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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Advanced Classes Promotion Quests for Might & Magic X: Legacy

Every Character Class Advanced Class got Promotion Quest which is needed to advance. Here are NPC Promoter locations and Promotion Quests List


  • Zouleika - Karthal Sewers Lvl 1 - Promoter: Archmage
  • Gathalel - Yon Chall Forest (82,93) - Promoter: Blademaster
  • Airini - The Crag, Healing Lodge - Promoter: Blood Caller
  • Tieru - Minho Marshes (40,53) - Promoter: Druid Elder
  • Ulagan - The Crag - Promoter: Marauder
  • Grimbold - Karthal Slums - Promoter: Paladin
  • Erling - Vantyr Range (116,99) - Promoter: Pathfinder
  • Eldgrim - Seahaven, Eldgrims_House - Promoter: Runelord
  • Hedwig - Navea Delta (85,47) - Promoter: Shield Guard
  • Monshan - Navea Delta (90,45) - Promoter: Warden
  • Kraal - Desolate Wilds (43,15) - Promoter: Warmonger
  • Myranda - Seahaven, Windsword Garrison - Promoter: Windsword

Promotion Quests

Archmage Promotion Quest

Quest giver Zouleika

Find the Kaamla Asiya scrolls in the Tower of Enigma.

  • Solve the riddles of the Tower of Enigma
  • Find the Kaamla Asiya scrolls.
  • ind the lost scrolls of the Kaamla Asiya.
  • Bring the scrolls to Zouleika.

The rebellious Archmage Zouleika, Falagar's daughter, agreed to train you if you can find the legendary scrolls of the Kaamla Asiya, a long-lost spell devised by Sar-Issus himself. Zouleika believes the spell to be hidden beyond the traps and riddles of the Tower of Enigma.

Blade Master Promotion Quest

Quest giver Gathalel

Retrieve the Talasyl stone from the Sacred Grove.

  • Find the Sacred Grove.
  • Retrieve the Talasyl.
  • Return to Gathalel.

In order to promote the Blade Dancers of the party into Blade Masters, the Elf Gathalel needs you to go to the Sacred Grove of Halloth to bring back a stone known as Talasyl, the Heart of the Forest.

Blood Caller Promotion Quest

Quest giver Airini

Confront your Demon self in the Dream world.

  • Find Owl Cave.
  • Rest within Owl Cave.
  • Find and defeat your Demon side.

In order to become a Blood Caller, an Orc Shaman must undergo a Dream journey and confront his Demon self. The perfect place for this ritual is Owl Cave, north of the Crag. As you rest in Owl Cave, you find yourself in a strange, dream version of the cave. You now need to confront the Demon within.

Druid Elder Promotion Quest

Quest giver Tieru

Find the book known as Gorada Rael, currently in the possession of a Warlock named Malik.

  • Find Malik.
  • Retrieve the Gorada Rael.
  • Bring back the book to Tieru.

The Druid Tieru has been tracking down an Archdemon named Ergal who, according to him, is responsible for the destruction of Brythigga, the Mother of Trees. So far, Ergal has managed to remain one step ahead of Tieru. Tieru needs to understand how Ergal can maintain himself on Ashan despite the fact there is no Bloodmoon Eclipse. Tieru believes the answers are located in a book of Demon summoning known as Gorada Rael. The last known copy of this forbidden book is in the hands of a Warlock named Malik, currently calling himself "Sayid" and hiding somewhere in the Peninsula. Tieru needs you to confront Malik and retrieve the Gorada Rael.

Marauder Promotion Quest

Quest giver Ulagan

Steal a pendant from Mayneri without being caught.

  • Enter Mayneri's lodge.
  • Find Mayneri's pendant.
  • Don't be seen or caught.
  • Give the pendant to Ulagan.

The Orc Pirate, Ulagan, will promote you to Marauders if you help him get a pendant for his bride. The pendant belongs to a Shaman, Mayneri, who keeps it in his lodge. The Raiders must steal the pendant without being noticed by Mayneri or his guards. You found the pendant. Now you must get out of Mayneri's lodge with your prize...

Paladin Promotion Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Appease the ghosts of the Cursed Ruins.

  • Investigate the Cursed Ruins.
  • Find clues about the missing relic.
  • Locate the Stone Disc.
  • Bring back the stone disc to the Ghost in the Cursed Ruins.

Jon Morgan asked you to find a way to appease the ghosts haunting the Cursed Ruins, south of Castle Portmeyron. Since traditional exorcisms never succeeded, you'll have to try another approach to cleanse the ruins. You met a strange, sad ghost in the Cursed Ruins. While you couldn't communicate with it, you have a hunch all is linked to a missing relic. You find notes left by the last inhabitants of the ruins, hinting that the relic is some sort of stone disc, stolen a long time ago.

Rune Lord Promotion Quest

Quest giver Ingvar

Enter Sudgerd and ignite the Sacred Fire.

  • Enter Sudgerd.
  • Ignite the Sacred Fire.

In order for Rune Priests to become Runelords, you need to enter the cursed Dwarven fortress of Sudgerd and ignite the Sacred Fire of Arkath.

Pathfinder Promotion Quest

Quest giver Geisli

Escort Geisli the Dwarf to Seahaven.

  • Talk to Geisli.
  • Escort Geisli to Seahaven.

To become worthy of being called Pathfinders, you need to escort the Dwarf Geisli through the wilds and take him to Seahaven.

Shield Guard Promotion Quest

Quest giver Hedwig

Look for the Dwarves inside the cave.

  • Find the lost caravan.
  • Follow the trail of debris.
  • Enter the Cyclopes' cave.
  • Defeat Davros.
  • Return to Hedwig.

Hedwig, the Shieldmaiden, asked you to find a merchant caravan that disappeared in the mountains of the Vantyr range. You found the caravan - smashed to pieces by angry Cyclopes. A ray of hope remains, as the Dwarf merchants were nowhere to be found. You followed the trail of debris to a Cyclops' cave. You arrived not a moment too soon - a mountain Cyclops named Davros was about to eat them!

Warden Promotion Quest

Quest giver Monshan

Find the poachers' camp and free the animals.

  • Locate the poachers' camp.
  • Eliminate the poachers.
  • Free the animals.
  • Report to Monshan.

Monshan will make you Wardens if you manage to locate a band of poachers who trespassed into Irollan's forest to capture wild animals. You are to find the poachers, put an end to their activities, and liberate the imprisoned animals.

Warmonger Promotion Quest

Quest giver Blind Shaman

Find the Pao Kai Nest and defeat a Pao Kai.

  • Defeat Sandor's troops.
  • Talk to Sandor.
  • Find the Pao Kai Nest.
  • Find a Pao Kai.
  • Kill the Pao Kai.

According to the ancient customs of Redskull Island, only by killing a Pao Kai can a Barbarian become a Warmonger.

Windsword Quest

Quest giver Myranda

Swear the Windsword oath in the Temple of Ylath.

  • Find the Temple of Ylath.
  • Say the sacred oath in front of the Statue of Ylath.
  • Report to Myranda in Seahaven.

In order for Mercenaries to become Windswords, the party needs to journey to the mountains of the Menthil Coast, find the Temple of Ylath, and swear a sacred oath in front of the Dragon of Air's statue.