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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Relics List for Might & Magic X

Relics are very powerful items that you can find in the game world. Relics raise their level of experience while using. Relics are legendary items of many different types. Every relic has an XP bar similar to those of the party members. While equipped a relic receives the same amount of XP as the character using it. When the XP bar is full the relic reaches the next level, unlocking better stats or adding powerful enchantments.

Crag Hack's Helmet

For a mercenary, reputation is everything. He needs to be recognized the instant he sets foot on a battlefield. Crag Hack rapidly understood that, and designed a helmet with a distinctive shape. While its horns make it rather impractical - even dangerous - on a battlefield, Crag wears it anyway, since it never fails to impress. Crag Hack actually lost his first helmet, and had another one made.

The Hacker

Two Handed Axe

Minimum Damage: 37

Maximum Damage: 59

Critical Damage: 0.3

This is Crag Hack's trusty two-handed axe. Many foes were cut by the Hacker, unseam'd from the nave to the chops. He now prefers to fight with a smaller axe in one hand and the Sword of the Pirate King in another. The Hacker was therefore entrusted to worthy successors.


Magic Focus Two Handed

Minimum Damage: 24

Maximum Damage: 26

Critical Damage: 0.4

This long paddle is believed to host the spirit of a Thunderbird, a major Spirit of Air. According to the Orcs of the Pao Islands, Thunderbirds are only found on lonely stone peaks. A legend tells how the young Shamaness Whaitiri climbed the Thunder Peak to find the bird. Whaitiri could tame the bird and trap its essence in her paddle, but had to sacrifice her sight to perform the binding ritual.


Don't be fooled by its unrefined appearance, Unbreakable is worthy of its name. It was worn by the Orc warrior Majagua during the Second Eclipse. Majagua was subjected to ridicule by the other Orcs, who are rarely fond of armour. They changed their minds when Unbreakable saved Majagua from a Juggernaut's charge.

The Evangelist

One Handed Axe

Minimum Damage: 24

Maximum Damage: 40

Critical Damage: 0.3

The battle priest who christened this axe sure had a dark sense of humour. "Nothing converts the unfaithful faster than a big, sharp axe", he reportedly stated. Evangelist's twin sungold blades look like Angel wings, but are no less deadly. Its original wielder died fighting Orcs. They had bigger axes.


Two Handed Axe

Minimum Damage: 38

Maximum Damage: 64

Critical Damage: 0.3

Elves often dislike axes, the tool that cuts trees. Irnaran, "the blood of trees", is therefore rather unique. In 330 YSD, during the First Eclipse, Demon portals opened in the heart of the forests of Irollan. The devastation was sickening. Many trees were left burnt and twisted by the Demon fires. Irnaran was forged to cut down the suffering trees and put an end to their agony.

Dragon Flame Tongue

One Handed Sword

Minimum Damage: 29

Maximum Damage: 33

Critical Damage: 0.5

This unmistakable sword has been wielded by many Heroes and Warriors. During the Second Eclipse, its true story was finally uncovered. To the Dragon Knights, it was known as the Sword of the First Consecration. The sword ended in the hands of common men after the death of its bearer, Commander Salienor, in 330 YSD.

San Tenga Mugen

Two Handed Sword

Minimum Damage: 36

Maximum Damage: 44

Critical Damage: 0.5

San Tenga Mugen's previous owner was Hagane Hamato, the bounty hunter. This great starsilver silksword was notably used to stop the nefarious Ayakashi, the Medusa. The sword was forged during the Diaspora of the Nagas by the famous weaponsmith, Hagane Goro. Forged using Naga and Elven techniques, its name is believed to mean "The Resplendent Infinity of the Land Under the Sky".


One Handed Mace

Minimum Damage: 31

Maximum Damage: 35

Critical Damage: 0.2

Rocklin the Miner is the Hero of a Famous Dwarven saga. He is said to have dug so deep into the Grimheim mountains, that he found a vein of red ore like he had never seen. As it turned out, the "red ore" was actually the hide of a resting Red Dragon. Adventure ensued. Rocklin's legend inspired the name of this pickaxe.


Two Handed Mace

Minimum Damage: 50

Maximum Damage: 56

Critical Damage: 0.2

Ladfin was an Elf Weaponsmith who fought Emperor Liam's knights during the War of Bitter Ashes. He crafted this mace because he felt Leafblades were useless against a knight's armour. He named it Vayaleth, "quick death", after it crushed the skull of a Crusader, killing him instantly. After this incident, Ladfin decided the mace was too inelegant a weapon.

Heart Piercer

Two Handed Spear

Minimum Damage: 32

Maximum Damage: 64

Critical Damage: 0.5

Before the Elder Wars, Angel armies were a wondrous and terrible sight to behold. Ranks upon ranks of sungold clad warriors, armed with bows, swords, and spears. Heart Piercer was the property of Yehiel, a great Angel warrior and a member of Archangel Michael's elite forces. Yehiel died at Michael's side when the Faceless Master of Assassins ambushed them.


One Handed Dagger

Minimum Damage: 12

Maximum Damage: 22

Critical Damage: 0.7

Janbiyahs are a type of dagger found in the Seven Cities. The Janbiyah's curved blade make it a great cutting tool on top of an efficient weapon. A Wizard receives his own Janbiyah when he graduates from his Academy. Judging by the rubies that decorate the hilt, this particular dagger belonged to a Crimson Wizard of Al-Rubit.

Demon Kiss


Minimum Damage: 23

Maximum Damage: 27

Critical Damage: 0.3

Despite its name and appearance, Demon Kiss is a weapon feared by all the Demons of Sheogh. It was crafted and wielded by Vincent, a famous Demon hunter, during the First Eclipse. An Impeiral crossbowman, Vincent was the only survivor of a regiment slaughtered by a Succubus who had mesmerized his comrades. Vincent made this crossbow and named it Demon Kiss so he could repay the Succubus in kind.



Minimum Damage: 21

Maximum Damage: 31

Critical Damage: 0.1

Orcs usually don't bother with complicated names. If this bow is named Mageslayer, it's for good reason. During the Orc Rebellion, the centaur Enkhtuya killed many Wizards and Mageblades with arrows shot with this bow. Her daughter Khongorz later inherited it, and used it to defend the Pao Islands from invaders.


Magic Focus One Handed

Minimum Damage: 18

Maximum Damage: 20

Critical Damage: 0.3

The Suncross is a powerful symbol of Elrathian faith, widely used in the Holy Empire. It reminds the faithful that the Dragon God of Light sees in all directions and that there is nowhere anyone may go to hide from the truth. Suncrosses are often used as sacramentals by the Priests of Elrath. They are usually enchanted, allowing their bearer to channel the powers of the Light.

Staff of the Lyre

Magic Focus Two Handed

Minimum Damage: 26

Maximum Damage: 28

Critical Damage: 0.5

The Lyre was the sigil of Farzana, the first woman to become Archmage of House Anima. Cunning and powerful, Farzana reached this rank at the astonishing age of 23. Farzana was a skilled musician and enjoyed playing the lyre, making it her blazon. It is rumoured that the inverted lyre atop this staff is actually Farzana's instrument, cast in gold.

Shield of the Sun

Small Shield AC:12

Decorated with a stylized sun, this shield dates back to the early days of the Holy Falcon Empire. It's uncommon to find this kind of buckler shield in the Empire nowadays. Emperor Morvan the Terrible, founder of the Sentinels, is credited with replacing bucklers with large, rectangular shields. He reasoned that small shields would prove quite useless against arrows, darts and other projectiles.

White Wolf Shield

Big Shield AC:18

While this is only one of many shields bearing the Kilburns' coat-of-arms, it remains a strong symbol of a powerful legacy. Arthur, the first Duke of Unicorn, had two children: his daughter Lynne inherited the title and became Duchess while her younger brother, Richard, became general of the Unicorn armies. Even the proud Duke Siegfried of Wolf famously stated that the Unicorn Duchy was lucky to have such a "white wolf" as its defender, and thus Richard's blazon came into being. During the Wars of Fire, Richard died in battle protecting the town of Kilburn from the Demons. He was remembered as the "Knight of Kilburn", a title that was passed on to his descendants.

Smuggler's Jacket

The Holy Empire enforces strict trade laws. Some say it actually encourages smuggling and other illegal commerce. Senka, a merchant from Vradek's Crossing, was known as the Smuggler Queen and controlled the eastern black market. All of her agents wore enchanted jackets, making them harder to see, hear and detect.

Vampire Armour

This dark leather armour was crafted in Al-Betyl, to be used by Necromancer officers on the battlefield. Imbued with Dark magic, it can drain the life of wounded opponents. While it was never worn by actual Vampires, it is strongly associated with the Death Lords of Heresh. It is however of note that it does not grant its wearers any of the Vampire powers, nor their bloodthirst curse.

Armour of the Legendary Hero

This armour has been around for a long time. It probably predates the Holy Empire. It is said that it was worn by a powerful Hero during the Wars of Fire. His shining armour became a beacon of hope for his comrades on the battlefield. Sadly, nobody remembers the name of this proud Hero.

Holy Sandals

A burning star, that lit the sky of a moonless night, fell near the valley of Skarena in 111 YSD. A fortified abbey was built in the crater left by the meteor, and the star itself is said to have been used as its foundation. Decades later, the monks of Skarena discovered that their sandals had gained mysterious magical properties. It is believed that walking the corridors of the abbey for years had somehow imbued the sandals with some of the star's power.

Titan Leggings

During the Shantiri era, Titans came in all shapes and sizes. Alchemists from House Materia once unearthed pieces of a Human-sized Titan. Unfortunately, it was broken in several pieces, beyond repair, not to mention that the secret of its activation glyphs had been lost with the Shantiri's civilization. The Titan's scraps, however, were recycled as an armour.

Jade Coif

This kind of conical hat is usually worn by the denizens of the Lotus Empire. Peasants wear simple hats made of straw, while Monks and Mystics wear more elaborate coifs. This particular hat probably belonged to a high-ranking Priest or Priestess of Shalassa. Its green colour was obtained with Jade dust.

Ancestor Mask

Ancestors play an important role in Dwarven society. The six major Dwarf clans were each founded by a mythical forefather. When going into battle, Dwarf generals usually wear a steel mask representing the great heroes of their clan's history. This ancient mask is thought to represent such a hero, Magnus Grimsteel.

Will and Resolve

Will and Resolve are bracers crafted by the legendary Monk and martial artist, Shinobu, the protector of Gekkouyama Temple. Around 250 YSD, the Army of the Thousand Brigands tried to sack the Temple. Shinobu defeated one hundred of them in single combat. The Brigand general asked how she could be so strong. Showing her fists, Shinobu answered that she had defeated them with "will and resolve". Legend says nine hundred disciples joined the Temple that day.

Black Fang Gauntlet

The Blackfang is arguably the most powerful criminal organization of Ashan. While it describes itself as an "association of smugglers and thieves", it also engages in extortion and assassination. Blackfang assassins often use special gauntlets with small, retracting spikes hidden in the palm. The spikes are coated with a lethal dose of snake venom. In the underworld, victims are said to have been "bitten".

Thunderblade's Helmet

An old ballad of the Unicorn Duchy tells the story of a brave knight, Sir Thunderblade. Betrayed by the Baron of Dunmoor, Sir Thunderblade was wrongly accused of treason and left for dead to the crows. Barely escaping with his life, he fled to the Free Cities where he hid among the Windswords, dissimulating his identity under a winged helmet that covered his face. The ballad tells how the masked Thunderblade managed to expose Dunmoor's treachery and clear his name.

Starsilver Blade

One Handed Sword

Minimum Damage: 29

Maximum Damage: 33

Critical Damage: 0.5

This blade was crafted for the Raiders by Irnel, the Elven weaponsmith of Seahaven, from a piece of Starsilver ore found in the Desolate Wilds. Starsilver is one of the rarest metals of Ashan, as it is only found on fallen stars. It is from Starsilver that the kings and nobles of the Elven nations make their swords. Starsilver is also easy to enchant, and is therefore treasured by Wizards and Alchemists.

Lovers' Pendant


In Volos, a city-kingdom founded by survivors of the Shantiri Empire, prince Rodas was bethroted to Kasia, a priestess of Asha. But Rodas eventually fell in love with a sorceress, Melanthe, and married her instead. Kasia, heartbroken by Rodas' betrayal, died of chagrin. Kasia's ghost eventually led Rodas to discover that Melanthe had used a love philter to seduce him. The discovery of the truth freed Rodas from the sorceress' spell. Rodas confronted Melanthe and repudiated her. In retaliation, Melanthe unleashed a curse that buried the city under sand and dust.