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Wasteland 2

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Ag Center Quests List - Wasteland 2

List of Quests in Ag Center Location in Wasteland 2 Video Game. Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Help find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak. - Exploding Pod

Work with Kathy Lawson to find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak.

Reactivate the Ag Center satellite dish. - General Vargas

There's been no radio contact with Ag Center since their last distress call. Their satellite dish must be disabled. Maybe their lead researcher knows more about this.

Rescue Julio from his rabbits. - Julio

Julio, Ag Center's rabbit breeder, is under siege from his own rabbits. They've mutated and gone insane like the other creatures in the compound.

Add the antifungal serum to the reservoir in East Greenhouse. - Kathy Lawson

Now that shutting down the irrigation pumps has halted the spread of the infection, we can use the cure to try reverse it. Kathy Lawson told us that putting a dose of the serum in the reservoir in the East Greenhouse will do the trick. We can also use it to cure ourselves.

Bring Kathy Lawson a canister of fungicide. - Kathy Lawson

Find a use for an intact canister of fungicide.

Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection. - Kathy Lawson

Dr. Kathy Lawson, lead researcher at Ag Center, told us to monitor the radio for distress calls about other outbreaks of the infection that destroyed her complex. The canister we found earlier contains a serum that could sure them.

Shut down the irrigation to halt the spread of infection. - Kathy Lawson

Kathy Lawson wants us to shut down the irrigation systems in the east and west fields to halt the progress of the contamination that's destroying Ag Center. Both fields can be reached through the basement, which is accessed from a room at the north end of the complex.

Rescue Ag Center employees. - Matt Forrestal

Matt Forrestal, Ag Center's lead administrator, asked Team Echo to locate and rescue any surviving researchers and farmers we discover as we work through the complex.

Free Ryan from the animal pen in the east field. - Peter

While on our way to the east field irrigation valve, we found a man named Ryan who had locked himself in an animal pen to hold off a pack of mutant creatures.

Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection. - Serum

We are too late to save Ag Center. We found lead researcher Kathy Lawson in the clutches of a constricting vine on the outskirts of the Center. She told us that a plague of giant plants and pod people destroyed the place, but we may be able to recover the serum she cooked up and use it to stop the plague from spreading to other locations. It was lost somewhere in the fields in front of Ag Center.

Escort Skinner out of the mushroom caves - Skinner

Skinner has asked us to lead him out of the mushroom caves to the computer room. He's also hoping to find his son, Sergio, somewhere in the caves.

Fix Sue's mistake and save three other communites from the Ag Center plague. - Sue

Ag Center worker Sue confessed to accidentally sending infected seeds to three locations outside Ag Center. He gave us the coordinates for each and begged us to bring them a cure for the disease - if such a cure exists. Locations are a farm, an old pump station, and a small town, all nearby.

Save the workers from the infected creatures. - Workers

In the eastern greenhouse of the central complex, we encountered a group of field hands under attack by mutant flies, larvae, and pod people.

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