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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Hollywood Quests List - Wasteland 2

List of Quests in Hollywood Location in Wasteland 2 Video Game. Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Flow doesn't like how Schwags lets all the bad elements of Hollywood in the dinner. - Flo

We talked to Flo, she wants us to meet her in the cemetery to tlak about Swifty and the other wolves of Hollywood.

Help George and Martha rid their new store of pests. - George

George and Marth from Higher Ground told us they will vote for Veronica if we clear out a pest infested storefront which they want to move into.

Help Heidi Hollander find out if Mistress Veronica is in love. - Heidi

To prove we're competent enough to take on more important work, Heidi Hollander wants us to talk to her second in command, Mistress Veronica. She's afraid Veronica might be in love, which is apparently a bad thing for a dominatrix to be, and wants us to get her to confess.

Help Heidi take over the Bastion of Faith. - Heidi

Heidi Hollander needs our help to wipe out the God's Militia and take over their stronghold, the Bastion of Faith. She has asked us to infiltrate the Bastion, open the front gate, and make sure it stays open so her troops can enter and exterminate the militia and their followers.

Kill dangerous beasts in Hollywood Cemetery. - Johnny Maloney

John Maloney wants us to wipe out what he calls "the beasties" in the graveyard. The last place he saw them was out beyond the mausoleums.

Find Raji, Josie's friend. - Josie

Time to get her back to Raji.

Save a funeral from attacking beasts. - Kathy

A distraught woman outside the gates of the Hollywood Cemetery asked us to help fight off some savage beasts that are disrupting a funeral.

Ma Brown says her restaurant, the Brown Crown, was closed unfairly. - Ma Brown

We need to talk to Officer Lam and convince him to let Ma Brown reopen her restaurant. We need him to sign a statement and take it back to Ma.

Get back Manny's stolen chips. - Manny

Manny, the owner of the Chinese Casino, has asked us to recover some casino chips which were stolen by someone known as Chris "King of Gamblers." Manny says Chris might be hiding out in a place called Los Feliz.

Join The Children of the Citadel and achieve transcendence. - Matthias

Matthias has said that to be accepted into the Children of the Citadel and achieve transcendence, we have to wipe out the town of Rodia and any who oppose us in order to secure their crops for the Citadel.

Help Ascension McDade Retake The Bastion. - McDade

Ascension McDade has told us that while we were helping Veronica get elected in Hollywood, Retribution Jones staged a coup at the Bastion, and is now in control. McDade has asked us to help him retake the Bastion, using a secret passage here in Hollywood. It is apparently north of our position.

Find Josie, one of Raji's runaways. - Raji

Raji has asked us to find a young runaway named Josie, who he is afraid has succumbed to Salt addiction. He told us the best place to look for her would be the Hotel California, a notorious salt house.

Find The Dealers And End Them. - Raji

Raji Says They Are In The Hotel California.

Rambeau says that if we want him to vote for Veronica, we must help him find out who is stealing his guns. We've promised to investigate. - Rambeau

Rambeau's apprentice, Jason, is acting suspicious. Maybe we should follow him.

Bring evidence of slavery in Hollywood to Mistress Veronica. - Veronica

Mistress Veronica wants to bring the rampant slavery in Hollywood to the attention of her employer, Heidi Hollander. She wants us to bring her undeniable proof of slavery so she can force Heidi to do something about it. She suggested we start by investigating the "agents" at Schwag's.

Cement the peace between Hollywood and the Bastion by freeing the penitents and wiping out the salt dealers and the slavers. - Veronica

Mistress Veronica is in charge of Hollywood and Ascension McDade is in charge of the Bastion, but before they're willing to sign a peace treaty, both want to see the other side make some reforms. Veronica wants to see the penitents freed, while McDade wants to see the slavers and the salt dealers driven out of Hollywood. They have asked our help.

Find Ascension McDade in Hollywood. - Veronica

Veronica told us that Ascension McDade wants to see us near Hollywood's east gate. It sounded urgent.

Find out who Veronica's broken man is. - Veronica

Veronica has fallen in love with one of her clients, a masked man she called the Broken Man. She has asked to find out his identity and let him know that she loves him.

Gather Votes For Veronica. - Veronica

Veronica has asked us to convince at least three members of the HCC to vote for her as chairwoman at the next council meeting so she can take Heidi's place and put her peace plan into action.

Stop Heidi before she has a chance at vengeance. - Veronica

Veronica won the vote at the HCC meeting, and Heidi didn't take it well. She ran off, threatening vengeance, and Veronica has asked us to take care of her. She was last seen heading for her office.

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