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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Wasteland 2 Quests - All Quests by Location.

List of all Quests in the Wasteland 2 Video Game Sorted alphabetically by Location. Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Ag Center

Add the antifungal serum to the reservoir in East Greenhouse. - Kathy Lawson

Bring Kathy Lawson a canister of fungicide. - Kathy Lawson

Escort Skinner out of the mushroom caves - Skinner

Fix Sue's mistake and save three other communites from the Ag Center plague. - Sue

Free Ryan from the animal pen in the east field. - Peter

Help find a cure for the Ag Center outbreak. - Exploding Pod

Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection. - Kathy Lawson

Monitor radio for calls about spreading infection. - Serum

Reactivate the Ag Center satellite dish. - General Vargas

Rescue Ag Center employees. - Matt Forrestal

Rescue Julio from his rabbits. - Julio

Save the workers from the infected creatures. - Workers

Shut down the irrigation to halt the spread of infection. - Kathy Lawson

Angel Oracle

Bring Mr. Manners Tori Robbinson's head. - Mr. Mannners

Bring Tori Robbinson Mr. Manners's head. - Tori Robbinson

Discovered stolen supplies - Stolen Supplies

Ethan White has a goat problem - Ethan White

Find denture paste for Mr. Paladino. - Mr. Paladino

Help Darla get a drink of water. - Guard Darla

Help fight dandruff - Arjuna Rabindranath

Help Johnathan Gitlin prove his innocence. - Jonathon Gitlin

Help Lindy Lou get parts for the ventilation system. - Lindy Lou

Help Mr. Manners find an alternate source of meat. - Mr. Manners

Help Pete cure his sick dog - or not. - Peter Hill

Help the girl in the tree - or not. - Sandra

Nurse Flinkman needs ingredients - Nurse Flinkman

Save a condemned man - or not. - Fletcher


Consider offer from the Diamondback Militia. - Shadowy Figure

Escort a raider to safety. - Skunk Pig

Help a merchant find his missing wife - or not. - Tom

Help a merchant find his missing wife - or not. - Dead Woman

Help find one of Jill Yates cowboys. - Jill Yates

Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. - Mad Monks

Rescue the water merchant. - Clyde

Return a cowboy to his companions. - Bart

Tell the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud that Brother Chavez needs assistance. - Brother Chavez


Retrieve an old farm woman's stolen cows. - Old Farm Woman


Find the owner of a herd of lost cows. - Some Cows

Help Hector and Carla find their daughter, Binh. - Hector Nguyen

Help Jill find her cows. - Jill

Help Red Baychowski. - Red Baychowski

Investigate an ancient Airplane Hangar. - Hangar

Investigate the source of the Damonta's robot infestation. - Werewolf Wally

Search Silent Springs for survivors. - Clyde

Darwin Village

Cure the diseased mutants. - Jan

Griffith Observatory

Help Alex Bermudez find his brother Luis Bermudez. - Alex Bermudez

Help Ascension McDade find evidence against Malediction Mayweather. - McDade

Help Maggie by freeing the penitents. - Maggie

Help Retribution Jones find evidence against Malediction Mayweather. - Retribution Jones

Help the ex-Aspirants find a place to live. - Billy

Kill Jones and McDade for Malediciton, and make it look like the other one did it. - Malediction Mayweather


Protect Highpool from the Wrecking Crew. - Sean Bergin

Find a use for a scorched valve wheel. - Valve Wheel

Find the Wrecking Crew stronghold and wipe them out. - Sean Bergin

Get rid of the juvies pestering Vulture's Cry. - Vulture's Cry

Give Jess-Belle her Derringer dowry. - Jess-Belle

Help a dog find her owner. - Garoof

Help a man find his dog. - Adam Doochin

Help Highpool decide on its next mayor. - Kate Preston

Help Kate Preston fix Highpool's irrigation system. - Kate Preston

Help save a burning house. - Mark Stachowiak

Locate and recover Jess-Belle's "dowry." - Jess-Belle

Restore power to the radio tower. - Sean Bergin

Restore power to the radio tower. - Kate Preston

Restore power to the radio tower. - Radio Circuit

Stop the wreckers attempting to break into Jess-Belle's safe. - Jess-Belle

Take Alexey's note to his 'soul mate' in Highpool. - Jack Swallow

Talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels under Highpool. - Sean Bergin


Bring evidence of slavery in Hollywood to Mistress Veronica. - Veronica

Cement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers. - Veronica

Find Ascension McDade in Hollywood. - Veronica

Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways. - Raji

Find out who Veronica's broken man is. - Veronica

Find Raji, Josie's friend. - Josie

Find The Dealers And End Them. - Raji

Flow doesn't like how Schwags lets all the bad elements of Hollywood in the dinner. Flo doesn't trust people like Swifty and wants something done about it. - Flo

Gather Votes For Veronica. - Veronica

Get back Manny's stolen chips. - Manny

Help Ascension McDade Retake The Bastion. - McDade

Help George and Martha rid their new store of pests. - George

Help Heidi Hollander find out if Mistress Veronica is in love. - Heidi

Help Heidi take over the Bastion of Faith. - Heidi

Join The Children of the Citadel and achieve transcendence. - Matthias

Kill dangerous beasts in Hollywood Cemetery. - Johnny Maloney

Ma Brown says her restaurant, the Brown Crown, was closed unfairly. - Ma Brown

Rambeau says that if we want him to vote for Veronica, we must help him find out who is stealing his guns. We've promised to investigate. - Rambeau

Save a funeral from attacking beasts. - Kathy

Stop Heidi before she has a chance at vengeance. - Veronica

Leve L'Upe Mine

Rescue the trapped miners. - Denis Semenov

Los Alamitos

Help Dekkar Firehawk find his dogs, Manic Jake and Cool Luke. - Dekkar Firehawk

Help Dekkar Firehawk find his other dog, Cool Luke. - Dekkar Firehawk

Help Dekkar Firehawk find his other dog, Manic Jake. - Dekkar Firehawk

You found a dog. - Dog

You found another dog. - Dog


Find a way to reach Damonta and set up a second radio repeater. - General Vargas

Kill Commander Danforth and free Happy Valley from the Red Skorpions. - Jobe

Repair Celia's well. - Celia Caminada

Return William Brown's stolen pigs. - William Brown

Radio Tower

Search near the radio tower for the repeater units Captain Ace was carrying. - General Vargas

Bring Ace's star home. - Ace's Ranger Star

Look for the rest of Ace's logbook - General Vargas

Rail Nomads Camp

Find a buyer for radioactive mushrooms. - Radioactvie Shrooms

Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict. - Master Kekkahbah

Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict. - Casey James

Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict. - Brake Shoe

Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict. - Golden Spike

Find radioactive mushrooms for the drug dealer. - Junkie

Find someone who knows about the strange machine labeled "CD-i." - CD-i

Find the owner of a stolen crate of supplies. - Supply Crates

Follow Scotchmo's nose to a secret stash of Squeezin's. - Scotchmo

Get rid of the rail thieves for Kekkahbah. - Kekkahbah

Help Jessie save Ralphy. - Jessie James

Locate an ancient machine called a "CD-i." - Quarex

Look for Gorkinovich's missing squeezin's shipment. - Gorkinovich

Retrieve Mr. Holliday's stolen supplies from the junkies. - Holliday

Save a drowning juvie. - Ralphy Parker

Show mysterious log book to General Vargas - H.R. Log Book

Tell Kekkahbah about the bombing victim. - Injured Topekan

Ranger Citadel

Talk to Robert Bowling about his faulty weapons - Robert Bowling

Bring a piece of Ace's killer back to base. - General Vargas

Deliver a letter to Robert Bowling's sister Katy in the Rail Nomads Camp. - Ranger Robert Bowling

Dog shit, cat shit, cow shit, bat shit, it don't matter; the Rangers need some ammonium nitrate ASAP! - Lieutenant Min Liang Tan

Find painkillers to help Dr. Tideman make it through the day. - Dr. Erik Tideman

Gather curiosities for the Rangers' museum. - Corporal Flintlock Eggleston

Gather raw materials to help restock the Rangers' ammo supply. - Sergeant Tobias Melson

Head back to Ranger Citadel for a new assignment. Unless we hit a detour. - General Vargas

Help Doctor Tidemann find a cure for cancer. - Dr. Erik Tidemann

Investigate strange metal leg. - Metal Leg

Release Rick Baychowski from jail - or not. - Rick Baychowski

Upgrade rad suits. - Wade Woodson

Redondo Beach

Look for a guy named Bob, and find out what he's looking for. - Salt Thug


Convince Beatrice to meet Dante at his shed. - Dante

Convince Dante that Beatrice is out to harm him. - Virgil

Convince farmer Jess to plant Agave on her farm. - Steven Dengler

Find out where Dante is hiding his fortune. - Steven Dengler

Get the secret tequila recipe from Chris Van Grass. - Steven Dengler

Help Dr. Horchata cure the disease affecting Rodia. - Robert Horchata

Kill Steven Dengler and the Mayor of Rodia. - Chris Van Grass

Let Angel Oracle know that Rodia is open for trade. - Mayor of Rodia

Locate Virgil's prize possum, Satan, and bring him back. - Virgil

Poison Pat the Axe - Ulric Kell

The town of Rodia needs your help - Pistol Pete

You found a large ornery possum. - Satan

Santa Fe Springs

Assist the Santa Fe Springs ranger base. - Wade Woodson

Determine the threat level of the mystery broadcasts. - Wade Woodson

Determine the threat level of the mystery broadcasts. - Dave Carlson

Investigate the attack on Team Foxtrot - Dave Carlson

Investigate the attack on Team Foxtrot - Wade Woodson

Reestablish contact with Citadel Base in Arizona. - Wade Woodson

Reestablish contact with Citadel Base in Arizona. - Dave Carlson

Secure the perimeter at Santa Fe Springs. - Wade Woodson

Secure the perimeter at Santa Fe Springs. - Dave Carlson

Test radio communications with Lt. Woodson. - Wade Woodson

Upgrade rad suits. - Dave Carlson

Silo 7

Get the nuke in Silo 7 for the Mad Monks. - Father Enola

Give the nuke in Silo 7 to the Diamondback Militia. - Capt. Sadler

Temple of Titan

Brother Staal wants 3 containers of sludge to make nuke grenades - Brother Staal

Scramble the monks' nuke computer for the Diamondback Militia. - Capt. Sadler


Attach the repeater units to two radio towers. - General Vargas

Expand the rangers' broadcasting range in Los Angeles. - Wade Woodson

Help Highpool or Ag Center. - General Vargas

Rangers are patient. - Adrian Gordon

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