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Pillars of Eternity

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The Theorems of Pandgram Quest in Pillars of Eternity



The Theorems of Pandgram

Nedyn, an animancer I met in front of the Brackenbury Sanitarium, told me of the Elder Archives and the rare manuscripts they contain, including one by an animancer named Pandgram.

She needs the Theorems of Pandgram to continue her research, but the archivists won't give her access.

Go to the Hall of Revealed Mysteries in Copperlane.

The Elder Archives are hidden in the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, which is in Copperlane. I'll find the Elder Archives somewhere in the great library located there.

Find the Elder Archives.

I found a way inside the Hall of Revealed Mysteries, but the Elder Archives lie behind more locked doors.

Return to Nedyn outside the Brackenbury Sanitarium.

I found the Theorems of Pandgram in the Elder Archives. Nedyn will be pleasantly surprised to see it.

I obtained the Theorems of Pandgram for Nedyn, who was ecstatic to finally have it in her hands.

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