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Pillars of Eternity

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Against the Grain Quest in Pillars of Eternity

QUEST GIVER: Gilded Vale (12)

Gilded Vale

Against the Grain

Some of the farmers in Gilded Vale claim that Trumbel, the miller, is withholding grain. The hungry farmers are on edge, and it seems likely that the situation will escalate.

Investigate the feud.

It seems that tensions between the miller and some local farmers are reaching a boiling point. It may be worth investigating. The miller has taken refuge inside his mill, and the farmers have headed to the local inn for the time being.

Resolve the feud between Trumbel and Sweynur.

I have spoken to Trumbel, the miller of Gilded Vale. He fears that his family will come under attack from a group of villagers who insist that he is charging them unjust prices for grain. He has asked me to speak with Sweynur, the leader of this group, and bring an end to the conflict. Sweynur is likely to be in the inn.

Report to Trumbel.

I have convinced Sweynur to stop threatening Trumbel and his family. Trumbel will be relieved to hear of it.

Report to Trumbel.

I convinced Sweynur to leave the miller and his family be. Sweynur and his buddies seemed rather despondent at this turn of events, but the miller was relieved to know his family will be safe.

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