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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Temple of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Temple of Titan Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Temple of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Temple of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2

In Temple of Titan Raiders will not attack you if Mad Monk is following your team.

You do not have to explore the whole location if you come here just to get to Damonta, just go to the Father Enola (10) and get Get the nuke in Silo 7 for the Mad Monks Quest to pass on other side of Canyon of Titan.

01 Exit to Canyon of Titan


NPCDale Dale is lying (Smart Ass), but we can give him one container of Sludge, he will give us back empty container so will fill it with no problem.

03 Raiders Camp - Raiders will not attack you if Brother Shapiro is with you

04 Tom's Chest, you can open it with Tom's Key from Canyon of Titan (06)

05 Exit to Temple of Titan Undeground, you should use it if you are working for Diamondback Militia. Some Diamondback Militia Soldiers.

06 Peering over the ridge, you see a naked, wild-haired old man sitting with what looks like a WWII era bomb resting on the ground. He is drinking straight from a bottle, and smells like a bucket of piss poured into a vat of Snake Squeezin's. He giggles at you as you approach.

NPCBuck Dinges (Smart Ass) (Kick Ass)


NPCMr. Taggart

08 Ahead of you is a large square compound surrounded by a chainlink and barbwire fence that blocks the canyon from wall to wall. There is a heavily fortified double gate in the middle of the fence, with a squad of Servants of the Mushroom Cloud defending it. Beyond the gates, you can see a ramshackle market area with stalls and junk sellers, as well as a few more sturdy cinderblock outbuildings. Also, in the left-hand corner of the market, you can see the huge domed concrete cap of a missile silo. As you approach the gate, one of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud steps forward and holds up a hand.

NPCBrother Roy Parsons

QuestCanyon Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. On handing over three containers of goop, Brother Roy Parsons gave us access to the Temple of Titan.


NPCBrother Staal

QuestTemple of Titan Brother Staal wants 3 containers of sludge to make nuke grenades Despite a face that would make the Elephant Man look positively handsome, Brother Staal of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud seemed pretty lucid. He asked us to fill 3 more sludge containers with radioactive goop so he can turn it into nuke grenades.

ItemEmpty Sludge Container x3

QuestTemple of Titan Brother Staal wants 3 containers of sludge to make nuke grenades We dropped off 3 containers of sludge with Brother Staal. He was so happy a little chunk of one of his ears fell off.

ItemDirty Grenade


NPCFather Enola

Location of Silo 7

QuestSilo 7 Get the nuke in Silo 7 for the Mad Monks. Father Enola has asked us to locate a live nuclear warhead stored in a missile base called Silo 7. If we decide to help, we'll need to travel to the coordinates he gave us and use the Silo 7 computer to send the nuke to the Temple via railcar.


NPCDale He will give you reward for helping him in (02). Dale gives you passcode 60845

12 Exit to Temple of Titan Undeground - passcode is 60845


NPCBrother Nero Talk to him, use Kiss Ass and he will leave hatch unguarded.

14 Exit to Temple of Titan Undeground

15 To enter Brother's Nero Private Chambers you have to Kiss Ass him in (13), when you enter talk to him with female character. You can kill him inside building if you think he deserved it.

16 Amid the open area of the Temple Compound you see a whitewashed wall with a red cross and an atom symbol on it. A sign to one side of the opening reads Temple Clinic. Inside the tent is a small but neatly laid out medical clinic. Patients lie in cots along one wall, a desk and some supply cabinets sit along the other, and there is a large metal hatch in the floor at the far end, guarded by two silent and unmoving Servants of the Mushroom Cloud. Checking on the patients is a fatherly-looking black man in monk's robes, who has a slightly distracted air.

NPCDoctor Baum give him Contact Lenses from Highpool (04). Talk to him and he will let you in Underground to Hospital.

Item68W Advanced Individual Training Manual +1 Field Medic Skill

17 Exit to Temple of Titan Undeground

18 Hospital

NPCDr. Sidney Kyle Healer. Talk to her. Use Smart Ass

ItemNeural Net Processor Manual +1 Computer Science

Go back to Temple of Titan and

19 Exit to Wastelands on other side of Canyon of Titan. You can exit when you talk to Brother Enola

20 Exit to Temple of Titan Undeground


NPCBrother Guano

22 Toaster to Repair

ItemDepleted Uranium Item from Toaster. Give it to Captain Ethil Mercaptain in Rangers Citadel

23 Titan At first glance, this seems to indeed be a menacing, apocalypse-bringing intercontinental ballistic missile. Until you spot a placard, reading "Titan Missile - Decomissioned for *museum* display 1995." *Titan* is a *fraud*!

NPCFather Enola

QuestSilo 7 Get the nuke in Silo 7 for the Mad Monks. Titan, the Mad Monks' nuke, is a decommissioned museum piece - a fake! Father Enola admitted that that's the real reason he wants us to track down a live warhead.

Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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