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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Canyon of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Canyon of Titan Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Canyon of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Canyon of Titan - Arizona - Wasteland 2

On this map: If you are traveling with Mad Monk then Raiders will be friendly but Diamondback Militia will be Hostile. With no Monk Diamondback Militia will be neutral and Raiders will be Hostile

01 Exit to Wastelands

02 Cowboys guard a small herd of uneasy cattle just off the road, while to one side; a few dead cows draw flies. Behind the herd, some tents have been set up, and wounded cowboys lie on bedrolls around a campfire while less-wounded men tend to them. In the road, an older black woman in western gear stands with a skinny, white cowboy. The woman tips her hat to you as you draw near.

NPCHowdy Do not press him to much because he will attack you.

NPCDoc use Surgeon Skill on him, Trader

NPCJill Yates after healing Doc, talk to her.

QuestCanyonHelp find one of Jill Yates cowboys Jill Yates' cattle drive was attacked by raiders just outside the Canyon of Titan, barely escaping with their lives. They sent a cowboy named Bart to get help, but he's been gone way too long. Jill asked us to keep our eyes open for him. If we track him down, she promised us a reward if we meet her in Damonta.

03 Shadowy Figure - follow him to (04)

04 Save place.

NPCShadowy Figure

QuestCanyonConsider offer from the Diamondback Militia. Team Echo was approached by a man wearing an unknown military uniform. He claimed to represent an outfit known as the Diamondback Militia, and suggested that if we were resourceful enough to find the group's HQ we might be good enough to help them remove the monks from power. If we're interested, that is.

ItemDiamondback Key you will receive it when use Smart Ass on Shadowy Figure

05 In the middle of the road is a ransacked wagon. Dead raiders and dead traders lie all around it, the aftermath of a brutal battle. In front of the wagon, the last of the traders holds a shotgun to the head of the last of the raiders,who kneels before him. Both are in bad shape, but the trader is worse. A deep wound above his knee is filling his left boot with blood. He looks like he can barely stand. His finger, however, is steady on the trigger.

NPCTom Merchant with missing wife.

QuestCanyonHelp a merchant find his missing wife - or not. A haggard man asked us to help him find his wife, who has been kidnapped by raiders. We agreed, and he's leading us to where he thinks she's being held.

Follow Tom to (06)

06 Coming around the bend, the canyon floor is littered with rent, oozing chunks of raiders. In the center, a badger-ruined woman's body lies dead.

Kill Honey Badgers. Do not let Tom die.

QuestCanyonHelp a merchant find his missing wife - or not. With the badgers gone, Tom was able to put his wife to rest.

ItemTom's Key You can use it in Temple of Titan (04)

07 High Safecracking or use Expolosives

08 Fake Church Police, give them any valuable item or fight. If you aproach from back you have to fight.


09 The melted weapons and the remains of the *uniforms* on the bodies catch your eye. You can't see any insignia, but these men were definitely not your regular ragged raiders. The crates are all branded with "Colson Firearms - Gunmakers". They are also clean, with no dirt on them, implying someonewas in the process of burying them, rather than digging them up.

NPCBrother Chavez Buried a chest of weapons will not be happy when we try to open it.

QuestCanyon Tell the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud that Brother Chavez needs assistance. We met a monk named Brother Chavez digging near a buried weapons crate. Another monk and several incinerated bodies were lying dead around him. He has asked us to alert the nearest monk checkpoint about the situation.


NPCSarah She is a victim of the Mad Monk, who tried to protect her blew himself up, kill her

ItemSarah's Locket give it to David Barnes in Damonta

11 Checkpoint One

NPCBrother Franks Trader

QuestCanyon Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. Brother Franks, the guard at Checkpoint One, informed us that we'd need to fill three casks with radioactive waste in order to gain entry to the Temple of Titan. The monks demand "Tribute" from anyone passing through, and this is what they want from us. We'll need to look for deposits of radioactive goop around the canyon.

ItemEmpty Sludge Container You have to fill it up.

QuestCanyon Tell the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud that Brother Chavez needs assistance. We reported Chavez's position to Brother Franks at Checkpoint One.

NPCBrother Shapiro He will follow you in Canyon of Titan. You will be escorted there by *Brother Shapiro*, who will protect you until then. Brother Shapiro! Please accompany these travelers to the *Temple*!

12 Raiders Camp - Raiders will not attack you if Brother Shapiro is with you

Broken Toaster

ItemPocket Knife item from Toaster.



QuestCanyon Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. Team Echo has collected 1 containers of goop.

14 Diamondback Militia they will attack you if any Monk is with you.

NPCLoagen Ruckdeschel


NPCSkunk Pig

QuestCanyon Escort a raider to safety We agreed to lead Skunk Pig, a disgusting, smelly, shitstain of a human being, to safety at Checkpoint One. He and his raider crew were attacked by unknown paramilitary assailants. He was the only survivor. We convinced Skunk Pig that we deserved a little extra something for helping him out.

Escort Skunk Pig to (11)

16 Raiders Camp - Raiders will not attack you if Brother Shapiro is with you


NPCRaider Commando You have to play him for Sludge or Kick Ass, Smart Ass him.

QuestCanyon Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. Team Echo has collected 2 containers of goop.

NPCEgodeath He will kill two Merchants who lost their Monk. You can stop him shoting fast at the beginning but Monks and Raiders will attack you.

17 Checkpoint Two The canyon narrows ahead, and you see a chainlink fence that stretches from wall to wall, blocking the way. In the center of the fence is an open gate and two Servants of the Mushroom Cloud standing guard. As you approach, one of the monks at the gate steps forward, holding up a hand.

NPCGary Niger Trader

18 Shrine (+1 Skill Points)

19 Raiders Camp - Raiders will not attack you if Brother Shapiro is with you


QuestCanyon Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. Team Echo has collected 3 containers of goop.

20 Quarreling traders - Use Hard Ass or Smart Ass to reconcile them

21 Diamondback Militia Camp Entrance Though the rocks that make up this barrier seem to be a different color from those throughout the rest of the area. And you could swear you feel a faint breeze filtering through the cracks.

Leave your team away from the entrance, so that the monk who comes to you not approached the entrance. Come with one character.

Use Minecart

A rusty old minecart. While this minecart is long past its days escaping heart-grappling priests, it does have one unique characteristic: the brake handle seems to be connected to a chain that runs into the ground.



Other way to open rock barrier is use switch inside refrigerator. On closer examination, you notice that there are steel rods about 3 inches in diameter extending from the bottom of the fridge into the ground. Must be hydraulics. Add to that the wires from an alarm and an explosive booby trap, and it looks like someone really wants to keep you out of cold storage. There's also a strangely normal-looking keyhole just above the latch.

NPCLt. Bridewell Talk to her, give her weapons. Take the weapon back when you leave.

22 Diamondback Militia HQ


QuestCanyonConsider offer from the Diamondback Militia. Captain Sadler of the DBM mentioned that his field operative gave him a report on us.

QuestTemple of TitanScramble the monks' nuke computer for the Diamondback Militia. Captain Sadler, leader of the Diamondback Militia, asked us to take a code scrambler into the Temple of Titan and use it to change the launch code on the nuclear missile stored in Silo 8. With the monks unable to launch their warhead, the DBM will be able to raid the temple.

ItemCode Scrambller

Now you can go back to Brother Franks - Canyon of Titan (11) and tell him about Diamondback Militia HQ

They start to fight at HQ.



QuestCanyonHelp find one of Jill Yates cowboys We freed Bart. He'd been waylaid by raiders on his way to get help for his injured crew. He doesn't say much.

Talk to Bart and ask him to follow our team


NPCClyde Talk to him and give him water

QuestCanyon Rescue the water merchant. We discovered a recently attacked water caravan stranded in the canyon. Clyde, its leader, told us they were attacked by black-clad special ops men, and asked us to inform Checkpoint Three of his predicament.

25Checkpoint Three

NPCBrother Gorsky

QuestCanyon Rescue the water merchant. Brother Gorsky at Checkpoint Three has been alerted to Clyde's situation and will send monks to help him.

26Exit to Temple of Titan

Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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