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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Prison Valley Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Prison Valley Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Prison Valley Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Prison Valley Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

01 Exit to Wastelands


NPCFred Darvis

QuestPrisonFind a way to reach Damonta and set up a second radio repeater We need to find a man named Red, who's supposed to know how to get through the radiation clouds so we can travel safely to Damonta.


NPCCelia Caminada

QuestPrisonRepair Celia's well. Celia, who lives on a farm in Happy Valley, has asked us to fix her well, which isn't giving her and her husband any water.

Broken Well The well appears to be broken. Time to roll up our sleeves and get to repairing it. Use: Mechanical Repair

QuestPrisonRepair Celia's well. Celia and her husband are now able to have drinking water. As thanks, she gave us her husband's old rifle.


NPCWilliam Brown

QuestPrison Return William Brown's stolen pigs. Farmer Brown's pigs have been stolen by the Red Skorpions, and he would like us to recover them. Free them, and they'll find their way home, he said.

05 Pay local taxes or fight them. Better pay at this time you will get pass at (12).

06 Access code for disabling turrets is "rosebud"


NPCRed Trader

QuestPrisonFind a way to reach Damonta and set up a second radio repeater. Red told us that Rick Baychowski, a Desert Ranger, knows where to find the rad suits that will get us to Damonta. Last Red heard, the rangers had arrested Rick for going AWOL and were holding him at Ranger Citadel.

Go to Ranger Citadel (08)(09) to meet Rick

08 Enter a cave

09 Exit on the other side

10 Shrine +1 Skill Points

11 Pitbulls Lair, thats why you should kill him.

12 Red Scorpion Guard Point. If you pay taxes at (05) you can just move on. Do not come to them unexpectedly on the other side becouse they will attack you.

13 To open Exit use Computer Science on crane control. At the same time using the container did the other way to the broken toaster.

14 Exit to The Prison

15 Broken Toaster

ItemDessicated Juniper Berries Item from Toaster, you can give it to Ben at Gorkinovich's Distillery (03)

After completing Damonta

QuestRanger Citadel Head back to Ranger Citadel for a new assignment. Unless we hit a detour Change of plans: the general has ordered us to swing by the Prison to see why the Red Skorpions have such a bug up their butt. They're on a rampage and Vargas wants us to settle them down. The method is up to us.

16 Red Skorpions x 4

Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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