantis Transit Station - Fast Travel in New Atlantis

Transit Car Fast Travel

This is a high-speed train that can take you to other stations in New Atlantis, available destinations are:

  • MAST District NAT Station
  • Residential District NAT Station
  • Commercial District NAT Station
  • Spaceport District NAT Station

For the first time select MAST District, its for "One Small Step" Main Mission.


MASS District NAT Station

Deliver a Terrabrew Cappuccino to Donna Rain Activity

Donna Rain NPC cleans the platform, talk to her.

Coffee Run Misc Mission by Donna Rain.

Donna asked me to pick up a TerraBrew Cappuccino from TerraBrew for her. I should be able to grab one at any TerraBrew location.

New Atlantis Information Terminal

There are two elevators on the platform, one to The Well, the other to the inside of the MAST building.

For "Eyewitness" UC Vanguard Faction: Assess the Situation at the NAT Station.

I need to find an EM weapon so I can knock out these hostiles. EM weapon collected! Time to put this hostile citizenry to sleep! The hostiles have been dealt with. I should talk to the guards to figure out what happened here.

Those people were mind-controlled by a Terrormorph... which means we're going to need to be extra careful down at the spaceport. We need to get down there on the double.


Elevator to The Well

Don't go there now


Elevator to MAST Building

Accessible floors in the elevator:

  • Cabinet Chambers / Interstellar Affairs
  • Defense Research / Health and Human Services / Aegis
  • Central Command / Office of the President / Systems Defense
  • Lobby / Commander Tuala's Office
  • NAT Station
  • Vanguard Orientation Hall

Don't go there now.


The Lodge - Constellation Headquarters

To enter The Lodge you will need Chronomark Watch, watch Barrett gave you on Vectera during "One Small Step" Main Mission.

First time you will enter here to finish "One Small Step" Main Mission.

For more info about The Lodge visit The Lodge in New Atlantis Map


EIT Clothiers - Apparel Vendor

Farad Kallob Merchant talk to him and check shop inventory.


Orion Tower

Residential building, apartments are locked, there are security cameras.

Chief Engineer's Terminal Terminal for "Out On a Limb" Misc Mission by Kelton Frush from New Atlantis. You have to go to locked Apartment, take elevator and Purge All Files.


Reliant Medical - Doctor and Medical Supplies

Largest medical provider in Settled Systems.

Before entering the lobby, you can meet a husband and his wife, a patient, arguing over a doctor's appointment.

Dr. Alexei Lebedev Medic & Vendor talk to him and check shop inventory, he can heal you.

They can remove Alien DNA Trait for 10000 credits.

Later in story talk to Dr. Alexei Lebedev about "Reliable Care" Misc Mission, Nurse o'Shea send me ... will help with pleasure.


Vanguard Captain

Vanguard Captain NPC talk to him.

Speak to Commander Tuala about joining the Vanguards Activity


Armistice Archives

Armistice Archives Lobby

Historian NPC talk to her, she's not very helpful.

Take the elevator to the Archive.

Inside, everything is locked up. Pass the two guards to get to the main hall. There are four doors, three of them are locked, to the Main Archive, to the Freestar Center, and to the United Colonies Center.

The last door to House Va'Ruun is open, but the archives are empty.

For "Friends Like These" UC Vanguard Faction Mission:

Collect Data from Unit 18 and return to Deputy Elisabeth Macintyre.


Aphelion Realty - Real Estate Broker

You can't buy real estate in New Atlantis till you are United Colonies Citizen.

After "Friends Like These" UC Vanguard Faction Mission:

Zora Sangweni NPC talk to her.

Now you are UC Citizen, [Pay 30.000 Credits] to buy small apartment in the Well.

Visit your new home in the Well Activity

After you finish "A Legacy Forged" UC Vanguard Faction Mission talk to Zora Sangweni and you will get as reward premium penthouse in Mercury Tower in New Atlantis (44).

Visit your new penthouse in New Atlantis Activity


War Memorial


Big Tree

Kelton Frush NPC He studies the tree and is the target of Talk to the Scientist by the tree Activity.

A Tree Grows in New AtlantisMisc Mission by Kelton Frush.

A scientist in New Atlantis named Kelton Frush has asked me to assist him in his research. I need to collect sensors scattered around the city and bring them to him so he can analyze their recordings.

Once you complete your first mission, you will be summoned to Kelton Frush from time to time via Activity, and he will then give you further missions.

Talk to Kelton Frush Activity

Out On a Limb Misc Mission by Kelton Frush.

I've agreed to help Kelton Frush by talking to his co-worker, Emilio, about getting some additional data on trees in New Atlantis.

And next:

Check in on Kelton later Activity

Late Bloomer Misc Mission by Kelton Frush.

I need to go get the tree branch from Leah Casler..

Nilesh Sherazi NPC walks or sits in the park between Big Tree and the Embassy District, talk to him and ask for work.

Olive Branch Misc Mission by Nilesh Sherazi.

A man in the Embassy District asked me to plant an olive seed, in hopes it will serve as a symbol of peace. I planted the seed and should return to the man for my reward.

You can plant seed or give it to guard.


Freestar Collective Embassy

Evie Martinez NPC She protests in front of the embassy, you can talk to her.

Freestar Diplomat NPC She's sitting in the embassy lobby, she'll reward you for Talk to Embassy Diplomat Activity.

Access to the other rooms of the embassy is closed, you must have an appointment with the Ambassador to get there.

You can enter upper floor of Freestar Collective Embassy For "Friends Like These" UC Vanguard Mission

Ambassador Evangeline Radcliff NPC [Persuade] her.

I've convinced Radcliff to hand over her Archival Code.

Gunslinger's Guide 05Skill Magazine on the top floor of the embassy, on the table.


Sanctum Universum

The seat of the religious organization Sanctum Universum.

In front of the Sanctum Universum building, you see a group of 4 worshipers talking to Keeper Aquilus. Wait until they finish the conversation.

Keeper Aquilus NPC Talk to him, he will invite you inside the church and tell you that he will talk to you and you will read the book "Among The Grav Jumps".

Marcus Lestari NPC He is one of the Keeper Aquilus listeners, talk to him before you enter the church.

An InvitationMisc Mission by Marcus Lestari.

I was asked by Marcus Lestari to check in with some prior visitors of the Sanctum Universum, and extend an invitation for them to return.

Enter the church, approach the pedestal with the book "Among The Grav Jumps" and read it.

Talk to Keeper Aquilus Activity

Talk to Keeper Aquilus, he is in his room inside Church.


Closed Va'Ruun Embassy

The main entrance to the Embassy is blocked as the Embassy is closed. But there is a side entrance on the left, through the corridors, but requires key.

You can enter Va'Ruun Embassy for "Friends Like These" UC Vanguard Mission but use Side Entrance (36)

The interior of the Va'Ruun Embassy is in ruins. Follow the sound of Intercoms to the lower levels, turn on the light with Power Switch, use Security Computers to change the settings of the defense turrets and kill any Robots you encounter.

Va'ruun Scripture 06Skill Magazine in the basement bedroom.

Ambassador Qasrik Bal'mor NPC talk to him gently and promise that you will use the code for noble purposes and he will help you.

Downstairs in the ambassador's room you will find a computer from which you can read the entire story.

Return with Code to Deputy Elisabeth Macintyre.


Ryujin Industries Kiosk

As you approach the Ryujin Industries Kiosk, you will hear an announcement.

Back to the Grind Ryujin Industries Mission you will hear it as you pass by.

While roaming the city, I heard a job advertisement for Ryujin Industries. I should find a Ryujin kiosk nearby if I'd like to apply for the job.

Ryujin Industries KioskTerminal - check the terminal and submit your job application.

This will lead you to visit the Volii System in the future and join the Ryujin faction.

"Back to the Grind" is the first Ryujin Industries Faction mission, you will receive it at every Ryujin Industries Kiosk. The first one can be found in New Atlantis, and there are several in Neon City.

The mission is that you need to get a job at Ryujin Industries, for this you need to fly to Neon City and interview Imogene Salzo at Ryujin Tower, she is on Operations Floor.

Later in game you will meet here Bobby Katz, who you met earlier at the UC Security Checkpoint, walking with his new parents on his birthday. Nothing related to the plot, just a curiosity. You can talk to him.



The bank granting loans.

Landry Hollifeld NPC talk to him about work.

Due in Full Misc Mission by Landry Hollifeld.

I've been given a job from GalBank to collect some delinquent debt. Landry Hollifeld would prefer I handle it non-violently, if possible.

"Due in Full" Misc Mission is a repeatable mission, once you complete it and return to Landry Hollifeld and he will give you more similar tasks.

GalBank Archives

Elevator goes down to GalBank Archives, it is for "Breaking the Bank" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission.

Talk to Guard inside Archives. The guard is behaving strangely, probably because of the trap waiting for you inside, so it won't be difficult to convince him to let you in.

Inside, Ecliptic Ambush is waiting for you, kill the enemies and recover the GalBank Transport "Legacy".

Return to The Key and talk to Delgado.


Outland - Equipment Shop

Cornelius Townard Merchant talk to him and check shop inventory.


Enhance! - Genetic Salon

Here you can change your appearance for 500 Credits, you can change Body, Face and Name.

Warner Connell NPC talk to him, and get mission.

Beautiful Secrets Misc Mission by Warner Connell.

Warner asked me to go find his lost data slate. He said he recently visited TerraBrew, Whetstone, and the Valberg building. I should check those places.


Infinity LTD Corporate Headquarters

Corporate headquarters, not much you can do on your first visit, you can talk to the receptionist and check out the elevator options.

Dezi Zhang NPC talk to her.

The elevator leads to:

  • General Offices ( RESTRICTED)
  • Entrance
  • Research and Development ( RESTRICTED)

"Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Mission

This location is for "Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Mission but to enter you have to use Roof Access to Infinity LTD (36).

"Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Faction Missions is one of the most extensive and perhaps one of the most difficult missions in Starfield. Don't be discouraged, you should complete it without killing enemies and in stealth, but if you fail, the mission will also be completed.

You can enter through the main entrance and rely on your persuasion or enter through Roof Access and sneak (which is probably easier).

  • Go to New Atlantis, and use Roof Access to Infinity LTD (36)
  • Use Stealth, Vents, footbridges under the ceiling and Internal Neuroamp
  • Sabotage the Heating System it will make Stealth much easier.
  • Run program on Lucas' Computer
  • Run program on Faye's Computer
  • Take Neuroamp Prototype
  • Deliver slate to David Baron at SSNN in New Atlantis
  • Return to Masako at Ryujin Tower
Infinity LTD Map For 'Sabotage' Ryujin Industries Mission - Starfield

Infinity LTD Map

For 'Sabotage' Ryujin Industries Mission


TerraBrew Coffee - Bar

In the Café, random NPCs sit at the tables, who normally walk around the city, you can talk to them.

TerraBrew Employee Merchant - selling food.

George Saint-George NPC for "Gem Jealousy" Misc Mission.


Whetstone - Restaurant and Shop

In addition to normal food, here you can buy powerful boosters.

Alara Katrango Vendor - selling food and boosts.

Enhance! Patient Files they lie on one of the tables, they are needed for "Beautiful Secrets" Misc Mission.


Argos Extractors Office

Your former employer's office. You have to take the lift from the lobby to it. There are mineral samples at the entrance, some of which you can take without stealing as souvenirs.

Orora Sabine NPC she's not very helpful but you can talk to her.


SSNN Settled Systems News Network

Before you enter SSNN, talk to the boy walking nearby.

Jorden Anchali NPC Talk with him about "eggs" for "A Tree Grows in New Atlantis" Misc Mission.

Inside SSNN Building:

Nadia Muffaz NPC she's a reporter, she'll pay you for interesting information, which leads to another missions, so try to befriend her.

A Light in the Darkness Misc Mission by Nadia Muffaz.

SSNN is the main news outlet in the Settled Systems. Their lead researcher, Nada Muffaz, is willing to pay me good money for stories I may encounter in my journeys.

A "Light in the Darkness" Mission will be open to you after completing the first part of the mission. Nadia Muffaz is waiting for the interesting stories you will tell her. So come back to her from time to time and talk to her and you will receive further tasks.

  • Deliver News about The Vectera Mining Attack
  • Deliver News about The GalBank Robbery in Akila City
  • Deliver News about The Terrormorph Attack on New Atlantis
  • Deliver News about Ron Hope's Death
  • Deliver News about SYSDEF's Attack on The Key

Primary Sources Misc Mission by Nadia Muffaz.

Nadia Muffaz from the SSNN office in New Atlantis asked me to conduct some interviews with business owners in the Well. I need to find Nurse O'Shea at the Medbay, Theresa Mason at Kay's House, and Henrik Zuran at Apex Electronics.

SSNN AccessTerminal it is for "Late Bloomer" Misc Mission by Kelton Frush, you have to Upload Diagnostic File and Run Diagnostic, then return to Kelton Frush.

David Barron NPC famous reporter, he is for "Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Mission give him slate from Infinity LTD.

You have completed my assignment within the Infinity LTD building. You need to deliver the slate to David Barron at SSNN in the New Atlantis Commercial District.


Elevator to the viewing platform

Nothing interesting


UC Distribution - Vendor

Large assortment of equipment, weapons and materials.

Wen Tseng Merchant - talk to her and check shop inventory.

N67 Smartgun Rare Heavy and Rapidshot Rare Shotgun.

Talk to Wen Tseng about "eggs" and buy them for "A Tree Grows in New Atlantis" Misc Mission.


Side Entrance to Va'Ruun Embassy / Roof Access to Infinity LTD

Corridor, to the right is a closed side entrance to the Va'Ruun Embassy (Requires Key), to the left, up the stairs, a locked entrance to Infinity LTD (Requires Key).

For "Friends Like These" UC Vanguard Mission to enter Closed Va'Ruun Embassy.

For "Sabotage" Ryujin Industries Mission to enter Infinity LTD Corporate Headquarters from Roof Access.


Commercial District NAT Station

Now we are going to visit that high tower in the center, MAST Building.


MAST Building

MAST in Starfield Galaxy is Military, Administrative and Scientific Triumvirate, the council of the United Colonies, MAST Building is big tower in center of New Atlantis.

You first come to MAST in New Atlantis with Sarah Morgan to continue "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission.

For more info about MAST Building visit MAST Building in New Atlantis Map


Residential District NAT Station


City ​Park

Zawadi Wade NPC

A Parting GiftMisc Mission by Zawadi Wade.

I met a woman in the Residential District named Zawadi, who asked me to deliver a letter to her pen pal in Cydonia.


Pioneer Tower

Apartments, there is a lift to the upper floors but it is not available at the moment.

This lift is accessible if you choose the Kid Stuff trait. Your parents live in this tower.

Info provided by James Holleman


The Dawn's Root - Restaurant & Vendor

Royce Elgin Merchant - Selling food.

Royce Elgin NPC talk to him about Ring for "A Break at Dawn" United Colonies Mission

Makieff Sutherland NPC he is sitting at the table, talk to him about coffee.

Terror Brew Misc Mission by Makieff Sutherland.

A wealthy patron of the Dawn's Roost has asked me to retrieve coffee beans he's fed to a predator. I've received the coordinates to the planet and can grav jump to the location.

The New Atlantian 03Skill Magazine it is lying on a table, outside on the terrace.


Chunks - Bar & Vendor

Chunks Employee Merchant - Selling food.


Mercury Tower - Premium Penthouse

Apartments, there is elevator to penthouse but it is not available at the moment.

After you finish "A Legacy Forged" UC Vanguard Faction Mission and will talk to Zora Sangweni, you will get as reward this premium penthouse in Mercury Tower.


Centaurian Arsenal - Arms Vendor

Anya Griffon Merchant - Selling Weapons and Ammo.

Marksman's AA-99 Rare Rifle


Apollo Tower

Apartments, there is elevator to apartments but it is not available at the moment.


Athena Tower

Switch on the wall of Athena Tower is for "Alternating Currents" Misc Mission from The Well.

Hugo Fournier NPC he is in the lobby, talk to him about Ring for "A Break at Dawn" United Colonies Mission

Apartments, there is elevator to apartment.

Apartment is locked, is for "Alternating Currents" Misc Mission from The Well.


CJ's - Bar & Vendor

Curtis Julien Merchant - Selling food.


UC Vanguard Ranger

Crew Chief Kane Herath NPC standing by the ship that has landed, talk to him for "Grunt Work" United Colonies Mission

For "Eyewitness" UC Vanguard Faction: Eliminate the Terrormorphs.

The last Terrormorph bites the dust! Time to let the officer in charge know things are taken care of! Sergeant Yumi was grateful for our help. Now, we just need to let the Cabinet know what happened here.

For "Search and Seizure" United Colonies Mission: Obtain The Contraband from Anasi Ship.

Malawi Ndiaye NPC she will try to bribe you but don't agree to it, take the Crate of Contraband and return it to Sergeant Yumi.



You come here for "Distilling Confidence" Misc Mission

Emin Macar NPC talk to him for "Distilling Confidence" Misc Mission, you can use PERSUADE on him and then Bribe using Negotiation Skill and he will let you inside Storage. Other solutions are also possible, but this one is most consistent with the spirit of the mission.

Inside Package for Nyssa take it and give it back.


The Well

The Well is an underground location located beneath New Atlantis City.

There are three entrances to The Well from New Atlantis City:

  • Spaceport (07) - elevator between Jemison Mercantile and TerraBrew Coffee;
  • MASS District NAT Station (11) second elevator on platform;
  • The Lodge (13) - The door at the end of the basement in The Lodge. On The Lodge side the door is open, but on The Well side it is locked and will only open at a specific point in the game's plot.

For more info about The Well visit The Well in New Atlantis Map


Emilio Hadek

Emilio Hadek NPC for "Out On a Limb" Misc Mission by Kelton Frush from New Atlantis.

Emilio Hadek insists that before he'll hand over the data I need, I must delete his personnel file from the MAST network. I need to access the terminal in the Chief Engineer's apartment in New Atlantis.

You have to go to Orion Tower.

When you Purge All Files on Chief Engineer's Terminal in Orion Tower, Emilio Hadek will give you Emilio's Slate

Return to Kelton Frush.

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