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Wasteland 2

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Knowledge Skills - Wasteland 2

Wasteland 2 - Knowledge Skills: Alarm Disarming, Computer Science, Demolitions, Field Medic, Lockpicking, Mechanical Repair, Safecracking, Surgeon, Toaster Repair.

Alarm Disarming

With this skill you can breach security systems and get your team into restricted areas without waking up the guards. Use on doors and other objects to disable detection systems before opening.

Computer Science

Take this skill if you want to know more than how to turn it off and turn it on again. Allows the user to interface, hack or repair computers and other similar equipment found in the wasteland. Can also be used to rewire robots and some synthetics to fight on your side.


With this skill you'll know how to arm bombs and toss grenades for maximum impact. You'll also know whether to cut the red wire or the blue wire. Allows the player to arm and disarm a variety of different explosives. This skill is primarily used to deactivate booby traps.

Field Medic

This skill will help you patch up your friends just enough to get them to a real doctor. A Field Medic restores hit points and removes effects by using consumable items. This action is available both in and out of combat.


With this forbidden knowledge you will have the skills to pay the bills, opening locked doors, trunks, and crates. Just don't get caught. Using the Lockpicking skill allows you to open a variety of unreinforced standard doors and chests.

Mechanical Repair

The skill you need if you want to repair small appliances, engines and gizmos.


Crack keypad codes and disable electronic locks with this handy - if unethical - skill. Safecracking is used to open vaults and safes. These normally contain special goods and items locked away for safe keeping.


This skill allows you to fix the deep damage and bad breaks that a field medic isn't qualified to deal with. You'll be a life saver. The Surgeon skill is used to revive downed party members both in and out of combat. Additionally, it can be used to remove any status effects gained from injuries.

Toaster Repair

A very specialized and underappreciated skill in a world without toast, but sometimes surprisingly useful. Use Toaster Repair on any broken toasters you come across in your travels. You never know what you might find inside.

Wasteland 2 - Wasteland 2 - Knowledge Skills
Wasteland 2 - Knowledge Skills

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