Cydonia Map Starfield

Starfield Map of Cydonia located on Mars in Sol System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide.

Cydonia Map Starfield

Cydonia Map Starfield
Cydonia Map Starfield

Map of Cydonia in Starfield. Cydonia settlement is located on Mars in Sol System.

Cydonia, important mining settlement of United Colonies founded on Mars by Deimos Staryards Inc.

First time you come to Cydonia for "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission to ask about Moara.

Check Cydonia Side Missions for full side mission list for Cydonia location.

Cydonia Map

Starfield Map of Cydonia located on Mars in Sol System with Missions, Activities, NPC and Vendor locations, Starfield Maps, Walkthrough & Guide..


Landing Pad

Control ConsoleTerminal


Ship Services

Ship Services Technician NPC

For "Red Tape Reclamation" Misc Mission talk to Ship Services Technician I'm looking for information on Hank Ferraro ..., then Return to Trevor.


Entrance to Mining Colony of Cydonia.

Enter to Cydonia Central Hub.


Cydonia Central Hub - Surface Floor.

Entrance from Spaceport.


UC Security Office

UC Security NPC

Sergeant Booth NPC

CDR Vincent Woodard NPC talking about Red Devils.

For "Red Tape Runaround" Misc Mission

When you return from Governor Hurst's Ship, talk to CDR Vincent Woodard about Peter Brennan and Governor Glen Hurst.

Ask him to hold off on his actions for a while so that you can end the matter with Peter Brennan.


Crossroads of corridors

At the intersection we can listen to a conversation between Trevor Petyarre and a group of several Prospective Miners

Speak with Trevor Activity

Trackers Alliance Agent NPC she is leaning against the wall, talk to her.

The Bounty That Got Away Misc Mission by Trackers Alliance Agent.

The Tracker Agent wants me to help put a sensor at the top of the old Mars launchpad tower to help her track down one of her lost bounties.

On the information board, we have everything beautifully written out, what and where we can find everything in Cydonia.

Unfortunately, in practice it is not so obvious due to stairs, elevators and overlapping levels :).

  • Surface Floor
    • UC Security Office S1
    • The Broken Spear S2
    • Deimos Staryards Engineering S3
  • Lower Level 1
    • Trade Authority Outpost LL1.1
    • UC Exchange LL1.2
    • Reliant Medical LL1.3
    • UC Office of The Governor-General LL1.4
    • Deimos Staryards Corporate Office LL1.5
    • Luxe Condominiums LL1.6 - LL1.7
  • Lower Level 2
    • Deimos Miner Quarters LL2.1
    • Jane's Goods LL2.2
    • Community Center LL2.3
    • UC Marine Barracks LL2.4

Go right to The Broken Spear (07)


The Broken Spear - Bar & Aid Vendor

The main reason for visiting The Broken Spear is "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission, for this we need to "talk to the bartender Jack" about Moara.

Jack Vendor Aid Vendor & Bartender at The Broken Spear, talk to him.

For "The Old Neighborhood" Main Mission, start to to Jack with I'm looking for a Vanguard named Moara, then you can [Pay] him, [Persuade] or let [Sara Morgan] talk for you. Next step is Venus.

You can also ask Jack about Red Devils.

While visiting The Broken Spear and the adjacent corridors, you can listen to conversations to obtain new Activities.

Speak with Renee Activity on entering The Broken Spear or inside listening to conversations.

Speak with Laylah Activity

Offer to help Mitch Benjamin Activity

Phil Hill NPC he is from League of Independent Settlers, what he says sounds a bit like cheating, but if you come to an agreement with him, he will give you a mission.

You will get from Phil Hill: Habitable Planets 101 and List of Recruiter Guide.

Top of the L.I.S.T. Misc Mission by Phil Hill.

I need to try and find potential recruits for LIST. Maybe if I do a bit of eavesdropping, I can identify a potential recruit.

"Top of the L.I.S.T." Misc Mission consists of two parts:

  • Identify a Potential List Recruit by Eavesdropping - you can complete this part immediately in The Broken Spear, select the task from the list and look around the room, one of the Citizens will be marked, go and talk to him
  • Survey A Habitable Planet - you will do this part in the future, when you manage to Scan a planet with a breathable atmosphere and a safe temperature, once you do this, return to Phil Hill and sell him the scan results.

Citizen for Top of the L.I.S.T. NPC talk to her / him, you can train [Persuasion] and [Diplomacy], or just pay for "Top of the L.I.S.T." Misc Mission - Identify a Potential List Recruit by Eavesdropping

Andromeda Kepler Companion You can recruit her for 18000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Outpost Engineering (2), Piloting (1), Aneutronic Fusion (1).

Damage Control Specialist Crew Member (not Companion) crew member spawn locations are fixed, but different crew member can spawn, you can recruit him for 6000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Starship Engineering (1).

Energy Weapon Specialist Crew Member (not Companion) crew member spawn locations are fixed, but different crew member can spawn, you can recruit him for 6000 Credits (price varies depending on discounts), Energy Weapon Systems (1).

Sanitation Mini Bot NPC in the bathroom, you can train [Pacify] on him.

It Came from Phobos on the table

Gabby's Plea in the bathroom on the floor.

For "Red Tape Blues" Misc Mission if you see Leona Hawkes, Gilly Seong and Tia Wu, workers of Deimos Staryard sitting at the bar, this means they are not in the office and their computers are unprotected.

For "Red Tape Reclamation" Misc Mission

Hank Ferraro NPC talk to him about missing equipment.

Hank admitted to stealing the new equipment because he wanted to sabotage the entire mining operation. But, it sounds like he's going to give it up willingly. I should follow him to where he's stashed it.

The walk takes quite a long time to speed up Hank, you can run in front of him in the direction he is going and he will run after you.

At the end, you will stand and start a confrontation with you. You can try [Persuade] him, but it will be hard, so you have to kill him at the end.

Return to Trevor.

After Red Tape Missions

For "Runaway" Misc Mission by Rivkah Ovadia.

Talk to Jack and [Persuade] him to sell you Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey. If you cant Persuade [Steal] it

Adler Kemp NPC for "Deep Cover" Crimson Fleet Faction.

Before Adler Kemp will trust me enough to join the Crimson Fleet, he wants me to do a favor for him first - namely to shake down a deadbeat named Karl Fielding. Karl is somewhere near the Deimos Miner's Quarters deep in Cydonia.

After we meet the requirements set by Adler Kemp, we will receive next mission Crimson Fleet:

Rook Meets King Crimson Fleet Faction by Adler Kemp.

After doing a job for Adler Kemp, he's decided to refer me to one of his superiors. I need to go to Europa where I'll meet Naeva Mora.

Naeva Meetup (Evidence) for "Burden of Proof" Crimson Fleet, on the table near Adler Kemp.

Go and find Astraea Ship over Europa Moon in Sol System.

From The Broken Spear, exit through the back exit behind the counter, follow the corridors until you come to the control room on the right where Citizen is sitting, go through the door in this room, find the stairs down and go until you find Locked Doors (Advanced), these are the back doors to Trade Authority Warehouse (08).


Trade Authority Warehouse

You can get here by going through the back exit of The Broken Spear. Trade Authority Warehouse has two doors. The door on the Trade Authority side is Locked (Master), while the door on The Broken Spear side is Locked (Advanced). If you can unlock it and enter.

There are some items in the room that you can take care of.

Account ComputerTerminal for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction, set Account Status to 50 Credits Owed.

Return to The Broken Spear, then to (06) and continue exploring to Trade Authority (09).


Elevator to Residential

Don't go there now


Trade Authority - Vendor

Manaaki Almonte Vendor Vendor

At the back there is the entrance to the Trade Authority Warehouse (08) which we have already been to, entering from the other side.

By the way, don't forget to sell all the items you stole from the Trade Authority Warehouse at Trade Authority :).

Vending MachineTerminal in front of the Trade Authority entrance.

Oktai Enbayar NPC for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction I was told a man named "Walker" worked here.

Turns out Percival no longer works for the Trade Authority. In fact, he owes them money. Oktai Enbayar suggested someone in "The Sixth Circle" bar may know where he's hiding.

For "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction after you set Account Status in Trade Authority Warehouse talk again to Oktai Enbayar I want to pay off Percival's debt.

I did it! I've cleared Percival's debt. Now I should be able to get his location from Lou at "The Sixth Circle."

Saoirse Bowden NPC for "Deep Cover" Crimson Fleet Faction.

Saoirse Bowden has indicated that Adler Kemp is the local Crimson Fleet contact and would possibly accept the crate of Aurora as a "buy in" to join their ranks. I can find him at the Broken Spear Bar.


UC Office of The Governor-General

Demelza Myers NPC the receptionist is nice, if you ask she will let you in to meet the Governor

Governor Glen Hurst NPC quite a typical representative of power, definitely an unpleasant guy, but talk to him about Cydonia. You can try to raise your status and give him subsidies [Offer 1000 Credits], but he will only laugh at you. If so, don't forget to steal the key to his apartment.

Gov. Hurst's Condo Key [Steal] it from the Governor.

For "Red Tape Runaround" Misc Mission

Talk to Governor Glen Hurst ... I'm here on behalf of Peter Brennan, I'm looking for ...

Now you have to fly to Umbriel Moon of Uranus in Sol System and find Governor Hurst's Ship check Sol System Umbriel Moon for more info.

When you return from Governor Hurst's Ship talk to CDR Vincent Woodard (05) first, then return to Governor Hurst.

[Lie] to Governor Hurst: I destroyed the ship ... and he will release Brennan's shipment.

Deliver the Package to Peter Brennan (11).


Elevator to lower levels

Don't go there now


Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters

Don't enter here before you got "Red Tape Blues" Misc Mission.

For "Red Tape Blues" Misc Mission

Three female employees

Leona Hawkes NPC

Gilly Seong NPC she will give you Mission when you finish Red Tape Missions, check below in (11).

Tia Wu NPC

They work at their desks, you have to wait until they are gone. You can sit in a chair in the office and wait until the evening when they go to The Broken Spear Bar.

Use Deimos HR ComputerTerminal there is info about Tia's password: DROWSSAP to unlock, and Delete All other Candidate Applications.

Return to Trevor in (24) and talk to him.

For "Red Tape Blues" Misc Mission

Peter Brennan NPC talk to him I'm here now, and ready to work.

Red Tape Runaround Misc Mission by Peter Brennan.

I'm now Peter Brennan's executive assistant. I should go report to him at the Deimos Staryards Corporate Office on the main floor of Cydonia.

Mr. Brennan is expecting a personal shipment. He expects me to find it before he'll let me access his computer. He suggested checking with Governor Hurst, as his previous assistants did.

Go now to UC Office of The Governor-General (10) and talk to Governor Glen Hurst, finish his part of this mission description in (10), and return to Peter Brennan with package.

Now he will let you use his computer.

Peter Brennan's ComputerTerminal Peter Brennan's password to unlock, Approve Replacement Mining Equipment.

Red Tape Reclamation Misc Mission by Peter Brennan's Computer.

I've approved Trevor's request for new mining equipment. I should go speak with him about it and let him know.

Return to Trevor (24)

Other items in room:


Peter Brennan's Daily Planner on the table.

After Red Tape Missions

Gilly Seong NPC talk to her about Psychology Evaluation.

Psyched Misc Mission by Gilly Seong after Red Tape Missions.

Gilly has asked me to deliver psychological evaluation questionnaires to some of the Deimos Staryards employees here on Cydonia, and return them to her once they are all completed.

For "Top Secrets" Ryujin Industries hack Stanley's Computer and download files about Project Dominion and return to Ularu Chen in Ryujin Tower in Neon City.

Stanley's ComputerTerminal


Enhance! - Genetic Salon

Here you can change your appearance for 500 Credits, you can change Body, Face and Name.

Dr. Ifeanyi Adigwe NPC


Reliant Medical - Doctor and Medical Supplies

Dr. Charlie Flynn Medic & Aid Vendor talk to her and check shop inventory, she can heal you.

She can remove Traits


UC Exchange! - Vendor

Denis Averin Vendor large selection of Resources and Shotguns as usual in UC Exchange, talk to him about work.

Freight Fright Misc Mission by Denis Averin.

The manager of the Cydonia UC Exchange, Denis Averin, is missing a shipment. The ship itself did not land where it was supposed to. I volunteered to help investigate.

This is a relatively simple mission to complete outside Cydonia, but not far away on the surface of Mars. So go finish it and come back for another mission.

Refurbished Goods Misc Mission by Denis Averin.

Denis has asked me to acquire some equipment from some dangerous people through not entirely legitimate means. He gave me their location.


Face of Cydonia

The "Face on Mars"

On July 25, 1976, the Viking 1 orbiter spacecraft took its first photos of the Cydonia region of Mars. Among them was an image of what appeared to be a humanoid face on the surface of Mars. The image inspired the imaginations of millions, cementing humanity's passion for space exploration and once again begging the question "Are we alone out there?"

Later photography would reveal that the face was no more than a mountain, shadows, and perhaps humanity's greatest case of "pareidolia," a tendency to perceive specific, meaningful imagery in an otherwise ambiguous or random visual pattern. Nevertheless, the legend of the "Face on Mars" remains an important inspiration for many to this day.

Simon Ryczek NPC up the stairs next to the monument, he is for "Top Secrets" Ryujin Industries

Simon offered a side job in exchange for the information he has: to kill a woman named Malai Liskova and bring her gun back as proof. Her ship, the Datura, is in orbit around Saturn.

Go to Saturn in Sol System, find The Datura Ship, board it and talk to Malai Liskova. You do not need to kill her, you just need her gun so [Persuade] her, she will give you Ember, return it to Simon Ryczek in exchange for information.

I need to get my hands on Project Dominion. I have to find a way to access Stanley McMillan's computer in the Deimos Staryards Corporate office at Cydonia and download the files to the untraceable storage slate.


Elevator to Luxe Condominiums

Don't go there now


Stairs to the lower levels

Don't go there now

Now return to (06) and check (16).


Deimos Staryard Engineering

A large room with Mechanics and Robots, but overall nothing interesting.

Now we're going to explore the lower floor, go to the elevator (A) and go down.


Community Center

It looks like a gym

Haddie Gustavsson NPC for "A Parting Gift" Misc Mission from New Atlantis, talk to her and give her letter.

Joy Bryant NPC from House of Enlightenment, you can talk to her.

Horus Gamal NPC from Sanctum Universum, you can talk to him and take some stuff.

Sivan NPC you can talk to her and use all dialogue options. Then leave Mars and return after 48 hours.

Sivan may be in another location in Cydonia, he is wandering around the entire base. Talk to her again and you will get mission.

My North Star Misc Mission by Sivan.

I met a stargazer who wants to travel to space, so they could see the constellation Cygnus up close.

Launch Point Mars on the desk.


Jane's Goods - Vendor

Jane Weller Vendor talk to her and check shop inventory, she got lot of Aids, Resources and work for you.

Start-Up Stopped Misc Mission by Jane Weller.

Jane's ship, the Berry Mule, and its pilot, Erick have gone missing. She has asked me to search their last known location, around Triton.

Chris Cullen NPC he walks around Cydonia, so you can also meet him in other places, talk to him. You meet his sister in New Atlantis, now ne ask you to deliver her present.

Special Delivery Misc Mission by Chris Cullen.

Chris Cullen wants me to deliver some presents to his sister for her birthday. I should do that when I have the chance.

Jane's Big Plan on the shelf.




UC Marine Barracks

UC Defense Manual 03Skill Magazine on the table in main room.


Deimos Miner Quarters

Miners may be here in the Deimos Miner Quarters or in the Mining Area, depending on how their shifts change, when they rest and when they work.

When they rest in Deimos Miner Quarters they usually sleep in their beds, wake them up one by one and talk to them. You will hear stories about their hard lives as miners as well as the fairy tale of the Heart of Mars, which has a lot of truth in it.

Mining Monthly Issue 07Skill Magazine on the table.

Talk to Miners

Gaurdi Limsong NPC

Henry "Hank" Ferraro NPC

Samund Berg-Ramirez NPC

Anders Jensen NPC

A conversation with Laylah Pulaski will provide more specifics.

Laylah Pulaski NPC she can be here or in Mining Area, talk to her about Heart of Mars, use [Geology]

You can also talk to Laylah Pulaski about Red Eyes, other inhabitants of Mars also mention it, but it has no effect on the story. Let's consider it a Marian version of Spice from Dune :).

Heart of Mars Misc Mission by Laylah Pulaski.

Laylah Pulaski told me about something called the Heart of Mars, an extremely valuable chunk of titanium in a cave on Mars.

"Heart of Mars" Misc Mission is easy to complete, its location is in the Cave on Mars, so you can do it now by leaving Cydonia and returning to the same place, or you can do it later.

Once you have extracted this valuable piece of rock, return to Laylah Pulaski and talk to her to complete the mission. He won't be impressed with your achievement. You can keep the Heart of Mars as a souvenir or sell it.

After Red Tape Missions

Rivkah Ovadia NPC talk to her for mission, she can be here or in Mining Area.

Runaway Misc Mission by Rivkah Ovadia.

Rivkah says that I can help smooth things over with her father, Natan, by bringing a peace offering: a bottle of rare Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey. A local bartender, Jack, may know where I can get some.

You can start this mission now, because Red Harvest Reserve Whiskey is in The Broken Spear (07).


Luxe Condominiums

There are three floors of Apartments, there is a number above the door of each Apartment.

Unfortunately, the NPCs move around, sometimes they walk and sometimes they sleep in their rooms, sometimes you have to look for them or come back at night when they are sleeping.

An example is Mitch Benjamin who may be in his room or may be standing in front of the entrance to Luxe Condominiums.

Apartment A12

Renee Shelby NPC little girl, she is standing in corridor or is in A12 talk to her about work.

Space Frog from Outer Space Misc Mission by Renee Shelby.

A little girl named Renee asked me to help her spread some joy in Cydonia by putting up her drawings of her character, "Space Frog from outer space."

"Space Frog from Outer Space" Misc Mission is a simple mission and you can complete it immediately, you need to put 6 posters on the walls in Cydonia.

After completing the mission, you will be able to produce such posters yourself in your Outpost.

Renee's JournalTerminal

Apartment B12

Taye Imani NPC talk to him about his mother.

Anna Imani NPC Taye's Mother, talk to her about help for her and her son, [Offer 20000 Credits], it doesn't affect the story or do not generate mission, but the fact that you're a nice guy helps your Companions.

Apartment B10

Mitch Benjamin NPC talk to him about help.

Media Sponge Misc Mission by Mitch Benjamin.

Mitch Benjamin has asked me to go get a first edition copy of a book in the Dragonstar Force series from an off-world vendor.

Media Sponge Mission is the beginning of a series of 30 subsequent missions in which you find the next Dragonstar Force. The task is difficult to complete once, because some books can only be obtained while completing the mission. There is no special reward at the end other than the satisfaction of reading the whole thing.

If you want to read full Dragonstar Force, please visit: Dragonstar Force Series

Top Floor - Gov. Hurst's Condo

Doors are locked, but we got Gov. Hurst's Condo Key from (10), there is nothing particularly valuable in the apartment.

Governor Hurst's ComputerTerminal this computer seems to be needed for the "Red Tape Runaround" Misc Mission, for the Search for More Clues stage that you will receive in Cydonia later in the game's plot, but I must admit that after hacking into the computer, I did not find anything interesting that would advance the content of the mission.

In the apartment you will find some books that you can steal.

Now Return to (D) and take stairs down to Mining Area.

Cydonia Mining Area

The Mining Area is the large area at the very bottom with Robots and Miners. While this large area is mostly empty, you will find several control rooms and workshop there. I jumped on the scaffolding so you wouldn't have to do it yourself, and there's nothing there either.

What you need to do in the Mining Area is:

  • Find Elevator (E) this is elevator to Cydonia Level 2
  • Find Elevator (B) this is elevator to Cydonia Level 2 and Cydonia Level 1
  • Talk to Laylah Pulaski if she is not in Deimos Miner Quarters (description you will find in Deimos Miner Quarters (21))
  • Visit Sixth Circle
  • Talk to Trevor Petyarre for main Cydonia Mission.


Elevator to Residential

It's halfway down the stairs.

Don't go there now


Main Elevator

Elevator to Cydonia Level 2 and Cydonia Level 1

Don't go there now


Sixth Circle - Red Devils Club

This location will be used later in the story, no one wants to talk to you at this point. The club is affiliated with the Red Devils.

"Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction Mission

Andrew Robillard NPC for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction Hadrian Sanon sent me ..., he will direct you to bartender.

Cambridge Cooper NPC for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction talk to him.

I've got three options to clear Percival's debt: pay it myself, break into the Trade Authority to reduce the amount, or clear out the Deep Mines and collect some research for Cambridge.

Lou Saavedra Vendor for "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction talk to him I'm making a delivery for Hadrian ....

Lou will only tell me where Percival is if I clear Percival's debt first. But it also seems someone else in the bar wants my attention.

For "Delivering Devils" UC Vanguard Faction after you set Account Status in Trade Authority Warehouse, talk to Lou Saavedra I hacked the Trade ...

Lou says I can find Percival in the old Red Devils Headquarters. He gave me a key that will allow me to get through the Deep Mines to reach it.

Hadrian NPC after you return from Red Devils HQ talk to her.

Eyewitness UC Vanguard Faction by Hadrian.

I've agreed to speak to the UC Cabinet with Hadrian. She said I can meet her outside MAST in New Atlantis.

Go to MAST Building in New Atlantis.


Red Tape - Main Cydonia Mission

This mission is basically three missions connected and related to each other:

  • Red Tape Blues mission given by Trevor Petyarre (24).
  • Red Tape Runaround mission assigned during a conversation with Peter Brennan (11) when doing Red Tape Blues.
  • Red Tape Reclamation mission assigned when you are using Peter Brennan's Computer (11) when you Approve Replacement Mining Equipment.

Sounds complicated but it isn't

Trevor Petyarre NPC he is standing in the middle of Mining Area, talk to him.

Talk with Trevor about his work, So you must be the boss around here?

Red Tape Blues Misc Mission by Trevor Petyarre.

I offered to do some work for Trevor Petyarre, but before he gives me my task, he needs to know he can trust me. I've agreed to help him by mining some additional ore to add to his team's quota.

It's a simple task, do it right away, gather 10 iron inside Mining Area, put it into Deposit Bin and talk to Trevor again.

Next step of this mission will be longer, Trevor needs me to help him get a request for new equipment approved by the Deimos mining executive. I'm supposed to apply to be the executive's assistant through the company's application system up at Deimos Staryards.

You have to fly to Deimos Staryard orbiting Deimos Moon of Mars, do it now Deimos Staryard (check this link).

On Deimos Staryard find Deimos Sales Computer, and complete the job application form: Apply for Job: Executive Assistant.

It doesn't matter how you fill out the form, you can choose any answers, you'll find out why what you write doesn't matter in a moment, but if you want to fill it out correctly, see on Deimos Staryard.

Return to Cydonia and speak to Travor.

Now you have to go to Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters (11) and deleted all the other applications (Check description in (11)).

I've deleted all the other applications so that only mine remains in the system. I need to return to Trevor to let him know I've accomplished this.

Talk to Trevor again.

I'm now Peter Brennan's executive assistant. I should go report to him at the Deimos Staryards Corporate Office on the main floor of Cydonia.

Go back to Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters (11) and talk to Peter Brennan.

Finish "Red Tape Runaround" Misc Mission from Peter Brennan in (11).

Get "Red Tape Reclamation" Misc Mission using Peter Brennan's Computer (11)

Then return to Trevor.

Trevor will send you to Ship Services (02) Ship Services Technician - description in (02).

Ship services mentioned that they saw Hank return to Mars, but he didn't land at the port. This is unusual, so I should check with Trevor to see what I should do next.

Find Hank Ferraro he is in The Broken Spear (07) you will fond description in (07). When you deal with Hank Ferraro return to Trevor.

Talk to Trevor. This is the end of Red Tape, you will get nice Deimos set and some Credits as reward.

Speak with Rivkah Activity I got this activity after finishing Red Tape Missions. So go to Deimos Miner Quarters (21) and talk to Rivkah Ovadia.

Speak with The Deimos Psychologist Activity I got this second activity after finishing Red Tape Missions. So go to Deimos Staryard Corporate Quarters (11) and talk to Gilly Seong.

Dragonstar Force Series

During the "Media Sponge" Misc Mission you collect subsequent parts of Dragonstar Force Books, here is their content:

Dragonstar Force Vol 1

The universe is in chaos! The evil Sarrklon, an alien being born of pure hatred, has amassed his secret armies to rain destruction upon the people of the Allied Worlds. A young man, Zeffrex Laserbrand, is thrust into the conflict when he discovers he is the descendent of a great hero, and one of the only ones capable of wielding the Dragonstar, a magical weapon capable of defeating Sarrklon and bringing peace to the galaxy. But first, it must be found.

Dragonstar Force Vol 2

The hunt for the Dragonstar continues! Zeffrex and his heroic companions, Protonius the android, Lagloriel the Princess of Zlaxx, and Jarmon the Changeling may have escaped from the clutches of Sarrklon and destroyed his asteroid fortress, but the galaxy is still in peril. With Sarrklon now in pursuit of the Dragonstar himself, it's a race for who will control the fate of the universe!

Dragonstar Force Vol 3

A tale of woe and revenge! After torturing Zeffrex Laserbrand's brother, and ruthlessly killing him by sending him into a black hole, Sarrklon is led directly to our heroes' hideout. Now, held captive beneath the surface of the water planet, Harglys V, things look grim for the Dragonstar Force! Will they escape with the help of their new friend, Montelvaughn, or will he turn against them in their time of need?

Dragonstar Force Vol 4

The epic saga continues! The mysterious Montelvaugh disappears, but not before divulging the location of the fabled Dragonstar. But, when Zeffrex journeys alone to extract it from its hiding place, he finds it missing! to make matters worse, he accidentally unleashes the dreaded Space Dragon, Fraxitarr from her crystal prison! Our heroes must reunite to take down this new threat before all is lost!

Dragonstar Force Vol 5

The Dragons have returned! Fraxitarr may be defeated, but Zeffrex discovers a clutch of hatched eggs, and surely enough, reports of dragons attacking starships have been running rampant! but is Zeffrex to blame for the release of the dragons, or has he been set up? As Laglorial and Jarmon race to get to the bottom of the mystery and clear the good name of Jeffrex Laserbrand, Sarrklon redoubles his effort in search for the Dragonstar.

Dragonstar Force Vol 6

The thrilling conclusion to the Dragonstar Force Saga! Jeffrex Laserbrand's trusty android companion, Protonius, discovers the hidden location of the Dragonstar, in the heart of a gigantic gaseous planet protected by a swarm of Gas Giant Dragons! In order to retrieve it, they'll need the help of a reluctant dwarven ship smith, Klauslinger. Will our heroes reach the Dragonstar in time to stop Sarrklon?

Dragonstar Force Vol 7

Sarklonn has returned? Our heroes are shaken when a strange, haunting signal is picked up by the Dragonstar Force's ship. It appears Sarrklon was not as defeated as they had thought! But is it true, or is it all an elaborate ruse? Our heroes rush to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Dragonstar Force Vol 8

Imposters in their midst! The mystery of Sarrklon's reappearance may not be resolved, but our heroes have a new problem to deal with: their companions may not be who they say they are. After visiting a resort planet, Jarmon begins acting strangely, even for a changeling! They discover that Jarmon is in fact an imposter in disguise, sowing the seeds of doubt among the entire Dragonstar Force. Who is who, and can anyone be trusted again?

Dragonstar Force Vol 9

Sarrklon is back, for real this time! Jeffrex and princess Laglorial's wedding is cut short by the return of their old nemesis, Sarrklon. Having revealed himself to be a changeling himself, our heroes question who it was they defeated before. Was it a clone, a robot double, or a mind-controlled changeling minion? But solving that mystery will have to wait, as Sarrklon steals the Dragonstar, once again sending the Dragonstar Force on the hunt for the galaxy's greatest power.

Dragonstar Force Vol 10

Desperate times, desperate measures! When Sarklonn reveals his plan to destroy all the dragons in the galaxy with the Dragonstar, Jeffrex Laserbrand and the rest of the Dragonstar Force must form an uneasy alliance with their former Dragon foes, the dragonspawn of Fraxitarr! The dragons arm Jeffrex with a new weapon of their own creation, the laser-axe, Glorybringer, in hopes he can use it to bring Sarrklon's reign to an end.

Dragonstar Force Vol 11

The end of the Force? When it is revealed that Princess Laglrorial is seemingly working for Sarrklon, our heroes part ways. After mourning the loss of his wife to side of his most hated nemesis, Jeffrex gets a visit from an old friend. The mysterious Montelvaughn returns to dispense wisdom and help solve the mystery behind Laglorial's sudden betrayal, but is it merely a ploy to get a hold of the fabled Dragonstar?

Dragonstar Force Vol 12

The end of the universe? Sarrklon, now lord of the galaxy, unexpectedly shows up at the door to the Dragonstar Force's secret hideout. But, as it turns out, he comes seeking their help, not their destruction. When the Dragonstar suddenly vanishes, Sarklonn fears that an even greater power is at work, and it not only threatens his rule, but also all of existence! Will the heroes trust their nemesis and take advantage of his vast resources, or strike out on their own?

Dragonstar Force Vol 13

Back in time! With the universe in ruins, Laglorial finds herself the last living member of the Dragonstar force. After managing to rebuild Protonius out of scrap pieces herself, the android reveals the secret to traveling through time, and the two decide to venture back before the Last War, which nearly wiped out all of existence. Will our heroes manage to stop the Dragonstar from being destroyed this time and save reality as we know it?

Dragonstar Force Vol 14

A new threat? With the Dragonstar firmly in their possession, Jeffrex and the Dragonstar force decide to hide it away once and for all, in the safest place they can find: the Grommulon black hole. But soon after disposing of the Dragonstar, they begin to hear voices emanating from the black hole, including that of Jeffrex's lost brother, Halke. Venturing beyond the event horizon, our heroes discover dark mysteries that threaten not only this universe, but all dimensions as well!

Dragonstar Force Vol 15

Stuck in the Grommulon dimension! After getting stuck inside the Grommulon dimension, the mighty Jeffrex and his companions seek a way out. However, they run afoul of evil versions of themselves, and the only soul willing to aid them in their fight against the evil Dragonstar Force and their Nega-Dragons is a weak, but highly knowledgeable version of Sarrklon! Can they trust this Sarrklon, or will they be repeating past mistakes?

Dragonstar Force Vol 16

A confluence of heroes! Having accepted defeat at the hands of their evil selves, our heroes await a grim death sentence in the dungeons of Jarmlek. Meanwhile, the Grommulon version of Sarrklon discovers a way to bend the dimensions to his will using the merged Dragonstars and formulates a plan to save the Dragonstar Force. But, it will take merging with himself from the prime dimension. Can his fractured psyche survive such a quantum entanglement, and will he manage to save our intrepid heroes?

Dragonstar Force Vol 17

Mind over matter! Having escaped from the Grommulon dimension with the intact Dragonstar, the Dragonstar Force now finds themselves trapped in prisons of their own minds. It turns out that merging with evil alternate-dimension versions of themselves has caused more problems than it may have solved. Now, our heroes fight for their very souls and must battle their own personal demons if they wish to survive!

Dragonstar Force Vol 18

Death of Sarrklon? Armed with the knowledge to bend dimensions to his whim, Sarrklon enacts his plans to bring together Dragonstars from all dimensions to form the Ultra Dragonstar. The Dragonstar Force must band together with heroic versions of themselves from across the planes and form an army capable of defeating Sarrklon once and for all. But can they defeat his army of transdimensional dragons, empowered by the combined might of the Ultra Dragonstar?

Dragonstar Force Vol 19

The end of the Dragonstar Force? After the dimensional mishaps of their last adventure, and the universe finally at peace, the Galactic Triumvirate decides to abolish the Dragonstar Force for good. As Jeffrex and Laglorial adjust to domestic life, Jarmon and Protonius seek answers. But, they soon regret what they discover. The Galactic Triumvirate may not be what they seem!

Dragonstar Force Vol 20

A battle for space and time! Montelvaughn returns with grave news. The shards of the Ultra Dragonstar have played havoc with time and space. After explaining that the Galactic Triumvirate was merely a figment of reality, the Dragonstar Force questions what is real and what is not. In order to save the future, they must piece together the past and unravel the fabric of reality itself! But in doing so, they may negate some of their past heroic actions. Will it be worth it, to once again save all they hold dear?

Dragonstar Force Vol 21

The climax of the Reality Saga! After performing the Universal Reset, Jeffrex Laserbrand must relive the past in order to put reality back in its rightful place. Revisiting old friends and past enemies alike, Jeffrex reforms powerful alliances and must be careful not to ignite past conflicts without endangering his life's successes. Montelvaughn appears in his hour of need, but is the price he demands too high for a conflicted Jeffrex? Is it possible to reform his life without invoking the looming Specter of Sarrklon?

Dragonstar Force Vol 22

A universe at peace! All seems well for the Dragonstar Force. Jeffrex Laserbrand, having successfully restored the natural balance of the universe, has settled in with Princess Laglorial on her homeworld of Zlaxx. When vacationing offworld with their newborn son, a massive explosion rends their homeworld apart. The Dragonstar Force reconvenes to avenge the planet's sudden destruction, but what they find, haunts them. The latent power of the Ultra Dragonstar manifests as a Phantom Dragon, merged with the life force of Sarrklon, and it seeks revenge on the Dragonstar Force. Can they defeat an enemy they can't see?

Dragonstar Force Vol 23

The death of Zeffrex! Having sacrificed himself to merge with the Ultra Dragonstar and defeat the Specter of Sarrklon once and for all, the mighty Zeffrex Laserbrand is no more. While mourning the loss of her husband, Princess Laglorial happens upon a fabled wishstone. However, the chaotic power of the wishstone makes things much worse before they are better. And in the end, can Laglorial make the right choice between reviving her dead lover, or saving the universe once again?

Dragonstar Force Vol 24

Son of Zeffrex! Having vanquished the horrible Elder Wishdragon by sacrificing her ability to bring Zeffrex back from the dead, Princess Laglorial finally retires from the Dragonstar Force. But when a freak timestorm ages her son, Tanskler, into an adult, she finds herself in a mess she can't handle by herself. As Tanskler conducts a reign of terror, she finds she must call on the aid of her former companions, Jarmon and Protonius to reverse the effects of the time storm and figure out how to prevent Tanskler's future from becoming reality.

Dragonstar Force Vol 25

The all-new Dragonstar Force! Twenty years have passed, and Tanskler has grown, proving himself a hero when he stops a goblin uprising on the prison planet Porbulis VII. But unbeknownst to him, a great evil escapes from the planet: Sarrklon's daughter, a tortured soul, too dark even for the likes of her father. Seeking revenge for her imprisonment, she begins her plan to reform the Dragonstar. Can Tanskler, along with friends both old and new, find the missing shards of the Dragonstar before it's too late?

Dragonstar Force Vol 26

Dragons within! Shussalina, the forgotten daughter of Sarrklon, has assembled the fractured Dragonstar and seeks her revenge! Using the magic of Dragonstar, she covertly travels to the peaceful world of Ploximar, bringing with her a seemingly magical pox, infecting the local populace. What seemed to be a disease turns out to be millions of microdragons, shrunken down to microscopic scale by the power of the reformed Dragonstar. Unbeknownst to her, Tanskler and his new friends Glorp, the gelatinous golem, and Minnialissa, the fae witchling, are on a diplomatic mission to Ploximar when Tanskler falls ill to the dragon pox. His companions shrink down and enter his body to take on the microscopic threat.

Dragonstar Force Vol 27

Unlikely alliances! Having failed her plans for revenge thus far, Shussalina goes into exile, and the universe is seemingly at peace once again. However, a strange new alien race, the Glotzians, appear. Surrounding the Galactic Council's homeworld, they demand immediate surrender. Tanskler and the New Dragonstar Force race to its rescue, but find their new Glotzian foes too much to handle. During their retreat, the Dragonstar Force rescues an old drifter, who turns out to be the mysterious Montelvaughn. He brings them to the far reaches of space, where they meet Grimmtongue the Nebula Wyrm, the most ancient of all dragons, who promises to help, for a price.

Dragonstar Force Vol 28

Sarrklon returns again! Using the power of Dragonstar, Shussalina manages to resurrect her father, Sarrklon. But her reunion does not go as planned. The necromantic magic warped his mind and twisted his soul, while giving him newfound power. Unable to contain her father, Shussalina flees to the frozen world of Helixaia at the edge of the known universe. Tanskler, Glorp, and Minnialissa must track her down to undo the spell put and end to Sarrklon once and for all.

Dragonstar Force Vol 29

The Dragonstar awakens! Having vanquished Sarklonn for the last time, the Dragonstar Force discovers that Shussalina had merely been controlled by her father's will from beyond the grave. Their newfound alliance has only made the Dragonstar Force stronger than ever before. The mysterious Montelvaughn returns, gravely injured, and with his dying breath, portends a dire prophecy: the Dragonstar itself has gained sentience, and will wage war against transdimensional existence! As the Force prepares, the Dragonstar begins its machinations.

Dragonstar Force Vol 30

The final epic conclusion of the Dragonstar Force Saga! Barton Spinner, son of Martin Spinner, returns to finish the epic conclusion to the saga his father began writing thirty years ago! In order to defeat the Dragonstar itself, the Dragonstar Force must assemble the legendary Lazerlance and vanquish every last dragon in the known universe. Only then, can they infuse it with their souls, ridding the universe of dragons and magic alike, but will peace be worth the sacrifices made? The last Dragonstar Force adventure awaits!

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