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Wasteland 2

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Weapon Skills - Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 - Weapon Skills: Assault Rifles, Bladed Weapons, Blunt Weapons, Brawling, Energy Weapons, Handguns, Heavy Weapons, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, Submachine Guns.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are the all-in-one tool for rangers who want to be tactically useful in almost any situation. Take this training if you are a team player who values dependibility over flash.

  • Good damage +
  • Medium/High armor penetration +
  • Long range +
  • Multiple fire modes +
  • Uses expensive ammo -
  • Low/Moderate damage per AP -
  • Chance to hit reduction with close enemies -

Bladed Weapons

Those skilled in the arts of bladed weapons know where to cut to cause the most damage. Take this training if you like your fighting up close and personal.

  • Very high critical hit rate +
  • No ammo necessary +
  • Low non-critical damage -
  • Low armor penetration -

Blunt Weapons

There's nothing subtle about a blunt instrument. It breaks bones and splatters brains. Blunt weapons do a lot of damage...when they hit.

  • Very high critical damage multiplier +
  • No ammo necessary +
  • Good against armored enemies +
  • Low/Moderate critical hit rate -


When everything else is gone, a skilled ranger can still rely on their fists. Take this training if you want your hands to be registered as deadly weapons.

  • Very high critical hit rate +
  • No ammo necessary +
  • Low AP cost +
  • Low damage -
  • Get mistaken for a cage fighter -

Energy Weapons

Energy weapons are most effective against well armored opponents. Take this training if you always wanted to be a space cadet. Just remember, don't cross the streams.

  • Damage scales quickly with enemy armor +
  • Cannot jam +
  • Very low damage against unarmored enemies -
  • Cannot inflict critical hits -


Handguns are fast and deadly at close range. Take this training if you like being in the thick of the action.

  • Highest crit rate of any firearm +
  • Uses cheap ammo +
  • Low AP cost to use +
  • Low armor penetration -
  • Short range -

Heavy Weapons

Heavy machine guns are the three hundred pound gorillas of the weapon world. Take this training if you like big guns that fire a lot of bullets.

  • High damage per AP +
  • Good armor penetration +
  • Bonus melee critical chance -
  • High AP cost to fire -
  • Can slow movement speed in combat -


The spread of a shotgun allows you to lay the hurt on multiple targets with a single trigger pull. Take this training if you like killing four birds with one stone.

  • Can hit multiple enemies at once +
  • Medium AP cost to use +
  • Short/Medium range -
  • Low armor penetration -
  • Loses damage over distance -

Sniper Rifles

Sniper rifles output a huge amount of damage but are unweildy at close range. Take this training if you are an antisocial loner with a steady hand.

  • Very long range +
  • High armor penetration +
  • High damage per shot +
  • High AP cost to use -
  • Uses expensive ammo -
  • High chance to hit reduction with close enemies -

Submachine Guns

SMGs fire multiple rounds per trigger pull and are cheap to operate. Take this skill if you like spending clips and cutting your enemies in half.

  • Fires multiple rounds per shot +
  • Bonus chance to hit at close range +
  • Uses cheap ammo +
  • Low armor penetration -
  • Low critical hit rate -
  • Short range -
Wasteland 2 - Wasteland 2 - Weapon Skills
Wasteland 2 - Weapon Skills

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