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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Manifesto of the Karthal League

Lore for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game

author: Hamza

Who are we? The abandoned children of Karthal!

When the Demons invaded the Agyn Peninsula, when the towers of Portmeyron were burning and the chaotic armies massing against the walls of Karthal, the Empire abandoned us.

Our Governor and protector, Lord Montbard, a loyal servant of the Empire, fought and died alone.

No help came from the Greyhound or Unicorn Duchies, those who claim to rule us and whose flags adorn our spires.

We were abandoned. Had Duke Anton of Griffin and the Wizards of the Seven Cities not intervened, Karthal would be ash and dust.

The Empire ignored us then. We refuse to be ignored again! We refuse to be abandoned again!

What do we want? To serve the Emperor rather than middlemen!

Karthal is and will always remain one of the jewels of the Falcon crown. It is time it answers to the Falcon alone.

We don't want secession. We want the right to administrate our life. We want the right to protect our own. We want autonomy, under the Emperor's benevolent watch.

We want the City Council of Karthal to have the power to take its own decisions, without having to wait for the approval of a distant Duke that doesn't care about our fate.

We want the Governor of the Peninsula to be chosen among its inhabitants, and not be a complete stranger only interested in enforcing the interests of one of the Duchies.

We want the right to benefit from our trade and commerce, without all this wealth being whisked away by the Unicorn or the Greyhound.

We want to be able to conscript our own armed forces to defend our lives in the Emperor's name.

We will not give up the fight. For Karthal! For the Agyn Peninsula!

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