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Wasteland 2

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Character Attributes - Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 Character Attributes: Coordination, Luck, Awareness, Strength, Speed, Intelligence, Charisma.


A ranger with high coordination has grace, a deft touch, and fine motor skills. Coordination helps avoid traps and attacks, pick locks, and improve aim.

  • Number of action points ++
  • Bonus ranged hit chance ++
  • Bonus ranged crit chance ++

Minimum required for some ranged weapons


Some rangers just seem to have an innate edge. Bullets miss them, their attacks always seem to find their enemy's weak spot, and they always seem to find more loot than anybody else.

  • Critical hit chance ++
  • Chance to evade +
  • Chance to get additional CON per level +
  • Chance for bonus action point(s) per turn +


A ranger with high awareness notices every detail of the world around them. They are hard to ambush or sneak up on, and are often able to get a jump on their enemies.

  • Initiative in combat +++
  • Chance to evade ++
  • Bonus melee critical chance ++
  • Increase Vision Range +


A ranger with high strength is able to hit hard, carry more gear, take more damage, recover more quickly from injury, and use heavy weapons.

  • Max CON per level ++
  • Base melee damage +
  • Max. carry weight ++
  • Starting CON ++
  • Number of action points +

Minimum required for some melee weapons


Speed is more than just how fast a ranger can run. It is also their reflexes and reaction time, which affects their initiative in battle. The higher a ranger's speed, the sooner they can act.

  • Movement per action point in combat +++
  • Initiative in combat ++
  • Number of action points +
  • Increase Combat Speed +
  • Increase Evade


Intelligence allows a ranger to learn and process information efficiently, giving them early access to a wide variety of skills, and the ability to master them quickly.

  • Skill points per level ++
  • Ability to read high level books ++
  • Number of action points +

Minimum required for some advanced skills


Charisma is the combined force of a ranger's personality and desirability. People will react more favorably to a ranger with high charisma, and might talk about things they would have otherwise kept to themselves.

  • Increase Leadership Radius +
  • Increase XP Reward +
Wasteland 2 - Wasteland 2 - Character Attributes
Wasteland 2 - Character Attributes

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