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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Far from Home Quest in Pillars of Eternity


The Charred Barrel

Far from Home

I met a young Glanfathan named Thristwn at the Brackenbury inn. He and a prostitute named Serel worked together fleecing wealthy nobles until she came into possession of an Engwithan medallion. Now, she wants to sell it, but he wants to bring it home to his broken clan.

Talk to Serel at the Salty Mast in Ondra's Gift.

Serel has the Engwithan medallion, but she won't give it up easily.

She is a prostitute at the Salty Mast, a brothel in Ondra's Gift.

Thristwn suggested that I pay Maea if I want to speak with Serel.

Maea told me that Serel would cost one thousand pands for the night.

Serel believes that she has more of a right to the medallion than Thristwn.

Return to Serel in Ondra's Gift.

I got rid of Thristwn. Serel will want to know that he won't interfere any more. She's waiting at the Salty Mast.

I convinced Thristwn to give up on the medallion. Serel is pleased to start afresh.

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