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Wasteland 2

Walkthrough, Game Guide & Maps

Titan Canyon Quests List - Wasteland 2

List of Quests in Canyon Location in Wasteland 2 Video Game. Walkthrough with Maps & Game Guide. Quests, NPCs, Items, Secrets & Hints, Enemies, Skills to Use.

Return a cowboy to his companions. - Bart

Team Echo freed a cowboy who'd been waylaid by raiders on his way to get help for his injured crew. His name is Bart. He doesn't say much.

Tell the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud that Brother Chavez needs assistance. - Brother Chavez

We met a monk named Brother Chavez digging near a buried weapons crate. Another monk and several incinerated bodies were lying dead around him. He has asked us to alert the nearest monk checkpoint about the situation.

Rescue the water merchant. - Clyde

We discovered a recently attacked water caravan stranded in the canyon. Clyde, its leader, told us they were attacked by black-clad special ops men, and asked us to inform Checkpoint Three of his predicament.

Help a merchant find his missing wife - or not. - Dead Woman

Find the relatives of a woman partially eaten by badgers.

Help find one of Jill Yates cowboys. - Jill Yates

Jill Yates' cattle drive was attacked by raiders just outside the Canyon of Titan, barely escaping with their lives. They sent a cowboy named Bart to get help, but he's been gone way too long. Jill asked us to keep our eyes open for him. If we track him down, she promised us a reward if we meet her in Damonta.

Pay tribute to enter the Temple of Titan. - Mad Monks

Brother Franks, the guard at Checkpoint One, informed us that we'd need to fill three casks with radioactive waste in order to gain entry to the Temple of Titan. The monks demand "Tribute" from anyone passing through, and this is what they want from us. We'll need to look for deposits of radioactive goop around the canyon.

Consider offer from the Diamondback Militia. - Shadowy Figure

Team Echo was approached by a man wearing an unknown military uniform. He claimed to represent an outfit known as the Diamondback Militia, and suggested that if we were resourceful enough to find the group's HQ we might be good enough to help them remove the monks from power. If we're interested, that is.

Escort a raider to safety. - Skunk Pig

We agreed to lead Skunk Pig, a disgusting, smelly, shitstain of a human being, to safety at Checkpoint One. He and his raider crew were attacked by unknown paramilitary assailants. He was the only survivor.

Help a merchant find his missing wife - or not. - Tom

A haggard man asked us to help him find his wife, who has been kidnapped by raiders. We agreed, and he's leading us to where he thinks she's being held.

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