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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Quests in Pillars of Eternity

List of Main Quests, Side Quests and Tasks in Pillars of Eternity with location od Quest Giver, sorted by location.

Encampment Quests

Cilant Lis Dungeon Quests

Cilant Lis Ruins Quests

Valewood Quests

Gilded Vale Quests

The Black Hound Inn

Temple of Eothas

Magran's Fork

  • The Trials of Durance

Caed Nua

Ruined Stronghold

  • The Master Below by Steward


  • Lord of a Barren Land by Kolsc

Madhmr Bridge

Woodend Plains

  • The Long Hunt by Sagani


The Goose and Fox

Admeths Den

Hall of Revealed Mysteries

Crucible Keep

Ducal Palace

  • Cinders of Faith by Fyrga

Temple of Woedica

  • The Man Who Waits Temple of Woedica (05)
  • Undying Heritage - Temple of Woedica (05)
  • Through Death's Gate - Temple of Woedica (05)

Vailian Embassy


The Charred Barrel


Doemenel Manor

Ondra's Gift

The Salty Mast

Vailian Trading Company

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