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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Visions and Whispers Quest in Pillars of Eternity

QUEST GIVER: Automatic in Cilant Lis Ruins

Cilant Lis Ruins

Visions and Whispers

After surviving an explosion outside of the ruins of Cilant Lis, I experienced a vision. Since then, I have been hearing sounds with no source, and seeing things that aren't there.

Seek help for your condition.

This is not the illness that struck me at the wagon. This is something new - an affliction of the mind, perhaps. With luck, someone in Gilded Vale will know what to do.

Find the dwarf woman from the dream.

In my dream, I heard a message from a woman - a dead woman, hanging from the tree that stands at the center of Gilded Vale. It may be nothing more than a dream, but there was a strange realism to it. I need to return there and see for myself whether there was anything to it. My condition has not lifted, and I am not sleeping well.

I have a word, now, for what I have become: a Watcher. It seems that if I am to learn more about this affliction, I must seek out a man called Maerwald, in the old keep of Caed Nua.

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