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Pillars of Eternity

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Built to Last Quest in Pillars of Eternity

QUEST GIVER: Commander Clyver

Crucible Keep

Built to Last

Commander Clyver of the Knights of the Crucible has a plan to address the shortage of trained soldiers. He's asked Forge Master Dunstan to construct forge knights - soldiers made from suits of armor. Dunstan has crafted the armor, and now he just needs the research from Vianna to complete the project.

Go to the scriveners' dormitory in Copperlane.

Clyver asked me to meet with Vianna, a student of animancy. She's compiled the research that should enable Dunstan to finish the forge knights. Clyver said that she lives in the dormitory with the other scriveners, but his novitiates haven't been able to find her lately.

Find Vianna.

I've found the scriveners' dormitory. Based on what Clyver told me, Vianna - and her research - should be in here somewhere.

Search for Vianna in Ondra's Gift.

I learned that Vianna was going to meet a woman named Clessia in Ondra's Gift. They were planning to meet in an empty house on the northern end of the district.

Recover Vianna's research from the Dozens.

Vianna was tricked by members of the Dozens. Now, they're interrogating her about her research for the Crucible Knights. The ringleader must have confiscated her notes.

Give Vianna's research to Dunstan.

I retrieved Vianna's notes. Dunstan is waiting for them back in Crucible Keep in First Fires.

[Knights of the Crucible: Moderate Positive]

[Defiance Bay: Minor Positive]

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