Kryx's Legacy and Eye of the Storm Mission in Starfield

Find Kryx's Legacy in Eye of the Storm Crimson Fleet Faction Mission on GalBank Transport 'Legacy' Ship in Starfield, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

The "Eye of the Storm" Crimson Fleet Faction Mission is dedicated to recovering Kryx's Legacy hidden on the GalBank Transport "Legacy" Ship trapped in the EM Field above the Bannoc IV Planet in the Bannoc System.

Before you go to Bannoc IV you have to:

  • Talk to Delgado.
  • Install Conduction Grid module on your ship.
  • Install ComSpike module on your ship.
  • Talk to Commander Kibwe Ikande on UC Vigilance.

Fly to the Bannoc System, over the planet Bannoc IV, find the GalBank Transport "Legacy" Ship, and board it.

You will encounter significant resistance aboard the "Legacy", with Industrial Robots coming to life as you delve deeper into the maze of corridors.

When choosing a direction to move, follow the mission marker

There are several Audio Logs on board, listen to them to get an idea of the situation. You will have to thoroughly check the entire ship to find them. You don't have to find all the Audio Logs to complete the mission.

Audio Logs on "Legacy":

  • GBLR001: Adrift near stairs close to entrance.
  • GBLR002: The Plan
  • GBLR003: Damage Report
  • GBLR004: Aftermath in Main Hall
  • GBLR005: Euphoric Escape in Main Hall
  • GBLR006: Lost Soul in Mess Hall
  • GBLR007: Running on Empty in Captain's Quarters
  • GBLR008: Poker Game in Crew Quarters
  • GBLR009: Aguilar's Farewell in Crew Quarters
  • GBLR010: Kryx's Arrival in Mess Hall
  • GBLR011: The Waiting Game - you have to listen it for "Eye of the Storm" Mission, it is in last room.
  • GBLR012: No Return
  • GBLR013: Mortem Obire (Evidence) - for "Burden of Proof" Mission, it is in last room.

Your main goal is to find Vault Control Center.

Galbank Transfer Module on the ground near dead body, will let you open Vault Door

Get Credtank [Optional] in your way to Vault.

After arriving at the Legacy's Vault Control Center, you will encounter the remains of who I believe to be the great Jasper Kryx. You should investigate the corpse and recover any information that you can.

You will discover an old personal recording on Jasper Kryx's remains. You should listen to it and learn more about why he appears to have been trapped on the Legacy forever.

There is Revenant Legendary Rifle near Jasper's body.

After listening to Kryx's final log, you will learn that you need to reroute the jury-rigged power from the Legacy's shields to the Vault in order to gain access to the ship's currency, which will make the transport vulnerable to Bannoc IV's EM Field.

Use two Power Override Controls.

Now access the Legacy's Credit Reserves and download it to your Data Core.

The mission is complete, but you still need to get out to your ship. The shield protecting the "Legacy" stops working, so you have to escape through the collapsing ship, hampered by Robots trying to stop you.

Choose which side you will side with: UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet.

When you return to your ship, you will have to make a difficult decision about which side of UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet you will hand over to Kryx's Legacy.

Whether you go to The Key or UC Vigilance will have consequences for the entire Crimson Fleet Faction Story.

The side you give Kryx's Legacy to will win the conflict.

I chose the UC SysDef faction and returned to UC Vigilance.

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