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Might & Magic X: Legacy

Secrets, Lore and Game Guide

Quests for Might & Magic X: Legacy

Ashes to Ashes Quest

Tou will get this quest from beginning of the game. To finish it you will need to finish game.

  • Bring Owen's ashes to the chapel in Karthal

You were trained by Owen, one of the adventurers who rose and fought to defend Hammer Fall from the Demon onslaught during the Second Eclipse. Before his passing, Owen demanded his ashes be brought to a small chapel in his home city, Karthal, so he could rest alongside his ancestors. You decided to honour your master's wish.

Looking for Work Quest

Quest giver Dunstan

  • Find a job
  • Meet Maximus at the Town's Garrison

Freshly arrived in the lovely town of Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, the Raiders have learned that the gates of Karthal are currently closed. Following their master's teachings, they decided to make themselves useful and look for work. A friendly fellow at the docks directed them towards Maximus, the captain of the local garrison.

The Adventure Begins Quest

Quest giver dUNSTAN

First quest in game

Darkness in the Lighthouse Quest

Quest giver Maximus

Investigate the Nagas at the Lighthouse

  • Eliminate Mamushi
  • Find a way to restore the light
  • Report to Maximus

There's an old Lighthouse south of Sorpigal. Recently, strange Nagas have been spotted there, just before the light died. Maximus wants to make sure these Nagas are not members of the dreaded Cult of the Wrecker and has asked the Raiders to investigate.

The Circus Quest

Quest giver Ann Morgan


Dunstan Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Learn more about Dunstan, Markus Wolf's mysterious advisor.

  • Find information about Dunstan.
  • Find Shiva.

It seems Dunstan is the one pulling Markus Wolf's strings. The very same Dunstan that welcomed you in Sorpigal and that you met several times since. You need to learn more about this so-called "retired adventurer". Apparently Dunstan used to be part of Shiva's party of Raiders. She's your best lead to uncover Dunstan's agenda.

Elemental Disturbance Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

  • Go to Portmeyron's rooftop
  • Talk to Lev
  • Go to the Elemental Forge to investigate
  • Discover what the Elves have been doing
  • Find the Shard of Earth
  • Restore the desecrated Altar of Sylanna
  • Report to Jon Morgan

Hostile Elves have apparently taken over the Elemental Forge, a large Shantiri ruin located at the very centre of the Peninsula. You have been asked to travel there to sort things out. The mysterious Dark Elves have desecrated the Altar of Sylanna, unleashing enraged Elementals within the Forge. You must find a way to restore the Altar and appease the Elementals.

Fallen Star Quest

Quest giver Irnel

  • Find a piece of Starsilver for Irnel of Seahaven, the meteor is in the Desolate Wilds
  • Bring back the Starsilver to Irnel
  • Wait one week until Irnel has forged the Starsilver Blade
  • Return to Irnel and claim your rewardTalk to Irnel in Seahaven

A meteor has fallen in the Desolate Wilds. Irnel, the Elven smith of Seahaven, believes it to contain Starsilver, a rare and precious metal. If you can bring back some Starsilver ore, Irnel will be able to forge powerful weapons. The enchanted blade should now be ready. Visit Irnel in Seahaven to claim your reward.

The Forbidden Saga Quest

Quest giver Umberto

Find all nine volumes of the forbidden saga and bring them to Umberto.

  • Find all volumes of the forbidden saga.
  • Return to Umberto.

Abbot Umberto of Seahaven told you of nine lost poems scattered throughout the Peninsula after the Inquisition declared them heretical. He will reward you if you manage to bring all nine poems to him.

Forge of Heroes Quest

Quest giver Gralkor

Retrieve the lost Shards and bring them back to their Altars in the Elemental Forge

  • Find the Shard of Water and bring it back to the Forge
  • Find the Shard of Air and bring it back to the Forge
  • Find the Shard of Light and bring it back to the Forge
  • Find the Shard of Fire and bring it back to the Forge
  • Find the Shard of Darkness and bring it back to the Forge

According to Gralkor, Lord of the Earth, you must restore the Altars of Fire, Water, Air, Light and Darkness in the Elemental Forge to receive the blessings of the Dragon Gods and "forge yourselves into Heroes". In order to do so, you must find the lost Shards of each Element and bring them back to their respective Altars.

Flowers for Fallen Heroes Quest

Quest giver Orlene

Lay Orlene's Flowers on the Shrine of Fallen Heroes

Orlene, a villager in Sorpigal, has asked you to lay flowers on the Shrine of Fallen Heroes, located roughly midway between Sorpigal and Castle Portmeyron.

Haart has its Reasons Quest

Quest giver Heame

Discover Lord Haart's secret

  • Spy on Lord Haart
  • Discover where Lord Haart has gone
  • Find Lord Haart in Yon-Chall's forest
  • Decide what you want to tell to Heame

The Inquisitor, Heame, believes Lord Haart is hiding a dark secret. He tasked the Raiders with discovering what it is.

The Highwaymen Quest

Quest giver Rosalie

Retrieve a mysterious item from the bandits

  • Travel to the Den of Thieves
  • Eliminate the leader of the bandits
  • Retrieve the mysterious book

The crusader Rosalie is investigating the brigands currently roaming the roads between Karthal and the Empire. You have agreed to help her bring the bandits to justice and retrieve a mysterious item for the Duke of Unicorn.

The Hunt for Montbard Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Find Montbard's hideout and put an end to the brigand threat

  • Find the cave in Yon-Chall Forest
  • Find and defeat Montbard
  • Report to Jon Morgan

Thanks to Lord Kilburn, you now know who the leader of the brigands is: a fallen knight named Montbard, believed to have died during the Second Eclipse. Kilburn believes Montbard is hiding in the caves and tunnels below Yon-Chall Forest. Find him, and put an end to the brigand threat.

Jassad's Bestiary Quest

Quest giver Jassad

Register creatures for Jassad's bestiary

  • Register 10 creatures in the Bestiary
  • Register 20 creatures in the Bestiary
  • Register 30 creatures in the Bestiary
  • Register 40 creatures in the Bestiary
  • Register 50 creatures in the Bestiary

Jassad, the eccentric explorer currently residing at the Goblin Watchtower Inn, has tasked you with completing a bestiary of all the creatures you meet during your travels.

The Last Wish Quest

Quest giver Rosalie

Find information about Montbard's daughter

  • Find Montbard's long-lost daughter

Before passing away, the fallen knight Montbard asked you to find his lost daughter. It's up to you to decide if you want to fulfil Montbard's dying wish or not. By reading Montbard's diary, you came cross some valuable information about Montbard's daughter. She's in her thirties, and was abandoned as a baby in front of a Chruch of Elrath of the Greyhound Duchy, in a rose bush.

Liberation Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Rescue Falagar from the Black Guard's jails.

  • Infiltrate the Black Guard Headquarters.
  • Free Falagar.
  • Escape through the Sewers.
  • Report to Jon Morgan.

Falagar is detained in the Black Guard Headquarters. While Hamza and his followers lure the Black Guard out of the building, you must sneak in, rescue Falagar, and escape through the Sewers.

In Limbo Quest

Quest giver Daze

Eliminate all Ubimancers!

  • Defeat all Ubimancers.
  • Talk to Daze.

The Limbo dungeon, home of the Creators, is under attack from the evil Ubimancers. You have to defeat the invaders!

Lost Lambs Quest

Quest giver Eileen

Eileen asked you to find and deal with three outlaws

  • Find Luke
  • Find Ripley
  • Find Kirk
  • Report to Eileen

The Crusader Eileen, currently residing in Sorpigal-by-the-Sea, asked you to find three outlaws: Luke the brigand, Ripley the Black Guard, and Kirk the rogue Wizard. Once you find them, it is up to you to decide what to do with them.

Master of Assassins Quest

Quest giver

Defeat the Master of Assassins, Kill Erebos

With Crag Hack's sacrifice, Erebos' mask has been shattered, drastically reducing his powers. He fled to the ruins of the old Faceless city of Ker-Thal, below the Vigil. It's time to find him and put an end to the Master of Assassins.

Morgan's Eyes and Ears Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Find out who ordered the attack on Castle Portmeyron

  • Discover who is leading the Brigands
  • Report to Jon Morgan

The Governor of the Agyn Peninsula, Jon Morgan, has asked you to report to him any clues leading to the identity of the person or persons who ordered the attack on Castle Portmeyron.

The Naga Tea Quest

Quest giver Hamato

Collect the five Naga teas.

  • Find a sample of the Urago tea
  • Find a sample of the Heijin tea
  • Find a sample of the Ohlae tea
  • Find a sample of the Higan tea
  • Find a sample of the Akari tea
  • Bring the five teas to Meleager

Meleager, a merchant in Karthal is looking for samples of the various Naga teas: Urago, Heijin, Ohlae, Higan and Akari.

Out of the Darkness Quest

Quest giver Eruina

  • Escape the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors
  • Report to Jon Morgan

You have been trapped within the walls of the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors, an ancient Faceless prison. The main entrance has been sealed shut. You'll have to find another way out... if it exists.

Partners in Crime Quest

Quest giver

Make a deal with the Blackfang to obtain information about the Black Guard Headquarters.

  • Contact the Blackfang.
  • Locate the wreck of the Sun Hind.
  • Find the Blackfang's chest.
  • Find the Skull Rock.
  • Retrieve the Blackfang's chest.
  • Report to Ajit.

In order to break Falagar out of jail, you need information about the layout of the Black Guard Headquarters and the schedule of the patrols within the building. Only the Blackfang criminal organization can help you. In exchange for his help, Ajit, the leader of the local branch of the Blackfang, asked you to retrieve a chest from the hold of the Sun Hind, a ship that disappeared at sea south-west of Karthal. The Sun Hind was attacked and plundered by the Cult of the Wrecker. They are hiding in a place known as the Skull Rock, somewhere along the coast of the Desolate Wilds. This is where you'll find the missing chest.

Peninsula Incognita Quest

Quest giver Lord Kilburn

Answer all of Lord Kilburn's questions

Pirate Truce Quest

Quest giver Crag Hack

  • Travel to the Crag
  • Deliver the letter to the Pirate King
  • Negotiate a truce with the Pirate King

Jon Morgan has asked you to deliver a letter to the Pirate King in the pirate stronghold known as the Crag. He hopes the Pirate King will agree to a truce.

Receding Horizons Quest

Quest giver Edwin

Escort Edwin to the Watchtower in the Menthil Mountains

Edwin the Astronomer wants you to escort him to the old imperial Watchtower atop the Menthil Mountain Range, on the western coast of the Peninsula, so he can observe the stars in optimal conditions.

The Rocky Road to Portmeyron Quest

Quest giver Maximus

  • Travel to Castle Portmeyron
  • Find the Governor

Maximus has sent you to Castle Portmeyron to meet the Governor of the Agyn Peninsula, who might be in need of your services.

The Search for Kilburn Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

  • Find the Observatory
  • Show the letter to Kilburn

To defeat the Brigands, Jon Morgan must first identify their mysterious leader. His only lead is the letter you found during the attack on Portmeyron. Maybe Lord Kilburn can recognize the hand-writing. He was last seen heading towards an old Shantiri observatory west of Seahaven.

Smuggler's Cove Quest

Quest giver Zale

Find the smuggler's secret cove and bring back the Coffer to Zale.

  • Find the secret cove
  • Find the Coffer
  • Bring the Coffer back to Zale

Zale, the Harbourmaster of Sorpigal, is looking for a Coffer hidden by his ancestor, a smuggler, in a secret cove under Sorpigal. Find the Coffer and bring it back to Zale to share its contents.

Spiders in the Well Quest

Quest giver Maximus

Rid the spiders from the Sorpigal town well

  • Descend into the Spider's Lair
  • Find and kill the Spider Queen

Giant Spiders are nesting in the caves below Sorpigal and have been attacking villagers. Accompanied by Maximus, the Raiders must descend into the town well and cleanse the nest.

Sword of the Bounty Hunter Quest

Quest giver Hamato

Locate the secret hideout of the Cult of the Wrecker

  • Retrieve San Tenga Mugen
  • Return San Tenga Mugen to Hamato

The Naga Bounty Hunter, Hamato, has asked the party to retrieve his sword, San Tenga Mugen, stolen by members of the Cult of the Wrecker.

The Cult of Meow Quest

Quest giver

Defeat Kilrah's Cult of Meow and rescue Farah.

  • Ask Tamina to take you to the Supreme Temple of Meow.
  • Rescue Farah.
  • Defeat Kilrah.
  • Talk to Tamina.

Kilrah, one of the greatest Rakshasa warriors, has founded a sect dedicated to the worship of his kind, the Cult of Meow. The Rakshasa Tamina, an agent working for House Chimera, has asked you to bring down the cult and rescue her sister, Farah.

The Battle of Karthal Quest

Quest giver Crag Hack

  • Enlist Crag Hack's help
  • Embark on the Revenge for the final battle
  • Defeat the Black Dragon
  • Defeat Salvin
  • Rescue Ann
  • Defeat Markus Wolf

While you were imprisoned in the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors, your enemy made his move. He attacked Portmeyron and abducted Ann Morgan, Jon's daughter. But Jon has one last card to play: his own father, Crag Hack the Pirate King. Erebos' holds the Western and Upper Districts of Karthal. Hamza and the Karthal League managed to hold the Harbour District. With the pirates' help, it's now up to you to take back the city.

The Secret of the Obelisks Quest

Quest giver

There are Obelisks scattered throughout the Agyn Peninsula. They are said to hold clues that lead the way to a legendary treasure.

  • Find the clues on all the Obelisks.
  • Find the next Obelisk.
  • Follow the clues and claim your prize!

The Curse Quest

Quest giver Ciele

  • Find Kaspar in Karthal
  • Bring Kaspar to Ciele
  • Find Widowsweep Berries
  • Find Mercury
  • Find Sulfur
  • Find an Elven Toadstool
  • Find a Crystal Spider's Heart
  • Bring the ingredients to Kaspar in the Crag

The Pirate King, Crag Hack, is suffering from a Dark sickness. Ciele has tasked you with finding the Necromancer Kaspar, a renowned physician whose knowledge of Dark Magic might very well be Crag Hack's only hope. Kaspar requires a selection of ingredients and reagents in order to make some tests and identify the sickness: Widowsweep Berries, that can easily be found in the Shadow Woods; an Elven Toadstool, usually found in Halloth Grove; some Sulfur and Mercury that can be bought from the markets in Karthal or Seahaven; and the heart of a Crystal Spider, a creature usually dwelling in old Shantiri ruins.

The Great Escape Quest

Quest giver Hamza

Infiltrate Karthal and find out what happened to Falagar.

  • Find Hamza.
  • Finish "Sewer Key"
  • Finish "Partners in Crime"
  • Return to Hamza.

Falagar, the Ambassador of the Seven Cities and Jon Morgan's contact in Karthal, has been arrested by the Black Guard and imprisoned in their Headquarters. You must find a way to free him. Hamza, the former leader of the Karthal Rebels, can help you devise a plan to break Falagar out of jail.

Sewer Key Quest

Quest giver Hamza

Obtain the Sewer Key from Theron.

  • Find Theron.
  • Obtain the Sewer Key.

A Black Guard captain named Theron has the Key to the part of the Sewers passing under the Black Guard Headquarters. You must find a way to obtain it.

Unfinished Business Quest

Quest giver

Defeat the Black Guard in the Western District

The Black Guard hold the Western District, commonly known as "the Slums". While they are not the main threat, it could be a good opportunity to break their hold on Karthal for good.

Descent into Terror Quest

Quest giver

Find the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors.

According to Shiva, Dunstan started to change after they found the fabled Tomb of a Thousand Terrors. Something happened in the darkness of the Tomb. In the midst of Terror lies the key to Dunstan's motives.

Morgan's Informant Quest

Quest giver Jon Morgan

Infiltrate Karthal and find out what happened to the informant.

  • Find the Karthal Sewers.
  • Meet with Zouleika.
  • Find the way to Falagar's Mansion.
  • Find Falagar.
  • Try to learn more about Falagar's situation.

Jon Morgan has tasked you with infiltrating Karthal to discover what happened to his informant within the city walls. You are to find the entrance of the Karthal Sewers. Zouleika, another of Morgan's agents, will meet you there. Zouleika explained that the informant is none other than her father, Ambassador Falagar of the Seven Cities. Using the Sewers, you should be able to reach Falagar's house.

The Curse of Volos Quest

Quest giver

  • Deliver the pendant.
  • Leave the ruins.
  • Find and defeat Melanthe.

The ghostly Wanderer you met in the Desolate Wilds gave you a pendant and asked you to enter the ruins of Volos to deliver it to a mysterious female recipient. You decided to give the pendant to the ghost of Kasia, making an enemy of Melanthe the "caretaker".

Memory Lane Quest

Quest giver Yeshtar

  • Ask Yeshtar to take you into Dunstan's memories.
  • Find out what happened to Dunstan and his fellow raiders.

Yesthar managed to summon you into Dunstan's fading memories. Maybe this journey through his past finally reveals what happened to Shiva's raiders in the Tomb of a Thousand Terrors. But beware, the frontier between memory and delusion, dream and nightmare is blurry, especially in the Spirit World...