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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Copperlane Catacombs - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity

Copperlane Catacombs - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough and Game Guide describes all the important locations in Pillars of Eternity game. Here, you will learn which NPC you should see in order to receive a quest and where to go to complete it. All major locations are accompanied with maps. The following elements are marked on the maps: characters we meet in the game world, hidden secrets, chests and other treasure containers, crafting ingredients, traps, secret passages, aggressive opponents, and bosses that are especially difficult to defeat.

Copperlane Catacombs Map - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity
Copperlane Catacombs Map - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity

You came here for A Voice from the Past Quest from Dalton - Copperlane (09)

Search for Rowyna.

I've made it into the catacombs. Unfortunately, Dalton couldn't give me more specific directions, but if Rowyna's been wandering around down here, there's bound to be some sign of her.

01 Entrance from Copperlane (10)


02 Dead Initiate

As you approach the dead man, you can feel the faint traces of his soul lingering, a stunned uncertainty holding it in place.

When you near, without warning, the soul hurries toward you, as though you were a solitary light in the dank gloam of this place come to usher it away. Its essence invades your consciousness.

You are in a different body now, walking deeper into the catacombs, cloaked in a dark robe with a mask pulled over your face. You're following a familiar path along the canal, heading to a room built around a statue of a figure wearing a robe much like yours. Others await, clothed in hoods and shadows.

Ahead is another figure dressed like you, traveling in the same direction. You don't know his name, and that's how it's supposed to be.

Out of the darkness, something monstrous grabs the other figure. You turn to flee but find yourself face-to-face with a troll. The panic pounding through your brain is interrupted by razor-edged teeth and claws.


This small orlan man appears to have pulled together some crates and scraps of cloth to make a rather sorry-looking little camp. The thick fur on his limbs is matted, and his clothing smeared with blackening grime. He looks startled as you enter, his eyes widening in alarm.

NPC: Eorn

Search for Rowyna.

I've spoken with Eorn, an orlan hiding in the catacombs. He hasn't seen Rowyna, but he mentioned hearing voices coming from the northwest side of the canal.

For Unwanted Quest from Crucible Keep (03)

In the catacombs, I found an orlan named Eorn who's hiding from the Crucible Knights. He was trying to scrape up enough money to leave Defiance Bay. I gave him enough coin to buy passage out of the city. He thanked me and told me that he would never forget my kindness.


Exit to Temple of Woedica

Do not go there now.

Temple of Woedica


A lone figure in tattered robes shuffles across the chamber, muttering under its breath. As you approach, the figure halts and swivels its head toward you.

NPC: Helig of Thein

Travel to Brackenbury Sanitarium.

I met Helig of Thein, the wizard who killed Rowyna all those years ago. He claims to know where she is, but he demanded a favor from me.

Helig wants me to retrieve his grimoire to settle an old debt. He's confident that it's been locked away by Moedred, an animancer at Brackenbury Sanitarium and Helig's old rival.

Go to Brackenbury / Sanitarium (04)

After return from Sanitarium

Kill Helig of Thein.

I recovered an amulet containing Rowyna's soul. Giving this to Dalton would likely bring him comfort, albeit at Rowyna's expense; I doubt she's enjoyed being held prisoner in it for so many years.

Return to Copperlane (09)

Map Legend

Location - An in-game location; POI (Point of Interest). The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting the locations.

Starting Quest Location - This is the location where you find the quest giver. It can be an item, a person or a place.

Entrance / Exit - Exit from this location/map or Entrance to another location/map, house, dungeon, area, cave, etc.

Secret - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover secrets. It can be a hidden switch, a chest with treasure, a secret door or just a hidden item.

Container - Chest, box, crate or other container that can be plundered for useful items.

Crafting Ingredient - Crafting Ingredients used for making potions and scrolls or for weapon and armor enhancements.

Worth Checking Out - Items and places that are out of the ordinary or just worth checking out. These are also items you must use.

Traps - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover a Trap. Traps can be disarmed if your character has the appropriate skill.

Common NPC - Some of them have their own stories that you can learn by using the "Reach out for the soul" option.

NPC Quest Givers - Important NPCs; they give us Story Quests, Quests and Tasks.

Merchants NPC - Traders & Merchants; they buy/sell items.

Enemies - Hostile NPCs; Animals and Monsters. They attacks on sight.

Bosses - The most difficult Enemies; Bosses or enemies that are hard to kill at this point of the game (i.e. when you first encounter them).

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