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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Abandoned Railway Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Abandoned Railway Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Abandoned Railway Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Abandoned Railway Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

tip by P Q There is an android name Vax in a shipping container near the dig site (southern part of the map) if you use computer skill on him he will fallow you. he only has 50 hp so i expect he will die soon.

tip by Vlastimil Soth Jun Actually my observation is, that if you start ANY fght on this map before you approach Vax, he can be visible in the queue of PC that are on the move (50 HP robot) and he self-explodes during this fight. So if you want to try this exploit, you must be entering this map w/o any engagement and follow rails directly to him.

01 Exit to Wastelands

02 3 x Slicer Dicer, as for the stage of the game, they are very powerful opponents, beware.

03 Broken Toaster

ItemIron Shoulder Pads Item form Toaster.



Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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