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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Anslog's Compass - Pillars of Eternity

Anslog's Compass - Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough and Game Guide describes all the important locations in Pillars of Eternity game. Here, you will learn which NPC you should see in order to receive a quest and where to go to complete it. All major locations are accompanied with maps. The following elements are marked on the maps: characters we meet in the game world, hidden secrets, chests and other treasure containers, crafting ingredients, traps, secret passages, aggressive opponents, and bosses that are especially difficult to defeat.

Anslog's Compass Map - Pillars of Eternity
Anslog's Compass Map - Pillars of Eternity


Entrance from Magran's Fork

Magran's Fork


Two villagers stand by one of the tide pools. They are breathing harshly, clearly winded, and look up nervously as you approach.

NPC: Egdrang

NPC: Tily


ITEM: Fulvano's Letter

"How is it that so grand a journey as mine should lead me here? The people of the Dyrwood call this pitiable lagoon a sight to see, but all I have experienced here is misfortune. I thought to explore the cavern by the waters, only to discover it was home to sporelings. I went to see the vaunted compass, and lost the bulk of my letters when I tripped over some driftwood. And at last I made to inspect the dragon skulls nearby only to be menaced by some foolish little xaurips. I will return to Gilded Vale as soon as I catch my breath. At least the xaurips do not appear to have followe..."


ITEM: Page from Fulvano's Travels

"After several days' journey, it seems it is time at last to part ways with my traveling companion from New Heomar. A pity we could not see the Compass together, but perhaps he will have as grand a time in Geiran's Grasp. I have given him my gloves for safekeeping, for I will hardly need them in such fine weather."

05 Shop & Camp

You find yourself facing a towering aumaua woman. Her skin is the warm gold-brown of a dying sunset, with pale, fish-white patches at throat and hands. Wavy red-brown hair, pulled into tight braids around a stripe of bare skin that follows the curve of her skull, flows down over her broad shoulders.

NPC: Ranga

He is NPC for A Mother's Plea Quest from Gilded Vale (07)

NPC: Tana

Collect Dank Spores.

Ranga's concoction apparently requires a particular part from one of the sporelings found within the nearby sea cave. She has asked me to retrieve one for her while she works on the rest of the mixture.


ITEM: Page from Fulvano's Travels

"While traveling west towards Gilded Vale, I encountered a fellow traveler of some considerable intelligence, and we engaged in pleasant conversation. It came to light that the poor fellow had the most execrable pair of boots upon him. I gave him one of my spare sets that he might better appreciate Vailian craftsmanship. May they serve him well, for he said he intended to cross the wilderness known as the Black Meadow. I cannot imagine it is a pleasant place."

07 Sea Cave

Inside Dank Spore and 3 Sporeling - kill them

ITEM: Dank Spores

SECRET: Container


After Sea Cave


NPC: Ranga

Give Spores to Ranga

Return to Aufra

I have acquired the mixture Aufra asked for, but Mother Ranga has revealed to me that this concoction is really only a midwife's remedy to improve Aufra's health, rather than a cure.

Map Legend

Location - An in-game location; POI (Point of Interest). The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting the locations.

Starting Quest Location - This is the location where you find the quest giver. It can be an item, a person or a place.

Entrance / Exit - Exit from this location/map or Entrance to another location/map, house, dungeon, area, cave, etc.

Secret - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover secrets. It can be a hidden switch, a chest with treasure, a secret door or just a hidden item.

Container - Chest, box, crate or other container that can be plundered for useful items.

Crafting Ingredient - Crafting Ingredients used for making potions and scrolls or for weapon and armor enhancements.

Worth Checking Out - Items and places that are out of the ordinary or just worth checking out. These are also items you must use.

Traps - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover a Trap. Traps can be disarmed if your character has the appropriate skill.

Common NPC - Some of them have their own stories that you can learn by using the "Reach out for the soul" option.

NPC Quest Givers - Important NPCs; they give us Story Quests, Quests and Tasks.

Merchants NPC - Traders & Merchants; they buy/sell items.

Enemies - Hostile NPCs; Animals and Monsters. They attacks on sight.

Bosses - The most difficult Enemies; Bosses or enemies that are hard to kill at this point of the game (i.e. when you first encounter them).

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