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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Skills & Skill Trainer Locations for Might & Magic X

Skills and Skill Trainers Locations for Might & Magic X: Legacy Video Game. When you defeat an enemy or solve a quest, all party members will gain a certain amount of XP. When exceeding an XP threshold a character reaches the next level. With every new level a character receives attribute and skill points you can distribute freely. You have to visit a trainer and become Novice, Expert, Master or Grand Master.

Air Magic

The dynamic wisps woven by a disciple of the Magic school of Air are infused with the essence of Ylath, the elemental Dragon of Storms. Air Magic can be used to create violent gusts of wind that toss opponents around, or sizzling lightning bolts that fry them alive.

Aldin - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Air Magic - Expert

Shizuka - Seahaven - Trainer: Air Magic - Expert

Guaora - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Air Magic - Master

Shiva - Wyslin Jungle (25,76) - Trainer: Air Magic - Grand Master

Arcane Discipline

Years of meditation and energetic exercises prepare the body and mind to withstand even the strongest magical assaults, which would otherwise annihilate ordinary people in the blink of an eye.

Faris - Sorpigal, Arcane Library - Trainer: Arcane Discipline - Expert

Yayoi - Seahaven - Trainer: Arcane Discipline - Expert

Yahima - The Crag, House Of Mojo - Trainer: Arcane Discipline - Master

Mizuki - Desolate Wilds (20,33) - Trainer: Arcane Discipline - Grand Master


Axes are the classic choice for fighters who want to cause serious damage. In skilled hands, critical hits with axes leave bleeding wounds. If these injuries are not healed quickly the wounded will bleed to death.

Enora - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Axe - Expert

Brogan - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Axe - Expert

Inamoca - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Axe - Master

Drengi - Navea Delta (68,59) - Trainer: Axe - Grand Master


What the bow lacks in damage it compensates for in range. Masters of the bow can launch two attacks before the target realizes what has hit them... twice.

Aldin - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Bow - Expert

Mabo - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Bow - Expert

John - Karthal Harbour, The Deathmatch - Trainer: Bow - Master

Yumiko - Desolate Wilds (23,15) - Trainer: Bow - Grand Master


These mechanical works of precision are exceptionally accurate and powerful. They allow marksmen to deal critical damage on vital spots. At short range the powerful bolts can pierce through several enemies.

Aldin - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Crossbow - Expert

Lowell - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Crossbow - Expert

Torsten - Seahaven, Runes And Crafts - Trainer: Crossbow - Master

Arnod - Vantyr Range (133,73) - Trainer: Crossbow - Grand Master


Being light and small, daggers are often overlooked, considered low damage weapons. This is true when wielded by amateurs, but in the hands of a true master they become extremely deadly. No weapon is better for repeatedly stabbing vital areas with critical precision.

Oscar - Sorpigal, The Goblin Watchtower - Trainer: Dagger - Expert

Mabo - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Dagger - Expert

Largo - The Crag, Largos Second-Hand Weapons - Trainer: Dagger - Master

Yeshtar - Tomb Of Thousend Terrors Lvl 5 - Trainer: Dagger - Grand Master

Dark Magic

Malassa, the elemental Dragon of Darkness, rules over the Shadows that hide and shelter her followers but weaken her enemies, overwhelming them with intangible horrors. Dark Magic slowly creeps over its victims, draining their lifeforce and ravaging their souls.

Selena - Seahaven, The Moon Doe - Trainer: Dark Magic - Expert

Grimbold - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Dark Magic - Expert

Ahlam - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Dark Magic - Master

Eruina - Tomb Of Thousend Terrors Lvl 5 - Trainer: Dark Magic - Master

Luna - Halloth Grove (41,40) - Trainer: Dark Magic - Grand Master


A protective garment is good. Blocking and parrying attacks is even better, but by far the best option is to avoid getting hit altogether. Grand Masters of dodging don't need to wear armour, focusing instead on increasing their offensive efficiency.

Blackfang Thief - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Dodge - Expert

Bear - Seahaven - Trainer: Dodge - Expert

Every - The Crag, The Crag Everymans Armours - Trainer: Dodge - Master

Wysthal - Shadow Woods (91,38) - Trainer: Dodge - Grand Master

Dual Wield

Perfect rhythm and skilled coordination are the standard traits of a Dual Wielder. Instead of just crudely swinging two weapons, the grand master of dual wield resembles a dancer, capable of creating an impenetrable and deadly whirlwind of naked steel around himself.

Tamina - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Dual Wield - Expert

Tochiro - Seahaven - Trainer: Dual Wield - Expert

Changbo - Vantyr Range (112,87) - Trainer: Dual Wield - Grand Master

Hamato - Lighthouse Lvl 1 - Trainer: Dual Wield - Master

Earth Magic

Sylanna, the elemental Dragon of Earth, stands for natural Harmony and governs the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms. Earth magic can command the vegetation to snare the enemy, conjure various poisonous effects, or infuse allies with regenerative and protective powers.

Grimbold - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Earth Magic - Expert

Shihab - Ashen Hills (119,55) - Trainer: Earth Magic - Expert

Caranthir - Yon Chall Forest (68,72) - Trainer: Earth Magic - Grand Master

Bojekio - The Crag, Healing Lodge - Trainer: Earth Magic - Master


Extensive training of endurance and willpower can improve one's resistance to fatigue and pain. Adepts of this practice are capable of soaking up more damage than most.

Bear - Seahaven - Trainer: Endurance - Expert

Guaora - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Endurance - Expert

Atlas - Dubra Scrubland (83,18) - Trainer: Endurance - Grand Master

Maximus - Sorpigal, Sorpigal Town Garrison - Trainer: Endurance - Master

Fire Magic

Flames, smoke and ash in the material realm, represented by burning passions in the Spirit World, are aspects of the elemental Dragon of Fire, Arkath. Fire Magic incinerates enemies with scorching fireballs or causes blood to boil with a divine fury that consumes all fear and doubt.

Grimbold - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Fire Magic - Expert

Shihab - Ashen Hills (119,55) - Trainer: Fire Magic - Expert

Erika - Minho Marshes (43,64) - Trainer: Fire Magic - Grand Master

Sayid - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Fire Magic - Master

Geilir - Seahaven, Geilirs House - Trainer: Fire Magic - Master

Heavy Armour

If holding one's ground is the top priority, then heavy armour is the protective garment class of choice. The drawback is reduced flexibility that can only be balanced by honing this skill to perfection.

Thurmond - Sorpigal, Fine Dwarven Armours - Trainer: Heavy Armour - Expert

Every - The Crag, The Crag Everymans Armours - Trainer: Heavy Armour - Expert

Sorli - Lost City Lvl 4 - Trainer: Heavy Armour - Grand Master

Lihua - Karthal Harbour, Elegant Armours - Trainer: Heavy Armour - Master

Light Magic

Light Magic comes from Elrath, the elemental Dragon of Light, and is directly linked to the ideals of truth, justice and perfection. It can smite the blasphemous with holy light, but its main purpose is to protect the faithful; cleansing them of curses, healing their wounds, and even bringing them back from the dead.

Hypatia - Karthal Harbour, Great Library Of Karthal - Trainer: Light Magic - Master

Lisandre - Sorpigal, Chapel Of Elrath - Trainer: Light Magic - Expert

Lowell - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Light Magic - Expert

Orna - Navea Delta (66,27) - Trainer: Light Magic - Grand Master

Umberto - Seahaven, Church Of Elrath - Trainer: Light Magic - Master


Skilled fighters swing these blunt weapons with astonishing speed and grace for such heavy weapons. Occasionally when the blow is well-placed, the opponent will be stunned.

Enora - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Mace - Expert

Mabo - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Mace - Expert

Tao - The Crag, Taos House - Trainer: Mace - Grand Master

Bao - Seahaven, Seahaven Naga Bank - Trainer: Mace - Master

Magical Focus

Magical Foci are catalysts made for users of the arcane arts to channel and condense magic currents. Focus masters can amplify the intensity of their spells to a critical level, vastly increasing their power.

Johara - Sorpigal, Joharas Charms And Talismans - Trainer: Magical Focus - Expert

Berenice - Elemental Forge Lvl 2 - Trainer: Magical Focus - Grand Master

Luce - Seahaven, Church Library - Trainer: Magical Focus - Master

Guaora - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Magicalfocus - Expert

Medium Armor

Medium armour is made of light, yet fairly protective materials such as leather or light chain, using elaborate fabrication techniques to provide the optimal mix of protection and flexibility.

Tochiro - Seahaven - Trainer: Medium Armor - Expert

Tristan - Seahaven, Town Garrison - Trainer: Medium Armour - Expert

Tamotsu - Karthal Sewers Lvl 2 - Trainer: Medium Armour - Grand Master

Gregor - Seahaven, Gregors Armours - Trainer: Medium Armour - Master


Magic is natural to the Elder races of Ashan, as Mana, the sacred blood of the Dragons, runs in their veins. Yet very few people can channel it naturally in significant amounts. Through the practice of special meditation techniques and by communion with the Spirit World, a devoted student of Magic can significantly increase his personal Mana reservoir.

Lowell - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Mysticism - Expert

Yayoi - Seahaven - Trainer: Mysticism - Expert

Falagar - The Crag, Big House Hireling Mage M - Trainer: Mysticism - Grand Master

Ajit - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Mysticism - Master

Prime Magic

Prime Magic is linked directly to Asha and Urgash, the Primordial Dragons. Energies channelled from the spirit world can be used to manipulate time, space and matter. The Master of Prime Magic is able to empower his allies, hamper his enemies, or travel instantly to distant locations using spirit gates.

Shihab - Ashen Hills (119,55) - Trainer: Prime Magic - Expert

Shizuka - Seahaven - Trainer: Prime Magic - Expert

Nur - Tower Of Enigma Lvl 3 - Trainer: Prime Magic - Grand Master

Kastore - Tomb Of Thousend Terrors Lvl 5 - Trainer: Prime Magic - Master


Skilled users of shields do not only get the chance to block melee attacks and ranged shots, but also to bash opponents. Grandmasters of the shield are said to be able to protect their companions from showering volleys of arrows.

Inamoca - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Shield - Expert

Tristan - Seahaven, Town Garrison - Trainer: Shield - Expert

Lord Kilburn - Observatory - Trainer: Shield - Grand Master

Gwendal - Castle Portmeyron - Trainer: Shield - Master


Spears require both hands to be used efficiently, but they compensate for this limitation with high versatility. They are as effective at blocking hostile blows as delivering them. They can cause severe damage, piercing even the thickest armour.

Guaora - Trainer: Spear - Expert

Tristan - Seahaven, Town Garrison - Trainer: Spear - Expert

Iason - Karthal Harbour, Praetorian Garrison - Trainer: Spear - Grand Master

Eldgrim - Seahaven, Eldgrims House - Trainer: Spear - Master


Swords are a most common choice of melee weapon due to a perfect balance between speed and damage. The experienced wielder can put together a series of powerful strikes, enough to break the resolve of any opponent.

Enora - Sorpigal, Training Center - Trainer: Sword - Expert

Tochiro - Seahaven - Trainer: Sword - Expert

Lord Haart - Seahaven - Trainer: Sword - Grand Master

Jon Morgan - Castle Portmeyron - Trainer: Sword - Master

Two Handed

The mere sight of a fighter wielding a great weapon with both hands can make opponents tremble with fear. Two-handed weapons easily compensate for the lack of a shield or an additional weapon. They can be used to block enemies' assaults or simply break their defenses with sheer power.

Inamoca - The Crag, The Crag Training Center - Trainer: Two Handed - Expert

Yaksha - Desolate Wilds (33,37) - Trainer: Two Handed - Grand Master

Arsene - Seahaven, Town Garrison - Trainer: Two Handed - Master

Chao - Seahaven, Seahaven Naga Bank - Trainer: Twohanded - Master


A trained and experienced warrior can tip the scales in favour of his party by executing advanced combat moves. The expert in Warfare might either protect weaker comrades or decide to take the biggest threat out of the equation, focusing on a single enemy and dealing massive damage.

Brogan - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Warfare - Expert

Caldwell - Sorpigal, Caldwells Weapons - Trainer: Warfare - Expert

Sandor - Desolate Wilds (43,15) - Trainer: Warfare - Grand Master

Zakaral - Karthal Slums - Trainer: Warfare - Master

Water Magic

Water Magic is the province of Shalassa, the elemental Dragon of the unrelenting waves and the soothing mists. Controlling its many aspects allows the true master to freeze his enemy with ice, call upon destruction in the form of gigantic tidal waves, or cleanse the body and mind from most ills.

Shizuka - Seahaven - Trainer: Water Magic - Expert

Ryu - Karthal Harbour The Lock Kit - Trainer: Water Magic - Expert

Kei - The Crag - Trainer: Water Magic - Grand Master

Ciele - The Crag, The Crag Fort - Trainer: Water Magic - Master