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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Highpool Quests List - Wasteland 2

List of Quests in Highpool Location in Wasteland 2 Video Game. Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Help a man find his dog. - Adam Doochin

Adam Doochin, a citizen of Highpool, asked us to find his lost dog. He gave us her favorite chew toy to calm her.

Help a dog find her owner. - Garoof

We found a confused and angry dog wandering near the dam in Highpool. Perhaps she belongs to someone in town?

Take Alexey's note to his 'soul mate' in Highpool. - Jack Swallow

Alexey Chuklin asked us take a note up to his soul mate in Highpool so they can leave the town together. He didn't specify exactly who his soul mate was, we'll just have to keep our eyes open.

Give Jess-Belle her Derringer dowry. - Jess-Belle

We found an ornate Derringer with the initials "JB" engraved in the handle. It seems to fit the bill for Jess-Belle's mysterious dowry.

Locate and recover Jess-Belle's "dowry." - Jess-Belle

Jess-Belle's father lost her dowry while gambling, and she like us to get it back. Whatever it is, she says he engraved it with her initials when she was born. Hopefully the people who won it still have it.

Stop the wreckers attempting to break into Jess-Belle's safe. - Jess-Belle

Wrecking Crew thugs are ransacking Jess-Belle's safe. She wants someone to stop them.

Help Highpool decide on its next mayor. - Kate Preston

With the first vote a draw, Kate Preston has asked for our help. Since she openly supports the rangers, she thinks that if the townsfolk see us doing good works it will sway them into voting for her. On the other hand, if we were to go around being jerks that would likely swing the vote for Bergin. Either way, we'll need to check back with Kate periodically to see if the town is ready to try another vote.

Help Kate Preston fix Highpool's irrigation system. - Kate Preston

Four valves inside the Highpool tunnels need to be opened to release the dangerous pressure building up in the irrigation system. This would be easy if we could turn on all the lights and open all the doors, but there's only enough power to open a few doors and turn on a few lights at a time, so someone has to stay in the control room and flip switches while the rest of us find the valves.

Restore power to the radio tower. - Kate Preston

The Highpool radio tower has no power. We need to reset the breaker and restart the generator, which is located in the irrigation tunnels. Kate says the generator is in section 6. It is on its own circuit, so we should be able to simply turn it on.

Help save a burning house. - Mark Stachowiak

A man named Mark Stachowiak begged us to find a way to douse his burning home.

Restore power to the radio tower. - Radio Circuit

The Highpool radio tower has no power. We need to reset the breaker and restart the generator, which is located in the irrigation tunnels.

Protect Highpool from the Wrecking Crew. - Sean Bergin

We followed up our victory over the Wrecking Crew at Highpool by tracking the rest of the gang to their camp and finishing them off for good. Sean Bergin will be happy to hear about it.

Find the Wrecking Crew stronghold and wipe them out. - Sean Bergin

We were too late to save Highpool from the Wrecking Crew, but at least we can stop them from wrecking any more towns.

Restore power to the radio tower. - Sean Bergin

The Highpool radio tower has no power. We need to reset the breaker and restart the generator, which is located in the irrigation tunnels. Bergin says Kate Preston can tell us where it is.

Talk to Kate Preston in the tunnels under Highpool. - Sean Bergin

We need to find Kate in the Highpool irrigation tunnels and ask her what's going on with the irrigation system.

Find a use for a scorched valve wheel. - Valve Wheel

In the grass near the crane in Highpool, we found a scorched valve wheel. It's slightly damaged, but it might still be useful.

Get rid of the juvies pestering Vulture's Cry. - Vulture's Cry

The imprisoned Vulture's Cry promises she can be of great service, but wants us to get rid of the Juvies taunting her before she'll speak with us.

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