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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Missing Sentries Quest in Pillars of Eternity


Crucible Keep

Missing Sentries

Wyla, a justiciar in the Crucible Knights, has had several of her novitiates standing guard outside Heritage Hill go missing under mysterious circumstances.

Enter Heritage Hill.

The gate to Heritage Hill is sealed, but Wyla told me that the guards would be expecting me.

Find the missing guards.

The missing guards are likely somewhere in Heritage Hill.

The guard at the gate said one of the guards on the last watch heard someone shouting an order. It sounded like it came from the northeast.

The guard at the gate mentioned that both times the guards disappeared, the gate was unlocked. It's possible that the missing guards went inside Heritage Hill on their own for some reason.

Speak to Wyla.

I've dealt with Leyra and she will no longer trouble the Crucible Knights - or anyone else - in Heritage Hill. I should go to Crucible Keep in First Fires and tell Wyla what happened.

I told Wyla that I'd dealt with Leyra's restless spirit in Heritage Hill. She was grateful to know that all of her missing novitiates were safe.

[Knights of the Crucible: Extraordinary Positive]

[Defiance Bay: Moderate Positive]

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