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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Buried Secrets Quest in Pillars of Eternity


Temple of Eothas

Buried Secrets

Lord Raedric has decided to rededicate Gilded Vale's abandoned Eothasian temple to a new deity. The entrance to the temple has been cleared, allowing entry for the first time in many years.

Search the temple.

Inside the temple, I encountered a man called Wirtan who wishes for me to search the ruins for the remains of Eothasian priests he tells me Raedric's guards slaughtered many years ago.

Wirtan mentioned that the temple is full of secret compartments, and that I will likely find the remains on the lowest floor of the temple. Wirtan also warned me, however, that the temple has become infested with spiders and skuldr.

I have seen some manner of spirit within the temple - or a memory, at least. In this memory, I recalled an Eothasian rite involving the ringing of bells. The first and last of these tolls, apparently, is that of the 'Right Hand', which has a distinctive, warped tone to it.

The door to the lower floor appears to be sealed with some enchantment. There is a set of bells beside the door which may play a part in opening it.

Find the remains of the Eothasian priests.

I have descended into the lower level of the temple. If Wirtan spoke true, then the remains of the murdered priests are down here somewhere...

Return to Wirtan.

In the vault, and showed me a vision of what happened in the temple many years ago - and what part Wirtan played in it. Confronting him may provide me with some measure of the whole truth.

The vision I saw in the depths of the temple showed me the truth of the priests' fate. Wirtan confessed to his part in it once I confronted him. He could not say what moved him to keep silent when the temple was sealed, trapping the priests within, but the crime seems to haunt him still. I chose to let him live. Perhaps in time he can come to terms with what he has done, and make amends.

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