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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

The Fabrication of the Orcs

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Agar

What you are about to discover are events seen with mine own true eyes. I have scribed them on this eternal parchment so that the great Wizards that taught me my art and saved Ashan in the process might be remembered for all time, justly and with the merit that is their due. My master was part of the creation of an army that saved Ashan from certain destruction. You who breathe air freely, remember Wizard Daemharra fondly.

7th day of Moon Mother in the 332nd Year of the Seventh Dragon

Reports of war rage on. Today is the second anniversary of the Bloodmoon eclipse that brought the Demons. Clans of Falcon are routed from their capitol. Angel city Cloud Breach has fallen from the sky. Nagas have fled the fray under sea, Elves defend their forests and Dwarves are defeated at Death Spine Gate. The Faceless remain silent. Master Daemharra and five Wizards are given audience by High Council of Wizards to present plan.

15th day of Moon Mother 332 YSD

The Master looks frightened by his own audacity. We are given a list of things we'll need. Two ingredients on list make me gasp.
- 100 bodies of fallen hopelessly wounded warriors and deserters
- Ten barrels of fresh Demon blood

17th day of Sun Blossom 332 YSD

We lost four more pupils today and a Wizard from House Anima. The creature spawned from the vats was hideous and grotesque with but a single eye, and from it shot a magical ray, chopping us down as if by some magical scythe. Daemharra named it Cyclops. Note that Blood of Demon Lords is too strong to make stable soldiers.

25th day of Sun Blossom 333 YSD

Our laboratories are infested with vermin the master names Goblins. They gobble everything up. Fortunately the Cyclopes seem fond of eating Goblins. This has curbed infestation and soothed their rage. Imp blood is too weak to create a viable creature.

3rd day of Sun Blossom 335 YSD

The Orcs are made. They are perfect. There is a fury in their eyes and a sort of intelligence that the Cyclopes and Goblins heed. Daemharra asks all Wizard Houses to find a way to age Orcs more rapidly.

7th day of Emerald Song 335 YSD

Orcs discovered to be immune to aging spells. The war outside approaches our walls.

14th day of Laughing Winds 335 YSD

Daemharra was killed today on battlefield leading Orcs in first charge. The battle was won, but the master lost.

18th day of Shining Star 335 YSD

The Wizards leading Orcs have won decisive victory. Seven Cities are free. The armies are sent North.

1st day of Night Veil 336 YSD

Demons have been defeated.
Ashan is saved.
We have saved Ashan.

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