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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Rail Nomads Camp Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

Rail Nomads Camp Walkthrough - Wasteland 2 Video Game Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Rail Nomads Camp Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2
Rail Nomads Camp Map - Arizona - Wasteland 2

01 Exit to Wasteland


NPCJessie She ask for help. Jessie friend named Ralph drowning in the lake. We need to quickly run to the lake and with a shovel overturn lower Totem (03). We have to hurry because otherwise Ralphy drown.

QuestRail Nomads CampHelp Jessie save Ralphy. Met a girl named Jessie who says her friend Ralphy fell in the lake and can't swim. We better get there before he drowns.

03 Totem use Shovel on it.


QuestRail Nomads CampHelp Jessie save Ralphy. We saved the kid in the lake by knocking over a totem so he could climb onto it. Maybe we should check in with his family? Might be a reward in it.

Well with water.

04Injured Topekan. This man writhes in pain in the center of a patch of charred ground. Looks like he triggered some kind of mine. The bone poking through his leg will need the attention of someone with serious medical training.

Use Surgeon skill.

NPCInjured Topekan

QuestRail Nomads CampTell Kekkahbah about the bombing victim. We met an Topekan man who had been injured by a bomb. He asked us to tell Master Kekkahbah, the leader of the Topekans, what had happened to him.

05 It's not much of a playground. A busted swing set with a bicycle leaning against it, and the wastes for a sandbox. Jessie doesn't seem notice. She mopes around, kicking stones.

Use Demolitions on Bicycle

QuestRail Nomads CampHelp Jessie save Ralphy. We disarmed a boobytrap attached to a bicycle in the playground. Lucky we got to it before someone got hurt.


06 This camp is littered with trash, and reeks of sickness and human feces. A few shabby men huddle around a small fire.

NPCJunkie Gunslinger Pay 30 scraps for Serket


ItemRadioactive Mushrooms Bring it to Junkie in Rail Nomads Camp (24)

QuestRail Nomads CampFind a buyer for radioactive mushrooms. We found some radioactive mushrooms near an old train wreck. Could be valuable to someone around Rail Nomads Camp.

08 Graveyard. Lots of stuff to dig out of the ground.

ItemMedal of Honor in broken Toaster. Code Bellona from reverse of medal you will need in Darwin Village safe.

09 Archive

ItemDawn for The Midnight Bomber +1 Demolitions Skill

10 Katy house - 2 chests

NPCKaty Do you have a letter for Katy but DO NOT give it to her. Talk to her and complete the dialogue without giving letter. After that Pitbull enters the building. Pay Pitbull for Katy freedom.


QuestRanger CitadelDeliver a letter to Robert Bowling's sister Katy in the Rail Nomads Camp A Red Skorpion named Pitbull barged into Katy's train car, claiming she was his property. We paid him off so he'd leave her alone.



QuestRail Nomads CampHelp Jessie save Ralphy. We met Ralphy's mother. She was very grateful that we saved her son.

NPCRalph - you can join him to you team and Rangers.




NPCScotchmo NPC to join your team.

QuestRail Nomads Camp Follow Scotchmo's nose to a secret stash of Squeezin's. Scotchmo wants to find a stash of Snake Squeezins he buried somewhere in Rail Nomads Camp. While his memory ain't so good, he's got a nose like a bloodhound when it comes to alcohol. He'll smell it when we're close.

14 A man's body is rotting here. His skull has been caved in, and the cowboy hat that lies next to him has been split at the crown and is covered in dried blood. Half-buried underneath the corpse you see a Desert Ranger's circle star badge with the initials H.R. scratched into the back. Hmmm. Maybe the "H.R." stands for Hell Razor.

ItemH.R. Ranger Star

ItemH.R. Log Book

QuestRail Nomads CampShow mysterious log book to General Vargas We found the log book of a dead ranger in Rail Nomads. The initials H.R. are carved into the cover. We should probably show it to General Vargas.

15 Use Animal Whisperer on Tortoise. Follow Tortoise to (16).

16 When you come here with Tortoise (15), there is nice stuff buried in the ground, armour and weapon.


ItemAthelwulf's Utopia give it to Captain Ethil Mercaptain in Ranger Citadel

18 Use Animal Whisperer on Statue and join friendly Rat. +1 Inteligence

19 Train - use train whistle.


20 Bar

NPCSamuel Ask him about Ace and use Hard Ass

QuestRadio TowerLook for the rest of Ace's logbook We got Ace's logbook off of Samuel Haas's body. It's a little torn up and there are several pages missing, but General Vargas will want to see it anyway. The general wants us to reconnoiter the Darwin Village location and report back.

ItemAce's Log Book

NPCGorkinovich Trader - Do not talk to him untill you read below.

Its very important that you DO NOT start to talk with Gorkinovich until you got Kiss Ass 4+ skill. Other way you will lost access to Gorkinovich's Distillery location.

So if you got Kiss Ass 4 or more, talk to Gorkinovich. During the conversation you get to the topic "Stale". Select this option. Then "Kiss Ass". Then "Distillery"

Location of Gorkinovich's Distillery is on your map.

QuestRail Nomads CampLook for Gorkinovich's missing squeezin's shipment. Gorkinovich asked us to go to his distillery and find out what happened to a missing shipment of squeezin's.

21 Weapon Shop

NPCHolliday Trader

QuestRail Nomads CampRetrieve Mr. Holliday's stolen supplies from the junkies Holliday, the trader from the Rail Nomads Camp, told us his supplier was jumped by rail thieves and a shipment has gone missing. He also informed us that these thieves hang out in bands on the tracks to the Atchison Camp. Sounds like it's worth looking into.

Supplies are at Atchison Camp (02)

QuestRail Nomads CampRetrieve Mr. Holliday's stolen supplies from the junkies We've returned the crates to Holliday, and he promised us a 50% discount on his wares.

22 Old arcade machines sit out front of this rail car, and you can hear faint electronic beeps and boops coming from within.


QuestRail Nomads Camp Locate an ancient machine called a "CD-i." We ran into a youngster named Quarex in Rail Nomads Camp whose only interest appears to be running a game arcade. His collection is almost complete, but he needs something called a CD-i machine, the rarest of all.

CD-i is in Atchison Camp (05)

QuestRail Nomads Camp Locate an ancient machine called a "CD-i." Gave the CD-i machine to Quarex. He was happy as a little kid!


ItemDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Book, give it to Corporal Flintlock Eggleston in Ranger Citadel


NPCJunkie Trader

QuestRail Nomads CampFind a buyer for radioactive mushrooms. We gave the mushrooms to the drug dealer. He thanked us for being such nice lizards, but that appears to be the only reward we're getting. Oh well.

25 With Scotchmo in your team.

QuestRail Nomads Camp Follow Scotchmo's nose to a secret stash of Squeezin's. Scotchmo's nose didn't disappoint, leading us right to his stash. The stuff smells like a burning engine block, but Scotchmo seems to love it.


NPCThe Provost strange NPC, he will follow you and help. Got some unique item.

27 Rusty and ramshackle, this radio tower hasn't broadcast a signal in many years. Large pieces have been scavenged or scrapped. There's no way this thing will work without a replacement antenna and control circuit, despite the hum of power running through the large attached cable.

With sections missing from the tower, this control panel isn't controlling much of anything at the moment. Get the tower functional and powered if you want to attach a repeater.

28 The Meeting Hall is low and long. Made of rough wood and scraps of fabric, it smells of smoke and sweat. The wind rattles the walls as dust and sunlight pour in through cracks. There are an unusual number of one-armed men here.


QuestRail Nomads Camp Tell Kekkahbah about the bombing victim. We reported the injured man's whereabouts to Master Kekkahbah. He's sending one of his men to help.

QuestRail Nomads Camp Get rid of the rail thieves for Kekkahbah. Kekkahbah, leader of the Topekans in Rail Nomads Camp, has asked us to wipe out the rail thieves hiding out near the Atchison camp. There may be several groups to hunt down.

QuestRail Nomads Camp Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict Master Kekkahbah, leader of the Topekans, asked us to stay out of his conflict with the Atchisons. He didn't even want us to retrieve his brake shoe for him, though he may change his tune if we actually find it.

After returning from Atchison Camp

QuestRail Nomads Camp Get rid of the rail thieves for Kekkahbah. Kekkahbah thanked us for clearing out the rail thieves. He can now return to peacefully waging war.

29Exit to Atchison Camp

If you want to steal Golden Spike

30Generator. Disarm Alarm before you try to turn it off. Turn off generator.

31Side entrance to Meeting Hall. Disarm alarm, remove trap and unlock. Enter, go down, sneak to (32) with character with high Lockpicking

32Golden Spike - you can open it with Lockpicking.

Theft of the Golden Spike and carry it to Casey James it is not part of the path that resolves the conflict.

After good resolving Topekan/Atchison conflict.

02New team member.

NPCChisel He's an ex-bodyguard we met at the Rail Nomads Camp - New Ranger Teammate

Find a way to resolve the Topekan/Atchison conflict

There are several ways in which we can resolve this conflict. We are interested in such a way that will be peaceful.

Peaceful completion of the task requires high skills, "Kiss Ass 4+" and "Smart Ass 5+", because of this you do not have to do the job right away, you can return here if your skills are at the proper value.

There is a war going on between the Topekans and the Atchinsons, and until it's settled nothing is getting done in the Rail Nomad Camp. If we want to resolve it we're either going to have to eliminate one side or the other, or somehow find a way to make peace between them.

What NOT to do:

  1. Do not steal Golden Spike from Kekkahbah and do not give it to Casey James.

  2. Do not take Brake Shoe from Casey James (its in seesaw in Atchison Camp) and do not give it to Kekkahbah.

  3. Do not kill Master Kekkahbah

  4. Do not kill Casey James


  1. Successfully complete "Help Jessie save Ralphy" quest, particularly remove booby trap from bicycle. Jessie must survive

  2. Successfully complete "Tell Kekkahbah about the bombing victim" Quest

  3. Successfully complete "Get rid of the rail thieves for Kekkahbah." Quest

What To Do:

  1. Go to Master Kekkahbah and talk to him.

    Master Kekkahbah, leader of the Topekans, asked us to stay out of his conflict with the Atchisons. He didn't even want us to retrieve his brake shoe for him, though he may change his tune if we actually find it.

  2. Master Kekkahbah kidnapped Casey James daughter Jessie

  3. Go to Casey James and talk to him.

    Casey James has asked us to speak with Kekkahbah in order to secure the release of his daugther, Jessie.

  4. Try to convince Kekkahbah to let the kidnapped daughter.


    Kiss Ass: You'd use a girl's life as leverage? We thought you were a man of honor.


    Smart Ass: If you're willing to cast aside your honor, then what exactly are you fighting for?

    Kekkahbah: Kekkahbah has agreed to release Jessie if peace can be secured. We should talk to Casey about terms.

  5. Go to Casey James

    After hearing what happened to his daughter, Casey decided he was ready to bargain with Kekkahbah. We're the go-betweens, so we need to get the Topekan leader on board.


    Save your righteous fury for yourself. You're the one who put your daughter in this situation.


    Smart Ass: If you're done making bombs, then maybe Kekkahbah will stop killing your people.


    What if you can both have it? What if you use it as the last spike?

    Casey went for the idea of using the golden spike to repair the damaged track. Now we need to see if Kekkahbah is amenable.

  6. Go to Kekkahbah


    Casey James agrees to stop the killing. He's waiting for you by the entrance to the Atchison camp, and is ready to deal.


    He will fix the rails and return the brake shoe in exchange for half the profits from the rail trade. And he wants to use the Golden Spike to repair the rails and seal the deal.

    End the War

    You could bring an end to the war.


    You could start trading again.

    One arm

    Because even the strongest man needs two arms to drive a train.

  7. Go outside to point where Atchison Camp and Rail Nomads Camp meet each other.

  8. Talk to Casey James


    Kekkahbah agreed to your terms and to using the Golden Spike to repair the rails, but only if you're willing to lose your left arm.

    Though it seems a little extreme, Casey has agreed to cut off his left arm to secure the deal with the Topekans.

  9. Talk to Kekkahbah


    He agreed to your terms. We have a deal.

  10. Casey James cuts off his own arm

  11. Casey James sticks Golden Spike combining tracks

  12. The End of this Quest:While that might have been the bloodiest treaty ceremony in history - Casey James arm didn't come off too cleanly - peace is indeed secured.

Map Legend

Allies - Rangers, Allies NPC

Neutrals - Neutral NPCs

Hostiles - Nostile NPCs, Enemies

Followers - NPCs to join your team.

Merchants - Trading Post, Trader

Shovel - Dig Site

Alarm Disarming



Mechanical Repair

Computer Science


Toaster Repair

Brute Force

Animal Whisperer


Containers Chests, items.

Shrine, Statue Bonus Skills

Exit Exit / Entrance

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