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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

A Savage History of the Pirates

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Captain Marzhin


Crag Hack was born in Eridan Crossing. By 527 YSD, at the reported Age of Fifteen, he was already known as a Mercenary; yet tho' he had often distinguished himself for his uncommon Boldness and personal Courage despite his Youth, he was never raised to any Command, on account of his reported Savagery and Brutality in Battle; for which he was called a Barbarian, and believed more Orc than Man. Despite his formidable fighting Abilities, Crag Hack had lost his right Eye in an Ambush by Elven Assassins around 542 YSD; this led him to look for any means of Retaliation against Elves for many Years.

Indeed, after the War of the Bitter Ashes, Crag Hack left for the Pao Islands of the Jade Ocean and lived among the Orcs for several Years, learning their Ways and fighting at their Side as a Member of their Tribe; it is my Belief that Crag Hack is not the Name he received from his Parents at Birth, but a Nickname given to him by his Orc Companions, altho' my Research did not allow me to uncover Captain Hack's Birth Name for certain.

Crag Hack reappeared in Hammer Fall in 552 YSD, again selling his Sword to the Merchant's Guilds of the City, having added Sailing and Steering to his many Skills; as Hammer Fall had no conflict on Land, Crag Hack became a Corsair, tasked with protecting the Guild's Ships against Pirates; it is an Irony indeed that his Lust for Freedom, Riches and Battles soon made him turn to Piracy himself.

Crag Hack eventually captured an Elven Frigate that he found to his Liking and kept for himself, calling it his Revenge; this Feat inducted him into the Pirate Council of the Savage Sea, altho' Captain Hack became quickly bored with the so-called Pirate Democracy, preferring Action to Palaver; his Greed and Taste for Blood put him in Conflict with the Imperial Authorities, especially after a bold Attack on the City of Bayworth, located on the Border between the Duchies of Greyhound and Unicorn.

Quickly overthrowing the City's Defenses with his Flocks of Harpies, Crag Hack mocked the Cowardice of Baron Rufus, the City's Lord, as he plunder'd the City's Treasure; the Baron never forgave the Pirate who had humiliated him and ransacked his City, putting a Bounty on Captain Hack's Head and branding him an Enemy of the Empire.

(As my esteemed Reader surely knows, Baron Rufus later proved himself a Hero, sacrificing himself to deal the fatal Blow to the Demon Prince of Pain as the infernal Armies were marching on Bayworth; while Captain Hack was not seen or heard of for the whole Duration of the Second Eclipse.)

Crag Hack's felonious Career however was far from over...

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