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Pillars of Eternity

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A Mother's Plea Quest in Pillars of Eternity


Gilded Vale

A Mother's Plea

By order of the lord of Gilded Vale, all mothers who give birth to hollowborn children will be exiled from the village. Aufra worries that she may find herself among their number.

Travel to Anslog's Compass and Speak to Mother Ranga.

In Gilded Vale, I met Calisca's sister, Aufra. Aufra is expecting a child and is worried that she, too, will give birth to a hollowborn, as have many unlucky women before her. She has asked me to travel south to Anslog's Compass, where I can find Ranga, a midwife who is said to know a way to ensure that Aufra's child retains its soul.

Collect Dank Spores.

Ranga's concoction apparently requires a particular part from one of the sporelings found within the nearby sea cave. She has asked me to retrieve one for her while she works on the rest of the mixture.

Clear out the Xaurips.

Rather than take payment, Ranga has asked me to help her xaurip assistant, Tana. It seems that he's being hunted down by the members of his old tribe. Their camp is at the northeast section of the lagoon, and Ranga has asked me to deal with them.

Return to Aufra.

I have acquired the mixture Aufra asked for, but Mother Ranga has revealed to me that this concoction is really only a midwife's remedy to improve Aufra's health, rather than a cure.

I returned the potion to Aufra, and told her the truth about the mixture. She was understandably disappointed, though still appreciative of my efforts. She holds little hope, now, however, that she and her child will have a future in Gilded Vale.

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