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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Ondra's Gift - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity

Ondra's Gift - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity Walkthrough and Game Guide describes all the important locations in Pillars of Eternity game. Here, you will learn which NPC you should see in order to receive a quest and where to go to complete it. All major locations are accompanied with maps. The following elements are marked on the maps: characters we meet in the game world, hidden secrets, chests and other treasure containers, crafting ingredients, traps, secret passages, aggressive opponents, and bosses that are especially difficult to defeat.

Ondra's Gift Map - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity
Ondra's Gift Map - Defiance Bay - Pillars of Eternity

Ondra's Gift it's a district of Defiance Bay City. Got the name because it was a wetland that was drained back in the imperial days. Now, it's a seedy district populated by sailors, common folk, and more than a few thugs, but it's a fun place, too, if you know where to look. Look for a place called the Salty Mast when you're there. Other than that it's mostly warehouses and abandoned homes.

01 Entrance from Brackenbury


02 Abandoned House

SECRET inside

03 Kolfecg's House

For Hard Feelings Quest

NPC: Kolfecg

Return to Bricanta.

I've dealt with Kolfecg. Bricanta will want to know what happened.

04 Abandoned House

NPC: Dodwyna

As you enter the room, you see several figures huddled together. They stand at attention - armed, but not in matched gear like the Crucible Knights. At the center of the group, one woman looms over another, holding a flail. She snarls at the cowering figure.

"You've got pages of research here. You expect me to believe this was just your scratchwork?"

For Built to Last Quest

NPC: Vianna

Recover Vianna's research from the Dozens.

Vianna was tricked by members of the Dozens. Now, they're interrogating her about her research for the Crucible Knights. The ringleader must have confiscated her notes.Give Vianna's research to Dunstan.

I retrieved Vianna's notes. Dunstan is waiting for them back in Crucible Keep in First Fires.

Go to Crucible Keep (05)

05 Odda's House

The woman looks like she hasn't slept in days. Her hair is a rat's nest of tangles, and her eyes are lined with shadows. She casts an anxious glance at the door.

NPC: Odda

QUEST: Brave Derrin Brave Derrin

A young boy named Derrin has gone missing in Ondra's Gift.

Find Derrin.

Odda's son, Derrin, has been missing for two days. She has to care for her Hollowborn child at home, so she's asked me to search for him.

Odda last saw Derrin when he left with his father to go fishing at the docks. Perhaps I should speak with the sailors and fishermen in Ondra's Gift.


NPC: Noble

He was attacked by thugs, you can help him

07 The Salty Mast

The Salty Mast

After visiting The Salty Mast


Harassing Thug

For Supply and Demand Quest

I was attacked by the thugs who are harassing the brothel patrons. If Maea's theory is correct, one of them may have evidence of a larger plot.

Kill Thugs

ITEM: Rusty Bronze Key

One of the thugs dropped a key that looks like it belongs to a house in Ondra's Gift.

It's Ramshackle House in Ondra's Gift (14)

09 Black market

A hooded figure leans against a wall. When he notices you draw near, he stands upright and raises his hand to halt your approach.

NPC: Curnd Merchant

Password is "Yc Nybeon Eyldfeon"


An old man paces the dock and looks out over the water. He's fussing over something large and round, which he constantly shifts from one hand to the other.

You're not certain whether his wide-eyed, gape-mouthed expression marks surprise or fear. It seems he isn't, either. "You, uh, don't look like a guard..." He examines you - and your equipment - more closely. "Say, you wouldn't be interested in making some coppers, would you?"

NPC: Imatl

QUEST: Clandestine Cargo Clandestine Cargo

I met Imatl, an old deckhand in Ondra's Gift. He was part of a riverboat crew carrying several crates of cargo, including a few boxes of Engwithan artifacts. Several suits of armor from Cliaban Rilag attacked the crew, causing the ship to run aground.

Now, Imatl's looking for someone to retrieve three missing pieces of a broken Engwithan scepter. He knows an animancer who would be willing to buy the artifact if all of the parts are found.

Find the missing pieces of the Engwithan scepter in Ondra's Gift.

Imatl told me that the other pieces of the artifact will probably have washed into the shallows around the docks. I might be able to figure out what this item is - and get a better price for it - if I find all of the missing pieces.

For Brave Derrin Quest

Imatl told me that Derrin likes to play around the ships at the docks.


NPC: Marceno

QUEST: All Hands on Deck All Hands on Deck

While exploring Ondra's Gift, I've discovered that a sea chest has been stolen from one of the ships docked at the pier.

Find Marceno's missing crate.

Marceno, a young sailor, has confided in me that Captain Fortanero's sea chest was stolen whilst he was distracted. Fortunately for Marceno, his captain is enjoying himself on shore, and has yet to hear of the incident. Marceno has pleaded with me to find this chest before the captain returns. It is unlikely they've made it out of Ondra's Gift yet, I should start my search here.

For Brave Derrin Quest

Marceno, a local deckhand, told me that Derrin came by a few days ago asking to play on the ship. Marceno refused and saw the kid heading towards The Salty Mast, a local brothel.


As you approach, she eagerly turns to you. "You interested in doing some construction work?" Her clothes are simple but nicer than most you've seen in Ondra's Gift. "Pays good money."

NPC: Niah

QUEST: The Wailing Banshee

Niah's trying to renovate the old lighthouse in Ondra's Gift, but rumors of its haunting have driven away her laborers. She'd like someone to take a look around the place to prove that it's safe for work to begin.

Go to the lighthouse.

Niah gave me a key to the lighthouse in the southwest corner of Ondra's Gift. She doesn't seem to think there's anything wrong with the place, but she'd like me to investigate the rumors of its supposed haunting.

ITEM: Lighthouse Key

13 Lighthouse

14 Ramshackle House

Use Rusty Bronze Key to open.

For Supply and Demand Quest

Deal with the instigator behind the attacks.

I've located the ringleader of the thugs. I may be able to put an end to the harassment around the brothel.

NPC: Aefre

Confront Maea at the brothel in Ondra's Gift.

Aefre explained that Maea has been profiting from Waidwen's Legacy by raising her prices so high that only the rich can afford her establishment.

I've agreed to convince Maea to lower her prices.

Return to Maea, The Salty Mast (02)


NPC: Pallegina


NPC: Cartugo Merchant

17 Vailian Trading Company

Vailian Trading Company

For All Hands on Deck Quest


ITEM: Chest

Defeat Waldr and his band.

The thieves who stole the chest Marceno was supposed to be looking after aren't going to give it up without a fight.

With the thieves dead I can collect the chest.

Return to Marceno.

I located the chest that was stolen from Marceno's ship. He'll be happy to learn that I've located and dealt with the thieves who took it.

19 Body is in water.

NPC: Derrins Soul

[Reach toward the soul]

Tell Odda about Derrin's fate.

I found Derrin's body. His soul revealed that he was defending a prostitute from a pair of thugs near the Salty Mast. They murdered him and left his body beneath one of the docks.

Odda will want to know what happened.

I can also hunt down Derrin's killers and deal with them.

I picked up a dagger with the letter 'B' engraved upon it. It most likely belonged to Derrin's killer.

Go to Bregan Ondra's Gift (23)


ITEM: Engwithan Scepter Spike for Clandestine Cargo Quest

I've found a piece of the broken relic. It looks like other parts are still missing.


ITEM: Engwithan Scepter Base for Clandestine Cargo Quest

I've found two pieces of the broken relic. They seem to fit, but something else is still missing.


ITEM: Engwithan Scepter Shaft for Clandestine Cargo Quest

I've found the third piece of the broken relic. Combined, these three fragments form a scepter.

Return to Imatl with the scepter pieces.

I've found three pieces of the scepter. Imatl will know what to do next.

NPC: Imatl

Take the scepter pieces to Nans in the Brackenbury Sanitarium.

Imatl's friend Nans is an animancer and an expert on Engwithan artifacts. She'll know how much these pieces are worth and, perhaps, if they could be reassembled.

For Brave Derrin Quest


NPC: Bragan

Kill Bragan or take bribe.

Return to Odda , Ondra's Gift (05)

Odda was crushed by the news that Derrin was murdered, but at least she knows what happened to him.

[Defiance Bay: Moderate Positive]

All Hands on Deck Quest


NPC: Marceno

I returned the stolen sea chest to a very grateful Marceno.

[Defiance Bay: Moderate Positive]


Empty House

After finishing At All Costs Quest


NPC: Pallegina

Talk to her and join her as your companion.

QUEST: The Child of Five Suns

Pallegina feels she has been wasting her time on trivial tasks in Defiance Bay. She believes there are more serious threats to the Vailian Republics and wants your help in pursuing them.

Speak to Agosti at the Vailian Embassy.

Pallegina wants to speak to Ambassador Agosti at the Vailian Embassy in First Fires.

Go to First Fires (07)


by Ein
"there is a house on western side middlish with a locked door. there is a secret inside as well."

Map Legend

Location - An in-game location; POI (Point of Interest). The sequence of numbers shows suggested order of visiting the locations.

Starting Quest Location - This is the location where you find the quest giver. It can be an item, a person or a place.

Entrance / Exit - Exit from this location/map or Entrance to another location/map, house, dungeon, area, cave, etc.

Secret - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover secrets. It can be a hidden switch, a chest with treasure, a secret door or just a hidden item.

Container - Chest, box, crate or other container that can be plundered for useful items.

Crafting Ingredient - Crafting Ingredients used for making potions and scrolls or for weapon and armor enhancements.

Worth Checking Out - Items and places that are out of the ordinary or just worth checking out. These are also items you must use.

Traps - You have to be in "Scouting Mode" to discover a Trap. Traps can be disarmed if your character has the appropriate skill.

Common NPC - Some of them have their own stories that you can learn by using the "Reach out for the soul" option.

NPC Quest Givers - Important NPCs; they give us Story Quests, Quests and Tasks.

Merchants NPC - Traders & Merchants; they buy/sell items.

Enemies - Hostile NPCs; Animals and Monsters. They attacks on sight.

Bosses - The most difficult Enemies; Bosses or enemies that are hard to kill at this point of the game (i.e. when you first encounter them).

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