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Pillars of Eternity

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The Man Who Waits Quest in Pillars of Eternity

QUEST GIVER: Temple of Woedica (05)

Temple of Woedica

The Man Who Waits

The Leaden Key Acolyte showed me a vision of an agent in a "place of misery and madness." I need to find this agent and discover his or her plan to see if it holds any clues to finding the man I'm searching for.

Find the "place of misery and madness."

The Leaden Key Acolyte showed me a wealthy neighborhood that also housed misery and madness. There was someone waiting there, a "prisoner by choice."

If I am to find this person I will need to find this neighborhood. Perhaps the guards will know of it.

Speak to the Head Warden of Brackenbury Sanitarium.

I should confer with the head warden of the sanitarium, Ethelmoer, about how to proceed with my search for the Leaden Key there.

Question the animancers about suspicious activity.

Head Warden Ethelmoer invited me to speak to the animancers in the sanitarium and see if they've noticed anything unusual that might point me to any Leaden Key involvement here.

Moedred mentioned that the sanitarium patients are more agitated than normal, and that Caedman Azo is responsible for their care.

Talk to Ethelmoer about Azo.

Caedman Azo was absent from his office, and he's evidently been running some secret experiments. I should take this up with the head warden. Whether this is connected to the Leaden Key's operations remains to be seen.

Investigate the patient ward.

I have been given access by the head warden to enter the patient ward. The animancer in charge of the patients, Caedman Azo, has been running unauthorized experiments. His suspicious behavior is my best lead toward finding the Leaden Key agent.

Interview Gram in the North Ward.

Freyol mentioned a man named Gram in the North Ward who has also been a frequent subject of Caedman Azo's experiments, and that Gram doesn't seem to be volunteering for the experiments. Gram may be able to shed light on whether Azo has been working with the Leaden Key.

Freyol mentioned that Caedman Azo is the only one with access to the North Ward.

I received the key to the North Ward from Azo. He was not pleased to give it.

Speak to the patient at the end of the hall.

A look into the soul of a half-crazed patient named Gram revealed strange behavior by a boy at the far end of the North Ward.

Subdue Uscgrim.

I have discovered that the patient Uscgrim has been possessed by the man I've been searching for. He must be subdued so I can learn from him how I might be able to undo my Awakening.

I uncovered a Leaden Key operative in the sanitarium. He has the ability to possess those with weak souls, and was using one of the patients to influence Caedman Azo's animancy research.

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