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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Ranger Citadel Exterior - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Ranger Citadel Exterior Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Ranger Citadel Exterior Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Ranger Citadel Exterior Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

01Here you start your journey in the world of Wasteland 2.

NPCGeneral Vargas

QuestRadio TowerSearch near the radio tower for the repeater units Captain Ace was carrying. Search near the radio tower for the repeater units Captain Ace was carrying. General Vargas has ordered us to go to the site where Ace's body was found and search the area for the repeater units he was carrying. Once we recover them we are to call Vargas.

QuestRadio TowerLook for the rest of Ace's logbook General Vargas has ordered us to search for Ace's log book near the site where he was murdered. It might have some salient information on who killed him and why.

ItemShovel - take it to dig items.

02Entrance to Ranger Citadel Interior, You are unable to enter early in game. You will be able to enter Ranger Citadel Interior after finishing Attach the repeater units to two radio towers Quest.

NPCGrenadier Major Nur Giebitz

ItemMississippi Mule a double-barreled flintlock pistol. Talk to him, do not try to enter if he say "No"

03 Solveig's Sundries

NPCCpl. Solveig Sefors Trader

04 Replacement Rangers, Ashley Brygo, La Roca and Rook, they will join if your team member will die.

05 NPC to join.

NPCAngela Deth Join her to your team, she is very overpowered early in game.

06 Exit to Wasteland

After Radio Tower

04 After finishing Radio Tower Map

NPCGeneral Vargas Talk to him to advance quests.


NPCRanger Brass Knucks Give him Spray Paint from Radio Tower Toaster and receive Kumite: A History

ItemKumite: A History - Book +1 to Brawl

Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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