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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Copperlane - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity

Copperlane - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough and Game Guide describes all the important locations in Pillars of Eternity game. Here, you will learn which NPC you should see in order to receive a quest and where to go to complete it. All major locations are accompanied with maps. The following elements are marked on the maps: characters we meet in the game world, hidden secrets, chests and other treasure containers, crafting ingredients, traps, secret passages, aggressive opponents, and bosses that are especially difficult to defeat.

Copperlane - Defiance Bay Map - Pillars of Eternity
Copperlane - Defiance Bay Map - Pillars of Eternity

Defiance Bay. The city at the heart of the Dyrwood's revolution now seems on the brink of another.

Refugees line the streets, homeless and hungry, displaced by Waidwen's Legacy, hoping for relief within the city walls and finding none.

Dissidents congregate to protest and to heckle, calling for an end to animancy and the ouster of their duke. The city's militiamen cast fearful looks as they patrol the streets, their hands trembling at the hilts of their weapons.

The capital of a country that had not long ago incinerated a god now appears to be a spark away from sharing the deity's fate ...

Copperlane it's a district of Defiance Bay City. It's primarily a market district, but you've also got the expedition hall directly north of here, where you can join treks into the wilds. That's also where my fellow Dozens martyrs and I tend to meet up with other concerned citizens. And that's the Hall of Revealed Mysteries. Eerie place, you ask me, but they've got the biggest library in the Dyrwood.

01 Entrance from Aedelwan Bridge

Aedelwan Bridge


The Dozens Protesters.

NPC: Rowan

Rowan's arms are crossed, and his mouth is set in a grim frown as he watches the gathered protesters. He looks ready for a fight.

He sizes you up. "New in town, eh? You've picked an interesting time to visit Defiance Bay. All these refugees fleeing the frontier and finding the Legacy's no better here."

"It's the animancers, Magran scorch 'em, and they nest in this city like rats. You mark my words, though, us Dozens are gonna put a stop to it."

03 The Goose and Fox

The Goose and Fox


A young boy watches the passersby and counts a grimy handful of coins. His face and arms are smudged with dirt, but except for the grass stains, his clothes are in good condition.

As you approach, he blinks and makes a quick, furtive effort to pocket his coins.

NPC: Gordy

QUEST: Something Secret Something Secret

Gordy, a child in Copperlane, told me he knows of a place where people hide "really special things." He said he'd show it to me if I get him a March steel dagger.

Find the March steel dagger.

Gordy told me that a merchant selling weaponry near the expedition hall has the dagger.

After Returning with dagger

Gordy and I made a fair trade. I gave him his dagger, and he told me about the loose brick by the theater.

If you come here later you will met Gordy with his father.

05 Marketplace

NPC: Peregund Merchant

NPC: Lora Merchant

NPC: Narmer Merchant

Igrun stands behind a stall, polishing a broadsword. The patterned flesh around his eyes is crinkled with age, and the muscles in his arms are knotty and lean, but he holds the weapon with ease.

He nods at you. "Come to take a look? You won't find a finer collection of armor and weaponry in Defiance Bay. Outside Sonild's, of course." He flashes a crooked grin.

NPC: Igrun

Find the March steel dagger.

Igrun, a weapon and armor merchant, told me that he already sold the dagger to a band of adventurers. He guessed that they were headed to the Goose and Fox, a tavern in Copperlane.

Go to Copperlane (03) to The Goose and Fox (06)

06 Admeth's Den

Admeths Den

07 Purnisc's House

Purnisc's House


The statuesque woman has a gaze that could cut stone. She turns her chiseled cheekbones to the sky and favors you with a look of acknowledgement. Her eyes shimmer under silvered eye shadow and a razor-precise line of kohl. Before you can speak, she throws her hand up in dramatic fashion.

NPC: Lumdala


This elderly man paces back and forth, taking short, hobbled steps. His gaze is distant, and beneath it are the dark rings of many restless nights. He appears to be having a conversation with someone who isn't there.

NPC: Dalton

QUEST: A Voice from the Past A Voice from the Past

Today I met Dalton, a retired adventurer in Copperlane. He's been hearing the voice of Rowyna, his lover and comrade who died at his side almost 60 years ago.

In his dreams, she wanders the catacombs beneath the city. He's asked me to venture down there to search for her.

Enter the catacombs.

Dalton told me of an entrance to the catacombs in the southwest corner of Copperlane. I'll need to find it if I'm to search for Rowyna.

Return to Dalton in Copperlane.

Helig had imprisoned Rowyna's soul in a bloodstone amulet. I convinced Dalton to destroy it to set her free.

[Defiance Bay: Moderate Positive]

ITEM: Dial Ewn Dibita

10 Entrance to Copperlane Catacombs

Copperlane Catacombs

11 Entrance to Hall of Revealed Mysteries

Hall of Revealed Mysteries

12 Exit to First Fires

13 Exit to Brackenbury

14 Entrance to Scriveners' Dormitory

Scriveners' Dormitory

Map Legend

Location - An in-game location; POI (Point of Interest). The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting the locations.

Starting Quest Location - This is the location where you find the quest giver. It can be an item, a person or a place.

Entrance / Exit - Exit from this location/map or Entrance to another location/map, house, dungeon, area, cave, etc.

Secret - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover secrets. It can be a hidden switch, a chest with treasure, a secret door or just a hidden item.

Container - Chest, box, crate or other container that can be plundered for useful items.

Crafting Ingredient - Crafting Ingredients used for making potions and scrolls or for weapon and armor enhancements.

Worth Checking Out - Items and places that are out of the ordinary or just worth checking out. These are also items you must use.

Traps - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover a Trap. Traps can be disarmed if your character has the appropriate skill.

Common NPC - Some of them have their own stories that you can learn by using the "Reach out for the soul" option.

NPC Quest Givers - Important NPCs; they give us Story Quests, Quests and Tasks.

Merchants NPC - Traders & Merchants; they buy/sell items.

Enemies - Hostile NPCs; Animals and Monsters. They attacks on sight.

Bosses - The most difficult Enemies; Bosses or enemies that are hard to kill at this point of the game (i.e. when you first encounter them).

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