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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Character Classes, Advanced Classes and Races for Might & Magic X: Legacy

Character Classes: Mercenary, Crusader, Freemage, Bladedancer, Ranger, Druid, Defender, Scout, Runepriest, Barbarian, Hunter, Shaman, Advanced Character Classes: Archmage, Blood Caller, Blademaster, Druid Elder, Shield Guard, Pathfinder, Paladin, Runelord, Marauder, Warden, Warmonger, Windsword, Character Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc.

Character Classes


Mercenaries hail from the Free cities. They are warriors and explorers that follow Ylath, the Dragon of Air, wandering the world in search of riches and causes worth fighting for.


Crusaders are the battle-priests of Elrath. They can be found all over the world, spreading the teachings of the Light and fighting all the evils they encounter.


Freemages are Wizards who left the Seven Cities after their studies to settle in the Free Cities. They often wander the world looking for interesting ruins or lost knowledge.


Elite among sylvan warriors, certain Elves dedicate their lives to the intricate Elven martial art known as the Battle Dance, relying on evasion and quick action rather than resistance or brute force.


Wandering Irollan, Rangers live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws, seeking perfection through the mastery of the bow. This quest sometimes lead them to leave the forest and travel around the world.


The druids are the priests of Sylanna, Elemental Dragon of Earth and living embodiment of Nature. As such they are granted control over the magic of the elements, which they call upon in times of peril.


Hailing from the Grimsteel Clan, Defenders are able to withstand the attacks of their enemies with a rock-like durability. Armed with huge shields reminiscent of fortress walls, they provide a formidable obstacle to any opponent.


The Dwarves of clan Winterwind are the most outgoing of all of their kind. They are the ones most likely to be found on the surface or dealing with outsiders. They are expert travellers and have deep knowledge of the wilds.


The Rune Priests are members of the Deepflame clan, a special caste among the Dwarves, recruited from children born with golden eyes -- the mark of their god, Arkath -- who are then brought up as battle-mages.


The Barbarian is the quintessential Orc warrior. His usual tactic is simply to rush straight at the enemy, counting on his speed, ferocity and toughness to break the lines of the opposing troops and pound the hell out of them.


Orcs are, contrary to popular belief, not cannibals. Their diet is based heavily on the principle of "you caught it, you cook it". Hunting provides the bulk of their diet. Orc Hunters, as all other Orcs, are also fierce warriors, capable of surviving on their own in the wild for weeks, or even years.


Orc Shamans are a strange breed. They act as mediums between the material world and the spirit world, which they refer to as the "Dream World". To enter this realm, they undergo deep trance rituals, the nature of which is specific to each Shaman. From their journeys into the "Dream World", the Shamans bring insights that help them draw magical powers from their own demon blood.

Advanced Character Classes


Some Mages become so attuned to the Spirit World that they feel right at home on both side of the Veil. Constantly shifting between both worlds, they gain not only knowledge and insight, but a tremendous sense of confidence that allows them to attempt the most ambitious incantations and spells. In reverance and envy, their peers now call them Archmages.

Blood Caller

Blood Callers are Shamans that use bloodletting rituals to amplify their magical powers and conjure the more devastating spells. They are justly feared by even their Orc brethren, because their magic has a cost that can lead them, or their co-ritualists to succumb to Chaos, or death...


Some Blade Dancers reach a level of expertise so remarkable that their swordplay becomes a mesmerizing spectacle, the beauty of which can awe even their enemies in admiration. These Dancers are given the title of Blade Master by their peers, and can now teach what they know to others.

Druid Elder

The title of Druid Elder is received in a dream. The Dragon Goddess of Earth, Sylanna, visits a Druid and asks them to dedicate their lives to the protection of Asha's creation and Sylanna's gardens. The title is confirmed by two other Druid Elders who come to the Druid saying, "I saw you and the Dragon in my dream. Welcome child of Sylanna."

Shield Guard

Shield Guard is not an honorary title, it is awarded to a Dwarven Defender who has shown heroic aptitude for protecting his or her peers in combat. It is celebrated by a branded tatoo on the back of the hand, imbued with magical runes of protection.


Scouts who have survived a dozen or so adventures on the surface of Ashan and whose tales have reached the ears of all the Dwarf Clans, are given the title of Pathfinders. It is said that Arkath guides their steps and that they are never truly lost, for each step is leading them to a chance for a fight, fortune and glory.


Champions of the impossible quests with faith as their guiding star, Paladins are Crusaders that have answered the calling of Elrath, the Dragon God of Light. They make a sacred oath that is magically binding and blesses them with tremendous powers that allies respect and rivals fear.


Rune Priests who have demonstrated both their mastery of the sacred rituals of Arkath, the Dragon God of Fire, and their valor in battle, earn the status of Rune Lord. This is a tremendous honor for a Rune Priest that is often marked by a magical brand or tatoo.


When Orc Hunters start bringing back more than just meat from their hunting trips, trifles such as jewels, gold, swords and captives, they are given a new title that honors their new status. They are called Marauders, and the best amongst them become heroes of legend, because of the spectacular stories they are able to tell upon their return.


It is said that the arrow of a Warden is the last thing a poacher need worry about... for he'll be dead before he knew it hit him. The title of Warden is given to the most exceptional Rangers by Druid Elders for services rendered unto the gardens and forests of Sylanna, anywhere on Ashan.


When Barbarians have proven their courage and strength in battle as well as their capacity to rally others in the fray, tales of their bravado start to spread amongst the Orc camps. To have one's name chanted by a Shaman, and one's exploits recounted in glorious detail is the hallmark of the Warmonger, for that is how they are called.


Adventurers who have proven both their value and valour in combat can join the elite mercenary companies known as the Windswords. Under the tutelage of Ylath, the Dragon of Air, they take a solemn vow and become honor bound to their chosen companions in war and fortune, never turning their back on them.

Character Races


Humans are the youngest race of Ashan, and are the Children of Ylath, the Dragon God of Air, although many of them now worship Elrath, the Dragon of Light. Short-lived, but curious and restless, Humans are one of the most dynamic people of Ashan.


The Elves are graceful and patient souls who live in close harmony with the lands and forests. They are in tune with Sylanna, the Dragon Goddess of Earth. Her deliberate nature and ancient wisdom are reflected in their approach to life and worship.


Fierce warriors, industrious blacksmiths, and masters of Rune Magic, the Dwarves are the Children of Arkath, the Dragon God of Fire. Dwarves are short and stocky; they rarely stand much over 4 feet tall. Adult male Dwarves always wear full beards.


Tribes of nomadic barbarians, Orcs are the scattered but proud survivors of a long history of persecution. They were created in the Seven Cities during the War of the Blood Moon, when the Crimson Wizards injected Demon blood into Human slaves and criminals.