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Might & Magic X: Legacy

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Solved Puzzles & Riddles for Might & Magic X: Legacy

Solution for Lord Kilburn geography of the Peninsula riddle, Solar Sigil Riddle, Flute Riddle, Erebos Riddle, Code Riddle, Tomb of a Thousand Terrors Riddle and other riddles and secrets.

Lord Kilburn geography of the Peninsula riddle.

Lord Kilburn has some questions for the Raiders about the geography and landmarks of the Peninsula in Peninsula Incognita Quest.

Sorpigal-by-the-Sea is located on the shores of a bay. What's the name of that bay?

What is the name of the large river on which Karthal is located?

There's a lake in the very centre of the Peninsula. What is it called?

What name is given to the rocky coast on the western edge of the Peninsula?

What is the name of the sea north of the Peninsula?

What was the ancient name of these lands, before they became known as the Agyn Peninsula?

What is the name of the small forest east of Karthal?

There's a place whose name means "Songs of the Wind" in the Elven language. What is the place?

Lord Kilburn has some questions for the Raiders about the geography and landmarks of the Peninsula

Lord Kilburn has some questions for the Raiders about the geography of the Peninsula

MMX Legacy Riddles

What does man love more than life,
Hate more than death or mortal strife;
That which contented men desire,
The poor have, the Rich require;
The miser spends, the spendthrift saves,
And all men carry to their graves?

Strong or weak, they all soon learn,
That I dwell within the hearts of men,
In darkness I rule but retreat from light.
I don't need hands to grasp you tight.
Answer: FEAR

While I don't walk, swim or fly,
Before I fade, I still wander.
I shed tears even if I don't cry,
But what am I ? That I wonder.
Answer: CLOUD

I am known to both young and old,
Some cower from me, others I make bold,
But I'm not one you mock or taunt,
For your every step I haunt.
Answer: DEATH

I have a head. I have a tail. But I haven't got a body. What am I?
Answer: COIN

I am so simple, that I can only point,
Yet I guide men all over the world.

What three letters make a man of a boy?
Answer: AGE

What runs smoother than any rhyme, loves to fall but cannot climb?
Answer: WATER

What is always too late?
Answer: REGRET

Who has a hat but no head, a foot but no shoe?

This engulfing thing is strange indeed. The greater it grows, the less you see.

Completely round is fairly rare.
Bright and shiny when I'm there.
When I'm not, they call me new.
But I'm old. Older than you.
Answer: MOON

What is not enough for one, just right for two, too much for three?
Answer: SECRET

History is told, forgotten, and can be told again.
What is put on parchment never remains unchanged.
Always truth can be washed away and rewritten,
But the spectre of past words seldom completely fades.

Solar Sigil Riddle

This altar looks like it fell from the wrecked Angelic ship stuck in the rocks above. The Solar Sigil fits perfectly in the cavity. All you have to do is invoke the right name ...

Flute Riddle

C, D#, F, G

Erebos Riddle

As life withers and closes,
As the first sign of rage grows.
Peace ends while battles start again.
A circle is drawn,Where shadow is born.
What is its name ?
Answer: EREBOS

Code Riddle

Enter the Code.
Answer: 0451

Tomb of a Thousand Terrors Riddle

One shadow. No Honour. No Glory. No Mercy.
So many Terrors are buried in this Tomb.