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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

A Passage through the Isles

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Lord Caneghem

From the corners of the misty Void rings loud the battle cry,
The Elemental Lords of four have sworn to fight and die,
Fire, Water, Air and Earth meet their might and force,
And in their battles bloody mire give our land its source.

Then descended on the land the forces of the Dome
To lend into the mortal hand a power before unknown.
Five Forces, two champions forged by their quintet,
A tale most tragic for Elemental beasts when met.

Descending from the sky, the nacelles finally land,
But they have lost their way, 'tis the Usurper's hand.
By new heroes defeated, and the Balance restored,
Once a Guardian, fallen, he escapes through the Void.

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