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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Rogue Knight Quest in Pillars of Eternity


Admeths Den

Rogue Knight

Osric was kicked out of the Crucible Knights by a fellow Knight named Penhelm. Worse, his superiors confiscated a breastplate that's been in his family for generations.

Osric has asked me to retrieve a breastplate from Penhelm. He believes his rival might have forged a document from Dunryd Row verifying the purity of his soul. If I can prove Penhelm's forgery, I may have some leverage to get the breastplate back.

Find the heirloom breastplate.

Osric, a trainer at the expedition hall in Copperlane, told me that his breastplate would be somewhere in the Crucible Keep in First Fires. He also mentioned that Penhelm, the keeper of the armory, was one of the officers who had him expelled and is unlikely to return the heirloom willingly.

I have found an affidavit that confirms the lineage of Penhelm's soul. It is signed by Kurren, a cipher of Dunryd Row.

Bring Penhelm's affidavit to Kurren.

Penhelm seems to have taken Osric's armor for his own, but I have his affidavit in hand as a possible bargaining chip.

Kurren, the cipher who signed off on Penhelm's affidavit, works at Hadret House in Brackenbury. He should know for certain whether or not the affidavit is genuine.

Show the affidavit to Commander Clyver.

Osric was right - Dunryd Row found that Penhelm shared a soul legacy with a general who opposed Dyrwoodan independence. The Crucible Knights would never have admitted him.

The document I have is a fake affidavit created to hide Penhelm's tainted soul legacy. Kurren has suggested that his superior officer at Crucible Keep, Commander Clyver, can have him dealt with.

Penhelm tried to kill me to protect his secret. He failed miserably. I can now recover the breastplate and take it back to Osric.

Retrieve the breastplate from Penhelm's corpse.

I need to retrieve Osric's breastplate from Penhelm's corpse.

Return to Osric with the breastplate.

Penhelm has been dealt with, and the breastplate is now in my possession. Osric will want to know the outcome.

Penhelm attacked me after I learned about his forgery. Osric seemed to regret his death, but he was glad to have his breastplate back.

[The Dozens: Moderate Positive]

[Defiance Bay: Minor Positive]

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