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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Wasteland 2 - NPC Followers.

List of available NPC Followers in Wasteland 2. Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

During your travels you may come across people willing to join your party as long as certain conditions are met. When a new person joins your party they are available to use just like your initial rangers. Make sure to equip and level them up as you progress. Keep in mind they have their own personalities and might behave in ways you don't expect.

You can remove an unneeded or troublesome CNPC from your party by selecting the "Dismiss" option on the character screen. A dismissed party member will make their way back to rooms inside Ranger Citadel such as the Museum and the Mess Hall. Here you can recruit dismissed party members.

Angela Deth - Wasteland 2
Angela Deth

Angela Deth

A fifteen year veteran of the Desert Rangers, Angie was born into a strict religious community near the southern edge of the Arizona Wastes. When she hit her teens, she rebelled against everything they stood for and in the process, nearly rebelled herself into an early grave. She found the Rangers when she woke up in their drunk tank. Joining them saved her life and she hasn't looked back since.

La Loca

La Loca is an Atchison from Rail Nomad. She learned to fight during her tribe's feud with the Topekans, and earned her nickname by walking right into the Topekan meeting hall and throwing bags of Waste Wolf poop at Kekkahbah and his Choppers. She's a demon with a shotgun.

Ashley Brygo

Daughter of honest and legitimate Las Vegas businessman Faron Brygo, Ashley Brygo grew up surrounded by the good life, but found it boring. She left home shortly before Las Vegas was cut off by radiation and hasn't missed it since. She rarely misses with her sniper rifle either.

Vulture's Cry - Wasteland 2
Vulture's Cry

Vulture's Cry

A scout for a Native American tribe from beyond the Arizona waste's southern border, Vulture's Cry has come north to explore and trade, but circumstances have left her stranded far from home.


Rook was the youngest of seven children, and had to fight for respect every day on his parents' farm. That scrappy attitude has been a great asset to him, now that he's trying to make his way in the wastes. He's a crack shot with a carbine.


Rose doesn't say much about her past, except that she made a lot of mistakes and followed a lot of the wrong people. She has dedicated what's left of her life to making up for the sins of her youth.

Chisel - Wasteland 2


How bad was Chisel in his youth? Just ask him. Even if he only hid half the crimes he claims he has, he would still be the baddest bad man ever to walk the west. Unfortunately, he doesn't walk so well these days, so he's hung up his black hat and gone legit. Until recently, he was the security chief for the Atchinson tribe. He's following the rangers so they'll take him back to the big house where he can pay his debt to society. He thinks.


Ralphy is a cheerful, curious young man from an impoverished family. Despite growing up in the middle of a blood feud that has killed family and friends, and despite never knowing his father, who ran away before he was born, Ralphy always seems to see the bright side of things.

Scotchmo - Wasteland 2


Scotchmo is a former railway man from Rail Nomad who descended into alcoholism when his wife died. He says he drinks to forget, but it hasn't worked yet.


Actually, Ertan's name is Andy, and he's trying desperately to appear tougher than he is. He wants to be a badass mercenary, and he's got the skills, but he's a bit green and tries too hard to be mean. He thinks killing is "rad."

Pistol Pete

The years have not been entirely kind to Fred. He's missing an ear and more than a few teeth, and one of his eyes is just a white orb. Other than that, though he seems in good shape - strong under his armor, and his hands don't shake. He lives in a town named Rodia with his wife Willa where together they run a possum farm.

Brother Thomas

Neil Thomas is an ex-God's Militia gunner who became disillusioned by the corruption in the church. He wanted to do good in the world, and after he left, he hung up his guns, not seeing any group that seemed to have the interests of the common people at heart. Now, however, having heard the rangers' recruiting call, he's decided to find out if they are worthy of his skills.


Slick learned the art of barter by watching his shopkeeper aunt cheat miners out of their hard-earned ore. When their town was swallowed by radiation, Slick headed for Ranger Citadel and talked them into giving him a badge and a gun.

Big Bert

A big-boned rancher's son from just south of Highpool, Bert once punched out a long-horn for sassing him. He's not much on the social graces, but he'll be happy to handle your strong-arm duties.


A veteran of several raider gangs and militias, Cold-Eye is a quiet, distant man who decided to switch sides after his last gang wiped out an entire village, children and all. Now he's making amends, one dead raider at a time.

Cherry Bomb

A former child soldier with a cheerful, if slightly glassy-eyed stare, Cherry doesn't speak much - and can't hear very well, either. But she sure likes explosions.


Pills learned her trade working in a brothel near the old Prison, healing poxed joy-girls and stitching up drunks after nightly bar-room brawls. She's good with a needle but sometimes likes the taste of her own medicine.


An experienced scavenger, Hex once made a good living finding and repairing pre-apocalypse tech. She recently realized she was getting too old to work alone anymore and offered her services to the Desert Rangers.


The daughter of hunter-trappers from north of Ranger Citadel, Bear would never have left the wilderness except for the mutants that murdered her family. She joined the rangers when they helped her get revenge, and she never went back. Living in that empty house was just too painful.

Widow O'Neill

A young mother of two who learned to hunt and shoot out of necessity when her husband was killed by waste wolves. But a single gun wasn't enough to protect her when raiders came calling. She came to Ranger Citadel and offered her services in exchange for a place with four strong walls to raise her kids.

Takayuki - Wasteland 2


Takayuki is a young man whose mother raised him to be a warrior. He is brave, honest, honorable and valiant. While very good at what he goes, he might just be a bit too cocky.

Pizepi Joren

A young mutant woman who wants to escape the cloistered life of Darwin Village and see the world. Despite her strange looks and stranger upbringing, she has an open, engaging personality and an uncrushable sense of wonder.

Corran Cain

Brother Cain is a Servant of the Mushroom Cloud who has had second thoughts about blowing himself up for the glory of Titan. Instead, he wants travel the world in hopes of finding a god with a better retirement plan.

Dan Q - Wasteland 2
Dan Q

Dan Q

Dan Q is a professional comedian who travels the wastes putting on shows in bars, barns, missile silos - anywhere he can gather an audience and pass the hat. Sadly, his travels have made him a cynical, sarcastic man, and he tends to look at the world with a bitter, dispeptic eye.

Gary "NaCl" Wolfe

Corporal Wolf is a freelance security expert, skilled at cracking keypad codes and safes. For a while he worked for the DBM, but now that the war with the monks is over, he's bored and looking for new challenges.


Lexicanium is a word nerd. He calls himself a Priest of Knowledge, but really he's just a guy who likes words and collects dictionaries. He was lured to his doom by Tinker, who told him she could make him a thousand times smarter. Lex was thrilled with the idea until he discovered that it would involve surgically hooking up a data drive to his skull. Though he objected, Tinker gave him the data drive and a robot arm and an atomic heart. He is horrified by what has been done to him and wants vengeance.


Once a scout for the Red Skorpions, Fade joined the Rangers after the Skorpions put a bounty on his head for taking spoils he wasn't entitled to. But don't worry, he doesn't do that kind of thing anymore. Honest.

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