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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Pillars of Eternity World Map

Pillars of Eternity World Map Walkthrough and Game Guide describes all the important locations in Pillars of Eternity game. Here, you will learn which NPC you should see in order to receive a quest and where to go to complete it. All major locations are accompanied with maps. The following elements are marked on the maps: characters we meet in the game world, hidden secrets, chests and other treasure containers, crafting ingredients, traps, secret passages, aggressive opponents, and bosses that are especially difficult to defeat.

Unfinished Pillars of Eternity World Map
Unfinished Pillars of Eternity World Map

Locations (Unfinished List)

Encampment - Prologue

Cilant Lis Dungeon

Cilant Lis Ruins


Gilded Vale

The Black Hound Inn

Temple of Eothas

Magran's Fork

Black Meadow

Caed Nua

Ruined Stronghold

Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 1

Anslogs's Compass

Madhmr Bridge

Woodend Plains

Aedelwan Bridge


The Goose and Fox

Admeth's Den

Purnisc's House

Copperlane Catacombs

Hall of Revealed Mysteries

First Fires

Crucible Keep


The Charred Barrel

Hadret House

Scriveners' Dormitory


Ducal Palace

Heritage Hill

Temple of Woedica

Ondra's Gift


Raedric's Hold

Raedric's Hold Dungeons

Raedric's Hold Sanctuary

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