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Pillars of Eternity

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Late for Dinner Quest in Pillars of Eternity


The Black Hound Inn

Late for Dinner Quest

The Black Hound Inn in Gilded Vale has lost its beloved cook.

Find Tenfrith.

Much like the rest of the town, Gilded Vale's inn has seen better days. It doesn't get much business, but the inn's master chef usually draws in a small but steady amount of visitors - that is, until his recent disappearance during a routine trip north for supplies. The innkeeper has suggested he might have come to harm on the road through the Valewood, and is seeking aid in seeing the chef safely returned.

Speak with The Innkeeper at the Black Hound Inn.

Tenfrith was very grateful for my assistance in freeing him from captivity in the bandit camp. He suggested I speak with the innkeeper at the Black Hound Inn in Gilded Vale, who is in a better position to reward me for my efforts.

Pasca, the innkeeper at the Black Hound Inn, was very grateful for my help in getting Tenfrith back safely. She's promised me a discount on both food and lodging in return for my assistance.

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