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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Hirelings List for Might & Magic X

Some NPCs can be employed to accompany the party in order to provide individual services, others may want to join your party for the duration of a certain quest. You can only have a maximum of two companions, but you can fire a hireling in order to have a quest NPC be able to join the party.

Hireling: Apothecary

Nahla at Minho_Marshes (36,64)

This hireling sells potions to you.

Hireling: Appraiser

Karim at Karthal Harbour, Karims House

This hireling identifies all enchanted items you find for free.

Hireling: Bodyguard

Vilma at Vantyr_Range (111,80)

Maximus at Sorpigal, Sorpigal Town Garrison

This hireling will attempt to block the first ranged or melee strikes directed at your party each turn. The block chance is rised.

Hireling: Chef

Kengi at Sorpigal, The Goblin Watchtower

Geisli at Vantyr Range (116,99)

This hireling provides for a good rest every time your party is resting.

Hireling: Doctor

Kaspar at The Crag, The Crag Fort

This hireling removes ailments from the members of your party for some gold.

Hireling: Hawker

Huang at Desolate Wilds (52,27)

This hireling will buy any items from you.

Hireling: Healer

Alesia at Seahaven, Church Of Elrath

This hireling can revive a dead party member once a day for free. She can restore Health and Mana of the whole party once a day for free.

Hireling: Hound

Spike at Yon_Chall_Forest (59,72)

This hireling reveals secret doors and levers for you and improves your chances of succeeding in handling secrets by some percent.

Hireling: Loremaster

Rosalie at Sorpigal, Chapel Of Elrath

This hireling anticipates traps, secrets and enemies in the vicinity of the party.

Hireling: Mage

Sana at Seahaven

Falagar at The Crag, Big House

This hireling casts a selection of defensive spells once a day for free. The selection contains Burning Determination, Wind Shield, Stone Skin, Hour of Power and Arcane Ward.

Hireling: Negotiator

Romuald at Seahaven, The Moon Doe

This hireling takes over bargaining with traders attaining a discount on every item purchase.

Hireling: Pack Horse

Aonbarr at Sorpigal The Horse Haven

This hireling doubles your inventory space.

Hireling: Scholar

Edwin at Seahaven Astronomers Lab

Haji at Karthal Slums

This hireling increases the experience you gain from defeating enemies by some percent.

Hireling: Scout

Aiolos at Sorpigal

Dunstan at Sorpigal

This hireling reduces the distance before which enemies become aware of you by some value. He shares his basic knowledge of the Agyn dwellers with you and improves your recon radius on the mini-map by additional radius.

Hireling: Tinker

Bart Brimstone at The Crag, Toothrot Tavern

This hireling repairs all your worn weapons, armour and shields for free.

Hireling: Trap Disarmer

Bones at The Crag, The Crag Everymans Armours

This hireling reveals traps for you and improves your chances of disarming them by some percent.

Hireling: Treasure Hunter

Crag Hack at The Crag, The Crag Fort

Zhin at The Crag, Zhins House

This hireling increases the chance of finding enchantment equipment by some percent and increases the amount of gold you find.

Hireling: Victualer

Huarea at Navea Plains (90,72)

This hireling provides rations that allow you to rest once a day without consuming supplies.