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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Bounty: Sly Cyrdel - Quest in Pillars of Eternity

QUEST GIVER: Warden Fyrgen

Caed Nua

Bounty: Sly Cyrdel

The notorious outlaw Sly Cyrdel is wanted dead for his crimes. He and his associates were spotted in Magran's Fork.

Kill Sly Cyrdel and take his head.

Sly Cyrdel and his band of outlaws have escaped prison, and were last seen in Magran's Fork. If I can bring back his head as proof that the man is dead, I'll earn a reward.

Bring Sly Cyrdel's head to Warden Fyrgen in Caed Nua.

Sly Cyrdel's outlaw days are done. I need only take his head back to Warden Fyrgen, and he will give me my reward.

I claimed the bounty on the outlaw Sly Cyrdel.

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